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Happy start of the holiday season!!! Most orders to retail stores are out the door, I didn’t cook this year (which is a crazy unexpected luxury of time and energy…I LOVE cooking and doing the whole shebang but wow does it free you up and when you’re a guest!!) and I’m settling into a busy season of painting. People ask me, what’s your busy season? All the seasons! But for different reasons, different products. Late November and into December is all painting, all the time. It’s catching up on custom pieces, working out series and themes for the new year and sometimes most fun of all, the just because it’s fun to paint cupcakes type of paintings that emerge. I’m calling these little guys the Painted Bakery Collection.

And what Thanksgiving newsletter would this be without a sale sale sale!!! My “marketing team” is spread a little thin and probably won’t be able to figure out how to add a CODE22 to my website so let’s just say, anyone reading this (thank you, we’re a small and mighty group!) receives 4 FREE HOLIDAY POSTCARDS in any order placed through Monday, November 28th. I also do all year round free shipping so jump on the freebie train if you’ve been eyeing some goodies for Christmas. (Holiday postcards will be assorted but they are all new designs.)

Wishing everyone a relaxing Sunday. Big plans here include dog walking, cupcake painting, a zoom family chat and coffee with a friend. Happy days!

“Cranberry Cupcake” 6×6″

P.S. No code necessary if you order. Holiday Cards, Postcards, Calling Cards, Fancy Envelopes…all in stock shipping this week.

Rainy Days

It’s that time! October and Halloween have come to an end and boom, wind and rain are here and it’s all things HOLIDAYS!!! I tend to ease into it…I don’t need the Christmas music just yet but I do enjoy seeing the changing displays in shops, grocery stores, bakeries etc…the fruit is more rustic, root veggies are ready for sheet pans and soups, stews and holiday cookies are on the horizon. It’s that sweet spot where we can still think about, mull, about all the cozy traditions and not stress…yet. Ha!

Enjoy the in-between and wishing you a creative weekend!

I’ve updated the website with new holiday cards, an assortment of holiday paintings and even a few new Calling Cards!

Autumn Caramel Cake” 16×20″

Candy Apples

Happy Halloween!! Dressing up? Answering the door with miniature chocolate? People watching? Walking the neighbourhood with little ghosts? Whatever the day offers, I hope it brings a smile to your face.

My little town has a charming Main Street parade and an exuberant Halloween happiness. The caramel candy apples are in the front window at our local chocolate shop and kids and parents are walking around in buddy costumes with straight faces, like doesn’t everyone dress up as a full size crayon and walk down Main Street? Of course they do!

Happy Halloween & wishing you a sweet & colorful day!

Candy Apples” 11×14″

Une Pomme

An apple a day….keeps the doctor away? Or at very least provides a cozy autumnal muse for most recent artwork. Fall is my absolute favorite season, the weather, colors, clothing, food, the relief of post summer and the crisp activity of pre-winter burrowing. Like everyone, I look at the calendar these days and think, what, how is it late October? I’ve been traveling, and more to come, and finding that I’m needing to dig a little deeper and listen to my own advice I give to artists–schedule your art! Show up at the easel as an appointment. Take the mystery and “inspiration” out of it!

I spent time in Victoria recently and was talking to a family member who is also a painter and we lamented (and laughed) that why, why, WHY do we need this reminder over and over? It’s no different that daily self care or a weekly spiritual practice or exercise or anything we do that requires repetitive habits…just show up! So I did. I picked some apples, figuratively not literally. I’ve got some larger pieces in the hopper that are natural history inspired and thought rather than start big, put the corner piece of the jigsaw puzzle together first. Showing up slow and steady, an apple a day, is often the only way.

“Une Pomme” 10×10″

P.S. Lots of new updates on my website, Postcards and Greeting Cards and even new holiday cards.


Bienvenue autumn travel, a new season and fresh creative paths. We had a glorious downpour yesterday that was like a light switch on summer. On, off in one day. We are now fall.

With that came the irresistible urge to look up soup recipes and finish up canvases that have been lingering around the easel. It’s a version of spring cleaning in reserve. Prepping the art cave? I’m not quite ready to hibernate but I adore this transition. I’m a natural “back to school” person even when I’m not enrolled. This time of year often feels more new year than the actual new year. I’ve got some fun travel coming up (no, not Paris, as above painting might suggest), I saw pumpkin pie at the bakery and there’s rain in the forecast all week. Life is good! Next up, replacing all my old brushes and stocking up on art supplies. (I still remember how fun it was shopping for back to school supplies!)

Wishing you a cozy Sunday where ever you are!

Bienvenue” 22×28″

Joy Blossoms

Hello out there! Is it still summer? Judging from my inbox, most companies are nudging me towards fall..and I’m fine with that. Someone said to me today, I can’t believe how fast this summer has gone and I said, “really?” I feel the exact opposite. It’s definitely been summer here alllll summer. I don’t live in one of those blink and you miss it areas where everyone runs to the beach for a week. Nope, it’s summer for a long time and as a more bookish, art loving, painting, creative soul, you can imagine, i’m not in the parking lot inflating my SUP (that’s a stand up paddle in case you haven’t been to Costco this year…)

The benefits of summer? Long morning dog walks. Those are my fave. Longer lighter days. Outdoor dining. Farmer’s market with amazing fruit and veg and fresh flowers. A general ease that comes from living in a tourist town where it’s a common sight to see couples sharing ice cream cones at night looking at the storefronts. And roses in our front yard! Summer definitely has cast a spell on my crazy rose bush that has bloomed at least half a dozen times. They are the inspiration for this piece. Simple pink roses that are so fragrant and sweet and bring me a special pride because i’m not much of a gardener but this bush is tenacious and strong. it’s one of my daily joys to see it blooming, cut a few stems for the house and catch unexpected fragrant whiffs as I walk by.

“A flower blossoms for its own joy.” Oscar Wilde

Happy almost end of summer! xo

“Joy Blossoms” 11×14″

Don’t Give Up the Ship

Don’t Give Up the Ship! Tired or weary or both or just dazed and confused from the non stop news of the world? Moi aussi. But don’t give up. Don’t give up the ship! A few things that help me restart the creative engine or at very least plug back into optimism. I’m sure there’s lots more but here’s what’s worked for me recently.

  1. Turn the news off. Stay informed however that comes to you, but a little news fast is immensely helpful.
  2. Connect with friends or family: in person, phone, text, zoom, pigeon carrier, whatever works and plugs you back into laughter with that person who gets you.
  3. Exercise. The sweaty or the stroll variety. Both help.
  4. Make something. Practice calligraphy, make a pie, paint for 15 minutes.
  5. Help a nieghbor. Or a friend or stranger, little r(and big) random acts of kindness make such a difference.

Hope the weekend is a good one & you are staying cool, on or off the ship!

“Don’t Give Up the Ship” 20×20″

Picnic Boat

If you’re Canadian, it’s a long weekend…July 1st is Canada Day! If you’re American, it’s a long weekend, July 4th on Monday! Wherever you are celebrating or relaxing or laying down, resting and restoring, I hope it is peaceful. I think we could all use some of that!

My long weekend is a combination of rest and play. Rest because I had a pretty bad trip and fall walking Bella this week and landed on the pavement in a dramatic skid and thump. (Fallen tree branch sticking out of the trail….) I haven’t been this sore for a long time. Nothing is broken but Knees, elbows and hands are pretty roughed up.

Play this weekend comes in form of lunch out with a dear friend, Main Street shopping and browsing at my fave haunts and painting for fun. Painting for fun usually means picking a subject or theme that has nothing to do with anything I’m “working” on, no commissions, no purpose, just something about it captures my heart and spirit. Hinckley sailboats and picnic boats fall under that category. If my last big painting was inspired by the outdoorsy glamping picnic, seems right that the bread crumbs lead me to the iconic beloved Hinckley Picnic Boat.

“The first duty of a boat is to be beautiful”. Shep McKenney, Chairman Hinckley Yachts.

Happy weekend, friends! On sea, lake, land, bike, curbside watching your parade or inside your studio, I’m wishing you a long weekend that has space to create, relax and stretch out your picnic.

“Picnic Boat” 16×20″

Moonlight Picnic

It’s officially summer here. The hot kind. I’m not saying I’m a total summer scrooge but…I am saying that today’s triple digit heat is not my jam. The upside of a heat advisory is staying inside to clean and spruce up the office, drop of an order at a local (air conditioned) shop and remember how much I enjoy cold watermelon. Sort of like a snow day in reverse.

I’ve got summer inspired paintings on the easel. Picnics and pools, waterfront and watermelon.

Moonlight Picnic is inspired by several scenarios. I recently discovered a southern Oregon bespoke picnic event planner (that’s a thing now) and was so charmed by their photos, offerings and even better, news from a friend who booked one and said it was amazing. I’m also trying to lean into a few more outdoorsy summer activities…next up, I might even have a pickle ball racket in my hand! I painted Moonlight Picnic as an homage to summer, slowing down, outdoor beauty that isn’t “outdoorsy” in that REI camping gear kind of way. It’s also a big piece! There was something about a rolling lawn that wanted a spacious canvas.

Wishing everyone a peaceful double digit heat kind of summer Sunday. xo

“Moonlight Picnic” 24×30″


It’s a sign! Is it just me or does anyone else see ladybugs as a good luck sign or when they’re thinking of a loved one. Occasionally (very occasionally), paintings will appear and literally pop off the paint brush and tell me, well, this is what’s going on the canvas today. This was that painting!

Hello, Lady Bug! She’s watching over my art studio right now, a reminder to me, that paintings do sometimes materialize out of thin air. (Good reminder for the 95% that don’t! ha!)

In other news, lots of new Postcards and Greeting Cards are in the shop. A summer series painting collaboration just landed at Watson Kennedy, all paintings by contributing artists are 6×8″and all are under $200. I went on a little trip to Colorado to visit a bestie and, on the home front, I laced up my running shoes for the first time in…awhile. Running for 30 minutes three times might not count as a new routine but it’s better than the olympic level sloth I was training for during pandemic.

What else? I’m working on a variety of Souvenir Series, pieces based on iconic geography, states and landmarks. Very fun! Also, still loving my weird passion project of birds, parakeets, parrots, peacocks and all feathered friends and winged creatures.

Happy June, friends! Hope there is travel, creativity and rest, maybe all at the same time!

“Ladybug” 10×10″