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Creating Felt Fabric Collage


Felt and Fabric pieces for Collage

Felt and Fabric pieces for Collage

Fabric Collage refers to the creation of a new cloth from a collection of different types of textiles.  I have been playing with my stash of handmade felt, fabric and scraps to make unique textiles that can transform into a vest, pants, wrap or a scarf.

I begin by pulling out different types of complimentary textiles and laying them out on a big table. I like to work with one bigger piece of fabric that will be the base fabric around which patterns and themes can emerge.  Once I have my base fabric and a few anchor textiles, I begin the adding and subtracting process.  My fabric scrap collection contains lots of little treasures that can be added as design or accent elements.  I love working with selvage and raw edge scraps.  Prints with words are also fun to incorporate into the design.  I like to have my pattern pieces on the table as well so that I can begin to think about fabric placement.

The next step in my process is to start stitching some of the fabrics together.  I like to overlap

Collage pieces attached to base fabric with free motion stitching

Collage pieces attached to base fabric with free motion stitching

the fabrics as this creates more texture and interest.  Once I have a few pieces of my textile stitched, I place them on the pattern to see where they might look best.  An important tool in this process is a dress form as it allows me to see where on the garment certain designs will fall.  If you don’t have a dress form you can hold the pattern pieces up on your own body to see how the textile will flow.




Once I stitch all of the fabrics together for the pattern pieces, I am ready to construct the garment.  If I am lining the vest, I will sew in the lining and then sew the shoulder seams.  I try the garment on to make sure the armhole and bust area’s fit my silhouette.  Next I pin the side seams sew them together and I have a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

Collage Vest, Felt and other complimentary fabrics

Collage Vest, Felt and other complimentary fabrics

felt vest

Collage Vest made with all felted fabrics



Spring Foraging

Mushroom season is just beginning in the higher elevations and I love to forage for the elusive Morel Mushroom.

Morel Mushrooms

Morel Mushrooms

My husband Russ and I have learned to hunt above 3,000 feet as Russ has never met a poison oak plant that hasn’t found a way to his body.  I am transformed when I enter the forest.  It is the one place I seem to be able to let my mind relax and take in the sights and smells of the earth and tree’s.

I am fascinated with the look, shape and texture of morels.  Everything about them suggests earthy and organic.  I wanted to honor the morel by incorporating the texture of the mushroom into my nuno felt.  I started with a circular shape and cut out a spiral pattern.


Scarf Layout

Scarf Layout




I used silk, merino wool and wool yarn to create the pattern.






Nuno Felt Scarf

Nuno Felt Scarf

Scarf/Wrap Nuno Felt

Scarf/Wrap Nuno Felt

Can be worn as a scarf or a wrap.

3-Dimensional Wet Felting


3-Dimensional felting, also called seamless felting is popular among felter’s making garments, vessels, hats, handbags and booties.  I personally find a multitude of fitting issues with seamless garments and choose to utilize overlapping and hand stitching to create decorative seams for my vests and dresses.  Having said that, I do enjoy making seamless sculptural vessels, hats, handbags and booties.

Seamless felting requires the use of a resist or template that keeps 2 flat layers of wool from felting together and allows the fibers along the edges of the 2 halves to join to create an invisible seam.  It is helpful to have some basic wet felting experience before you attempt seamless felting but as I like to tell my students, almost any mistake in felting can be made to look intentional by embellishing with surface design.

Here are some examples of seamless felting:

Felted Vessels

Felted Vessels

Vessel:  A resist was used to create a hollow form and several little resists were used to create surface design on the vessel.

Felted Hat

Felted Hat


Hat:  A resist was used to create the basic shape.  Some hand stitching was used to adjust the fit.








April Workshops:

April 16th, Nuno Felt Summer Scarf/Wrap

April 23rd, 2016 Sculptural Felting

Shibori Wrapping and Natural Dyeing

I just taught a workshop on shibori wrapping techniques and natural dyeing.  Shibori wrapping is a Japanese technique of manipulating fabric by knotting, twisting, folding and binding prior to dyeing to create interesting

Shibori wrap.  Fabric was folded and clamped

Shibori wrap. Fabric was folded and clamped

pattern design.  There are endless ways to create pattern design and cloth can be wrapped and dyed several times to get more depth of color and dimension.  Fabric can be wrapped with string, folded with clamps or clothes pins or stitched.  Marbles can be used to create a tie dye patterns.


Shibori Wrap. Twisting and tying.  Fabric was dipped in Avocado pit bath

Shibori Wrap. Twisting and tying. Fabric was dipped in Avocado pit bath






Dye Baths

In this workshop we used the following dye baths:

Black Bean-cold dye bath, purple color

Hibiscus tea bath-steeped then brought to room temperature, (needs a mordant to fix). Pink color

Eucalyptus bath-simmering, light brownish green color

Avocado pit bath-simmering, brownish red color

I experimented with folding, wrapping and dyeing some silk that I had previously botanically printed as well as blank silk.  We used raw silk, crepe de chine and charmuese.

Here are some samples of our work:

Crepe de Chine, Shibori wrapped, clamped and dyed in avocado pit bath

Crepe de Chine, Shibori wrapped, clamped and dyed in avocado pit bath

natural dyeing rose and euc print shibori avo

Botanically printed with eucalyptus and rose leaves, shibori wrapped and dyed in a hibiscus tea bath

Raw Silk, shibori wrapped, dyed in eucalyptus, then avocado baths

Raw Silk, shibori wrapped, dyed in eucalyptus, then avocado baths

Silk organza shibori wrapped and dyed in black bean dye bath

Silk organza shibori wrapped and dyed in black bean dye bath

It takes a village: How I made my coat

I attended Diane Ericson’s Design Outside the Lines Retreat in Ashland, Oregon.  The theme was “Coat as Shelter” and the guest instructor was Carol Lee Shanks.  This was my second year attending the coat retreat.  Last year I made a coat using Carol Lee’s method of pattern design.  Her process for approaching fabric is intuitive.    She works primarily with geometric shapes and transforms cloth into textural works of wearable art.

Diane likes to approach design with pieces of fabric that she makes into what she calls “bits.”  They are draped on a dress form and the creative process unfolds.  She utilizes paints, stencils and hand stitching to weave a story which becomes a theme for her garment.

Gwen Spencer was Diane’s “angel” assistant.  She is an extremely talented seamstress and works closely with Marcy Tilton.  She brought some discarded fabric pieces she acquired on a trip to Paris and I watched her transform these pieces into a beautifully textured fabric.  She offered assistance and guidance to all 19 of the participants of the retreat.

I decided that I would use Carol Lee’s method again this year.  The fabric I chose for the coat was a 1950’s

1950 vintage wool with applique

1950 vintage wool with applique

vintage embroidered wool that I purchased in the spring from Sandy Ericson, Center for pattern design.  I cut my fabric, put it on the dress form and started pinning.  The fabric did not slide easily on my body so I consulted with Gwen and decided to line the coat sleeves and shoulders with dupioni silk. Luckily I found a pale pink dupioni at Fabric of Vision.  It matched the embroidery on the wool fabric and made a beautiful cuff for the sleeves.  Gwen, with her expert eye and sewing skills, helped me construct and attach the lining.

Next came some fit issues.  The coat was too big in the back and the underarm/bust area in the front.  Carol Lee started pinning pleats in the area’s that were too big and I stitched the pleats with embroidery thread.  The coat was then hemmed with some asymmetrical lines.

Coat Front

Coat Front

I did not want to put a collar on the coat but I wanted something that could become a companion piece.  I found a grey fabric with lots of texture, cut bias strips (with Gwen’s assistance), and made a cowl.  Using one of Diane’s techniques for creative play and design, I made bits of fabric with the silk and attached it to the cowl.

The four days I spent in this retreat were magical.  I met some amazing women who were sharing, laughing and creating.  A little bit of their spirit is still with me as I go back to my studio for some creative play.


Coat back with strap detail

Coat back with strap detail

Coat with Companion piece cowl

Coat with Companion piece cowl

Summer Sewing

Summer Sewing

I have taken a little break from felting to focus on some summer sewing.  Summer is a great time to work on

4 Square Dress

4 Square Dress

lightweight frocks and improve my sewing skills.  In May, I attended Diane Ericson’s Design Outside the Lines Retreat.  Sandy Ericson, Center for Pattern Design was her guest artist.  Sandy has a wealth of information about pattern design and in my opinion is the “Queen of Drape.”  During the retreat, she demonstrated draping principals and I made a bias cut 4-square dress.  I chose a fun comfortable fabric with great drape.  Mary Glen, a very talented seamstress and a regular at DOL guided me through the process.  One of the things I loved about making this dress is that no pattern is required!  You just need enough fabric.  We played with the shapes, rectangles instead of squares.  The rectangles were different sizes which created a variety of options for styling the dress.







Faultlines undershirt and capitola pants

Faultlines undershirt and capitola pants

The next piece I worked on was a casual summer vest.  I was looking for some whimsical fabric and chose “animal cookies cotton,” from The Smuggler’s Daughter.  I made the undershirt from Diane Ericson’s Faultlines Vest pattern.  I can never find pants that I love so I made Diane Ericson’s Capitola pant to go with the vest.


Back View

Back View




Marcy Tilton Vogue Pattern

Marcy Tilton Vogue Pattern

Now I am feeling my sewing oats and decide to take on a Marcy Tilton dress pattern: Vogue #9081.  I choose a lovely black silk linen and combined it with light weight Japanese linen from Fabric of Vision in Ashland.  I am now more in my comfort zone with color going with black/white and a little bit of red.  I decided to omit the bottom piece of the dress and opted to make this a top.  My friend Ute gave me some private sewing lessons and helped me complete the top.  It will look great with black leggings.  It is a piece that I can wear into the winter with a black shirt or sweater underneath.








My last piece was part of a design challenge to make Vogue pattern #8968.  I chose a beautiful piece of Japanese fabric that has been sitting in my “coveted fabric stash” waiting for the right project.  I combined it with some fabric from Marcy Tilton and some other stash fabric to make this Asian flavored dress.

Design Challenge Dress

Design Challenge Dress

Design Challenge Dress Back View

Design Challenge Dress Back View













Taking a break from felting has sparked lots of new ideas for my fall collection.  I am now ready to start working on some new cape’s and coats.

Rockin the Runway at Liberty Arts Gallery

Libery Arts, "Filaments and Fiber" Runway show

Libery Arts, “Filaments and Fiber” Runway show

On May 15th, I headed to Yreka, California to participate in Liberty Arts Gallery’s new exhibit, Filaments & Fashion.  Three of my pieces were juried into the exhibit.  Opening night  kicked off with a high energy fashion show.  I walked the runway in one of my pieces and had two lovely models wear my Peach Melba nuno felt wrap and Wedding on the Beach nuno felt long dress/vest.  Laura Lawrence,, a fellow fiber artist also participated in the runway show.  Enjoy these pictures and video.





Working Hands, A Journey of Creativity


Working Hands

Working Hands

When I was a little girl, I would watch my mother and grandmother’s work with their hands.  On Sunday’s they would make “a pot of gravy,” our name for marinara sauce.  Meatballs and pasta would accompany the sauce.  Sometimes I helped make the meatballs, my hands squishing all the ingredients together .   I can still smell the gravy cooking on the stove and hear the soft bubbling sound as the sauce simmered.

My mother’s mother would get together with her sisters once a year and make pizza dough in the basement of my great grandparent’s home in preparation for our summer family picnic.  The dough would be kneaded, set out on a big table and allowed to rise. Four generations of family would come to eat, laugh and tell stories. The pizzas could not come out of the oven fast enough and by the end of the day; we had consumed close to 50 pizzas, some eggplant parmesan and Italian pastries for dessert.

After dinner the women would sit around in a circle and knit.  They would talk about their children and recipes and their plans for the summer.  I loved listening to their stories and watching them create blankets, booties and sweaters.

When I was 10 year old, my mother and grandmother took me to our local yarn shop to pick out my first knitting project.  Little did I know that I would be turning this skill into a lifelong passion for working with fiber.  When I walked into that little yarn shop stacked with wool, I took in the bright and warm colors and was filled with a sense of beauty and possibility.

I was 16 when I made my first garment; a knitted dress made with chunky pink merino wool on size 32 needles.  It was the 1960’s; a time of changing and diverse trends in clothing.  This influence of breaking fashion tradition is visible today in the playful way I combine wool, silk and other fibers to create nuno felted fabric.  Nuno is a Japanese term meaning cloth.  I use silk as my base cloth and add merino wool, silk roving and strips of fabric that I then use to make clothing and accessories.  Recently, I have been experimenting with other “shrinking” techniques to create fabric to incorporate with my nuno felt. I enjoy up cycling garments; taking them apart and incorporating them with my felt fabric to create new fashion.

When I am creating, I feel connected to my mother and grandmother.  It takes me back to them and it lets me feel like I’m a part of a circle of women, working with their hands; connected and loved.

Ashland Art Center Classes, Events and News



Starting in January
the weekly email calendar will be delivered to your email in-boxes every other Sunday. Be sure to check the email when you get if for the latest classes and events ~ you don’t want to miss out on all the fabulous art-making and -enjoying activities that AAC has to offer!

Scroll through the email to view class details and news!
You can also visit our online calendar

Tiffany Hokanson


Short-Pose Figure Drawing, 10-12:30
Copper Etching, 10-12
NO Portrait Drawing*, 3-6 ~ New session starts January 12, Register now 
Needle-Felted Fuzzies,  3:30-5


NO The Artist Within, 1:30-3, will return January 6

NO Kids Clay, 3:30-5, will return January 6
Ceramics with Garry Price, 5-7

Preschool Art School

NO Preschool Art School, will return January 7,  11:30-12:15
NO Ceramics with Alissa Clark, will return January 7, 3-5
AAC closes at 2 pm on Christmas Eve and is closed on Christmas day

Free Expressions

NO Free Expressions (Free!), will return January 8, 3:30-4:30
NO Beginning Wheel Throwing*, will return January 8, 6-8


NO Needle-Felted Fuzzies, will return January 9, 3:30-5
Ceramic Social* ~ Plan your group clay party with Kami Carlson

Emily Brooks art, Art Freaks regular

Art Freaks (Free!), 5-6 

*Pre-registration required

Descriptions for our AMAZING and AFFORDABLE
weekly classes are listed at the bottom of this email.
You can also view our online calendar, which syncs with your Google and iCalendars!
Ashland Art Center affordable weekly classes


Screen Printing Workshop with Amy Navickas-Godard

Amy Navickas-Godard

Registration due by December 26 

Have you ever wanted to make your own t-shirts, posters, or other crafts using screen-printing but didn’t know how? Bring your ideas and designs to this workshop that will meet over four consecutive weeks and you will learn what it takes to get a good screen print. You will learn the photo-emulsion technique to transfer your own designs to pre-made screens and print on various surfaces such as fabric, paper and more!

Art Therapy 101: Gestalt Psychology with Delaine Due
Delaine Due People's Art

The theory and practice of Gestalt Psychology lends itself beautifully to working with personal imagery. Through short lecture and discussion and hands-on experience, this workshop will provide a taste of the discipline of Gestalt Art Therapy. The class is well-suited to professional counselors, as well as artists and those curious about art therapy. No art skill or experience is necessary and all materials will be provided.

NEW ~ Needle-felted fuzzies with Liza Hamilton

Liza Hamilton Ashland Art Center
Learn the art of needle-felting wool, and create a new sculpture each week! Personal instruction on beginner to advanced projects includes felted miniatures, wire armatured animals, and 2D felted murals. Drop-ins welcome, no registration required! Open to ages 8+. All materials will be provided! No felting experience necessary, drop-in’s welcome!
  • Every Monday and Friday, January 5- February 27, 3:30-5:00pm
  • $15 drop-in, 5 classes for $60, all materials will be provided
  • Open to ages 8+
  • Max 8 Students
  • Upstairs in Studio 4 at the Ashland Art Center 
  • Email Liza to secure your spot at [email protected]

Watercolors with Rachel Fisher

Petie by Rachel Fisher

This watercolor class is geared toward both beginners and artists who wish to develop and improve their watercolor techniques. Each week there will be a new assignment focusing on a new technique or style.
Starting January 5, Monday evenings, 5:45 – 8:00 pm
$25 if you bring your own materials
$30 for materials provided
Max 6 Students
Downstairs in Studio 1B
Drop-ins welcome, or e-mail Rachel to reserve your space at [email protected]

Get Your Artwork Professionally Photographed by Judith Pavlik

Judith Pavlik

Judy will be shooting 3D and 2D pieces of artwork for artists on a monthly basis as needed! Work must be delivered before the start of your session and MUST be picked up by 5 pm that day. We cannot store ANY artwork. 2D artwork must not be covered with plexi or glass.
Tuesday, January 6, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm 
$20 per image for AAC Members, $25 per image General
Includes CD with high-res JPG and hi-res and low-res TIF
Contact Judy to reserve your spot at (541) 292-9117 or [email protected]

NEW ~ Ceramics with Lisa Eldredge


Join Lisa for a relaxed afternoon of hand building or wheel throwing. Learn fundamental skills, get ideas for your next project, collaborate, or work on your own during this drop-in session.
  • Starting January 8, Thursdays, 4:00 – 6:00 pm
  • $10, plus clay and firing
  • Drop In
  • Questions? Email [email protected]

NEW ~ Beginning Wheel Throwing with Lisa Eldredge

Lisa Eldredge Wheel Throwing
Registration required ~ Click here for the registration form

Updated ~ Jewelry Open Studio with Thalia Keple

Thalia Keple woven necklace

January: Learn the basics of working with jewelry wire, including types of wire and basic tools. Students will be able to make and wear home a pair of simple wire-wrapped earrings. There is a $2 supply fee for materials. Feel free to bring your own materials and old jewelry from home to repair or upcycle, too.
Learn a new technique each month and get hands-on help on your project. All projects are welcome and no experience is needed.
  • Every 2nd Thursday
  • Next: Thursday, January 8, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • $12 Members, $15 General
  • Drop In 
  • Basic supplies are provided, some kits available for sale
  • Depending on the project there may be a materials fee which will be posted
  • Questions? Email [email protected]
Donate your old jewelry to the open studio!

NEW ~ WordPress Work Group with David Gordon

David Gordon WordPress Work Group

Sign up for this month’s work group! Bring your laptop and your troubles. Together we will look at issues you are having with your own WordPress site and explore solutions. If you don’t have immediate problems that you need to solve, you can bring specific questions. No set agenda. We will divide time evenly among workgroup participants and others can watch, learn and listen. Instructor’s screen will be projected onto a large screen.

Cartooning with Curt Evans

CARTOON CLASS WITH CURT EVANSThink you can’t draw? Don’t worry. Cartoons are supposed to be silly! Students will learn simple techniques to get started, enhance their current cartoons, and work through those “I don’t know what to draw” phases. For students with more experience, Curt has lessons to fit your skill level.

  • Every SECOND Saturday
  • Next: Saturday, January 10, from 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
  • $10, scholarships available
  • All ages welcomed
  • Please RSVP to [email protected]
  • Drop ins welcome on the day, but email to secure your space

AIFF student film contest: LAUNCH

“The LAUNCH” is accepting entries for student made films, 5 minutes and under, for the Ashland Independent Film Festival 2015. The deadline to submit is January 16th and it is free to enter. Click here to learn more.

Collage Dreams with Susanne Petermann

Susanne Petermann

Join us for a casual session of collage-making in a meditative yet fun atmosphere. Create an image of your inner life in an atmosphere of playful meditation. You will be guided through a simple process to achieve a blend of art and craft. Bring images if you like, but all materials and tools are provided.
Every THIRD Friday 
Next: January 16, from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm 
$20, materials included 
Pre-registration required
Email Susanne at [email protected] to reserve your space
Please contact Susanne by the THIRD Tuesday
Minimum of three students required, maximum 10

NEW ~ Visual Art Journaling Clinic: Boots and Shoes with Elaine Frenett

Elaine Frenett

Love what what we wear on our feet tell so much about us? BOOTS and SHOES – join us! Short demo first hour, then bring your journals and working materials and get help/suggestions hands on.
Held Upstairs Studio #13.
  • Every THIRD Friday
  • Next: Friday, Jan. 16, 3:30-5:30 pm
  • $20, some materials supplied for sampling
  • Pre-registration required
  • Space limited so please register ahead
  • Contact Elaine at [email protected] or 541-944-2196

NEW ~ Flamboyant Felted Hat Class with Jo Ann Manzone

Jo Ann Manzone Ashland Art Center

In this class you will learn to make a hat template to fit your head and create your one-of-a-kind felted hat. It can be a simple shaped pill box hat or a more sculptured hat with pleats and folds. Strips of fabric can be added to create a luxurious textural look.
  • Saturday, January 17, 2014 9am to 4pm
  • $85, includes most materials
  • To reserve your spot, please contact Jo Ann at or 541 951-2526

Encaustic Painting Workshop with Pam Haunschild

Pam Haunschild EncausticMonthly workshop, every fourth Saturday, designed to introduce everyone to painting with encaustics and to have fun creating new pieces. A new technique will be introduced each month, and instruction provided to anyone new to the process. Paints, brushes, heat guns, and other basic materials will be provided. Two 8×8 canvas boards to use as substrates will also be provided. More substrates can be brought in (or purchased), for an additional materials fee. Feel free to bring collage papers, small items to embed in the wax, stencils, and any other materials you might want to work with.

  • Every FOURTH Saturday
  • Next: Saturday, January 24, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • $40, includes materials
  • Minimum 3 students, maximum 6
  • January’s class FULL. Registration open February and March: Click here for the registration form
  • Registration due by the third Saturday of the month
  • Questions? Email Pam at [email protected]

Basic Blockprinting with Midge Black

Raven parts the waterJoin us for this enriching workshop where you will learn basic blockprinting, simple processes that artists have used for millennia to communicate, celebrate and explore. You will design, execute, and produce multiple graphic prints useful for note cards, wall art, book art, or just fun! We will be using the reduction linoprint process, achieving a multilayer print in color or black and white from a single block.

Updated ~ Origami Temple of Kindness Class with Glenda Goodrich

Origami Temple class with Glenda Goodrich
NOTE: Minimum of six students required
Please register with the instructor
503 990 0278

NEW ~ Classical Drawing and Painting with Sarah F Burns

sarah burns
In this 10-week series based on Sarah’s popular drop in class, students will learn timeless principles that apply to every aspect of drawing and painting, including proportion, perspective, tone/value, and how to use materials.

  • 10 Wednesdays, starting February 4 until April 8, 3:00 – 5:00 pm
  • $220 Members, $260 General
  • Materials list: HB pencil, 2B pencil, kneaded eraser and drawing paper. Supplies can be purchased at the Art Center.
  • Ages 16+ ~ Scholarships available
  • Contact Sarah with questions at 541-621-7767 or [email protected]
  • Registration required ~ Registration form coming soon

Structure Drawing with Jenay Elder

Jenay Elder Sign up now for this exciting opportunity to study classical casts. Learn how to draw facial features using different perspectives and light effects, and discover how to use plane changes to fine tune your portrait and drawing abilities. Students will begin with pencil and advance to longer tonal drawings in charcoal.

  • Starting February 5, Four Thursdays, 5:30 – 7:30 pm 
  • $100 per month (15% discount for Jenay’s Portrait Drawing students)
  • Space is limited, so register today!
  • Registration and questions to Jenay at [email protected]

NEW ~ Metal Jewelry with Tiffany Hokanson

Tiffany HokansonJoin us for this monthly workshop, every first Friday, designed to teach everyone to etch copper and create designs for one-of-a-kind jewelry. Some of the techniques covered include: riveting, etching copper, texturing metal, and using patinas. Each month will feature a new project or surface design technique and students will leave with something they’ve created, like a pendant, earrings, and more. Please check online for individual class descriptions each month or email [email protected] to receive information about the upcoming month’s focus. Dates:

  • Every First Friday, from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm 
  • $25 early bird before January 30/$32 after
  • Additional $15 cash or check to teacher for materials required the day of class
  • Minimum 4 students, maximum 5
  • Registration required ~ Click here for the registration form
  • Questions? Email [email protected]

NEW ~ Felted Scarf Class with Jo Ann Manzone

jo ann Manzone Ashland Art Center

Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes. Learn how to combine wool and fabric, create textural elements and design techniques to make your one of a kind scarf.

Ideas for men and women’s scarves will be available.
Just in time for Valentines day.
  • Saturday, February 7, 2014 11am to 2:30pm
  • Cost: $65, includes most materials
  •  Contact Jo Ann at [email protected] or 541 951-2526 to reserve your spot.


You’ll find the full descriptions for these classes below by their category, 
but here’s a quick list of what we have that’s free:
Free Expressions, Thursdays, 3:30 – 4:30 pm
Family art class for all ages. Ages 6 and younger need supervising adult present. All materials included. Your imagination’s the limit in this mixed-media open studio.
Art Freaks, Sundays, 5:00 – 6:00 pm
Young adults open studio for painting, drawing, collage, mixed media and more. BYO-Supplies. $5 donation for Classroom supplies like hot glue & assemblage materials.

Regular Weekly and Monthly Classes


Ann DiSalvo "Pregnancy"

Uninstructed Short-Pose Life Drawing moderated by Ann DiSalvo
This weekly gestures figure drawing session has short and long poses up to 25 minutes. Unclothed model. Bring your own non-toxic materials.
Mondays, from 10:00 am – 12:30 pm 
$9 Members, $10 General
Drop In  
Adults only
Lizzy by Jenay M Elder

Portrait Drawing with Jenay M Elder
Become better versed in the fundamentals of composition and the human face in this all-levels guide to portrait drawing. During the course of this six-week series, students will improve their portrait drawing by practicing from a live model and learn principles like proportion, perspective, and more.
Six Mondays, from 3:00 – 6:00 pm  
$150 Members, $180 General
NEXT SESSION: January 12 – February 16
Questions? Email [email protected]

Jack Wiens The Artist Within

The Artist Within with Jack Wiens
For all beginners and experienced artists who want to try something new! Each week will be a different focus, including sketching faces, perspective, cartooning, and more, as well as various mediums like watercolor, pastel, and charcoal. Have a special request? Jack wants to know what students want to do!
Tuesdays, 1:30 – 3:00 pm 
$10 Members, $12 General
Drop In 
All materials provided
For questions or to find out what Jack will be teaching each week, email [email protected]


All of AAC’s children’s classes have scholarships available

Kids Clay

Kids Clay with Keeley Bittner
Join Keeley for a special clay class for the young people! Explore the medium and make some cool stuff! Ages 5 – 6 must bring a supervising adult for their first class. Ages 7 – 12 may come unaccompanied by adult. All parents must leave emergency contact info with Ashland Art Center.
Tuesdays from 3:30 – 5:00 pm 
$10, plus clay and firing 
4 Classes for $32! 
Drop In 
Questions? Email [email protected]

Jenay Elder Preschool Art School

Preschool Art-School with Jenay M Elder

Each week children and parents will create a keepsake craft and/or art project to take home. Past projects include cork sail boats, Easter potted plants, super hero capes, and plaster mold hands. All materials provided.
Wednesdays, 11:30 am – 12:15 pm 
Four classes: $25 +$8 per each additional child 
Drop ins: $8 + $2 per each additional child 
Recommended for ages 1 – 5
Questions? Email [email protected]
This class happens after the Ashland Library’s Storytime for preschool children from 10:30 – 11:00 am

Free Expressions @ Ashland Art Center

Free Expressions with Jo Ann Manzone
Explore the unlimited possibilities of your own creativity! This fun art class for kids of all ages has something for everyone. You can play with painting, fabric, jewelry-making, assemblage, and more. Wear your paint clothes – we’re going to have a blast making art!
Thursdays, 3:30 – 4:30 pm 
Free, includes materials
Drop in 
For children and families (ages 6 and younger need a supervising adult present)


Enrichment Ceramics

Enrichment Ceramics for Students with Special Needs with Nathan Clinton and Alissa Clark
This fun, hands-on course for students with special needs has a structured lesson plan to teach a variety of clay techniques, including hand-building construction, glazing, wheel throwing, and firing. The instructors are Nathan T. Clinton, MED, and Alissa Clark, MFA.
Tuesdays, 3:30 – 5:00 pm 
Free for students with special needs
Recommended ages 12 – 22
Questions? Contact Nathan or Alissa at [email protected]

Garry Price

Ceramics with Garry Price
Garry is noted for his functional pottery as well as his large scale public installations. Beginners will get a great foundation in the fundamentals and more advanced students will enjoy experimenting with a seasoned pro.
Tuesdays from 5:00 – 7:00 pm 
$10, plus clay and firing 
Drop In

Ages 13+


Alissa Clark

Ceramics with Alissa Clark

Alissa Clark is an expert ceramicist, well known for her whimsical functional and decorative, colorful wares. Join her for hand-building and wheel instruction.
No classes on these holiday dates:  December 24, and December 31
Wednesdays from 3:00 – 5:00 pm 
$10, plus clay and firing
Drop In
Ages 13 to Adult

Ceramic Social with Kami Carlson

Kami Carlson

Clay party! Whether it’s for a birthday, bridal shower, or team-building activity for coworkers, everyone will enjoy making a ceramics project during this fun session with ceramics artist Kami Carlson. Feel free to bring beverages and snacks to enjoy while you create.

  • Friday evenings from 5:00 – 7:00 pm or Saturday afternoons 
  • Reservations required 
  • $25 per student, materials included
  • Minimum of 4 students required, maximum of 10
  • Project options available upon request
  • Questions? Email Kami at [email protected]


Print StudioThe Underground Print Studio at the Ashland Art Center is open to experienced printmakers to work independently on printmaking projects in the presence of a Lead Printmaker. The Underground Print Studio has a Laguna Etching Press with a 26”x48” press bed that can accommodate plates/blocks up to 3/8” thick that may be used for copper plates, woodblock, plexi glass, and linoleum block printmaking techniques. The studio also has a dry mount press, vertical etching acid tank and a photo-etching exposure booth. Learn more here>>


Tiffany Hokanson

Copper Etching with Tiffany Hokanson
Drop in and learn how to etch your design into a copper plate. No previous experience required. Students must bring an image to work with.
Mondays, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Drop In
Ages 15+
Questions? Email [email protected]


See Liza Hamilton’s listing above in the Upcoming Offerings section for details on her Monday and Friday drop-in classes, 3:30 – 5 pm in her studio at AAC”


Art Freaks

Emily Brooks, Art Freaks artist

Join us for this relaxed open studio for emerging artists and young creatives. Bring a project you’re working on or start something new. People come hang out and embroider, draw in their sketchbooks, bring a friend to draw, and more.
Sundays, 5:00 – 6:00 pm
Free, or $5 donation for using Classroom supplies (paints, paper, hot glue, assemblage)
Drop In

NEWS ~ Collaborative Artists’ JAM

Collaborative Artists JAM
The Artists’ Jam will be taking some time to re-energize and come back together after the holidays!
  • Stay tuned for return date
  • Free
  • Questions? Email [email protected] or call 541-944-2196

All Classes and Events held at Ashland Art Center unless otherwise specified.
Ashland Art Center, 357 E Main Street, Ashland, Oregon 97520

Botanical Printing and Dyeing


When I spent time with Polly Stirling in Ashland, Oregon last May, she strongly encouraged me to explore botanical printing and dyeing also known as eco-printing.  She has been botanically printing her felt for years and feels strongly about reducing the use of “toxic” dyes and paints in clothing.   I had the opportunity to study with Polly at her family’s camp in upstate New York last year

Felt Dress printed with crab apple's and leaves.  Dyed with comfrey flowers

Felt Dress printed with crab apple’s and leaves. Dyed with comfrey flowers

and as part of the felting retreat, she introduced me to botanical printing. She and her sisters gathered a variety of local plants, nuts, pods and flowers.  They were laid out in neat piles outside of Odd Fellows Hall, our felting room. It was exciting to set up all the dye pots and treat and wrap the felt for printing and dyeing.  I choose to print a felted dress with crab apples and dye in a copper pot with comfrey leaves and flowers  and a felted tunic top was dyed in a black walnut bath.

Since that time, I have been dyeing and printing my felt and silk with eucalyptus leaves and bark, onion skins, ornamental plum, maple and rose leaves.  The results have been spectacular.  The nuno felted pieces take on a leathery look once they are printed and dyed.  I have been experimenting with raw silk fabric, printing with eucalyptus leaves I collected in Northern California.  The raw silk prints beautifully.  I have added some raw silk tunics to my collection for those who are allergic to wool.

I held a workshop at my home last month and students learned different ways to prepare silks and cottons for eco-printing and dyeing.  On hand were eucalyptus, ornamental plum and rose leaves, onion skins, avocado pits and a few other “goodies.” We used a cold extraction/hot bundling process.  Once the fabric was printed, students had the opportunity to dip their bundles in a eucalyptus bark bath or a madrone bark bath.  The results were stunning.  It was fun to see how the plant material printed on the different types of fabric.

I will be teaching another eco-printing class in September.

Laying out flowers and leaves for printing

Laying out flowers and leaves for printing

Eco printed silk shirt lining

Eco printed silk shirt lining

Printed with Onion skins

Printed with Onion skins

Printed with Eucalyptus leaves

Printed with Eucalyptus leaves