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Charu Colorado Featured in

Siskiyou Singers Color of Music Concert

 a new release of her abstract paintings in a kaleidoscope of projections 

with 4 other local multimedia artists

at the  COLOR of MUSIC Concert

 May 3 at 7:30 PM and May 4 at 3:00PM

  at the SOU  MUSIC RECITAL HALL on campus in Ashland

Following the concert on Sunday, May 4, there will be a reception on site where you can meet the singers and the artists and view some of the original art shown in the concert

Tickets are available at Music Coop or Paddington Station in Ashland, or Grocery Outlet in Medford

General admission: $15
Students: $5 with Oregon Trail card or student I.D.

Abstract painting by Charu Colorado

“Where” by Charu Colorado. Giclee print from animation ink painting on film.

For You To See

[contact-form] 232909-R1-04-4






Sky Line 1

Sky Line 1

Siskiyou Singers Color of Music Concert

Charu will be presenting a new release of her abstract paintings in a kaleidoscope of projections with 4 other local multimedia artists
at the  COLOR of MUSIC concert on May 3 at 7:30 PM and May 4 at 3:00PM  at the SOU  MUSIC RECITAL HALL on campus in Ashland


Following the concert on Sunday, May 4, there will be a reception on site where you can meet the singers and the artists and view some of the original art shown in the concert

Tickets are available at Music Coop or Paddington  Station in Ashland or Grocery Outlet Medford [contact-form]
Genera admission: $15
Students: $5 with Oregon Trail card or student I.D.

Awesome Drawing and Seeing

 Enroll now for the  6 week

   New Awesome Drawing Workshop starting October 14th

from 3:00 to 5:00 P.M.

at Charu’s Private Art Studio

All skill  levels accommodated

activate your playful right  brain

become able to draw anything you see

541-482 6319


10% fee reduction if paid  before October 1st


Charu Colorado Showing at Karon Gallery

Moon and Late and Early Day acrylic paintings by Charu Colorado are now showing at Karon Gallery
at the corner of 4th and “A” Street in Ashland
during August and September.
Come  on down and get a free illustrated page of her Edge of Day and Night poetry
and write your comments in her guest book.
Charu will be at the gallery to sign her poetry page for you on Saturday, August17 from 2:00 to 4:00PM
and on first Friday, September 6 from 7:00 to 8:00 PM
Charu’s moon paintings are painted on location at night using watercolor or pastels.
"Moon Cloud", watercolor by Charu Colorado

“Moon Cloud”, watercolor by Charu Colorado

"Last Light", acrylic painting by Charu Colorado

“Last Light”, acrylic painting by Charu Colorado

Dreams Are Art

Why Do We Dream?

 My work with clients in Dream and Art therapy over the past 50 years and with students in Right Brain Drawing and Painting has shown me that dreaming, like art, originates in the right side of the brain. All the imagery, including words used in our art and in our dreams, are not to be taken literally because they are metaphors for what the dream and the art is trying to tell us. Both dreams and art are creative adjuncts to our logical ‘left brain’. Using metaphor and symbolic imagery, they both provide information and insight that can help us solve our problems and bring balance to our conscious and unconscious perceptions, thoughts and actions.

Dream art image, Mars At Oz, by Charu Colorado

Dream art image, Mars At Oz, by Charu Colorado

New Workshop and Classes:

Create with your dreams at Charu Colorado’s

 ’Dreams Are Art’ Workshop’

 Get connected with your metaphors and archetypes
 Let your dream images guide your creativity.
 Stories poetry and visual art
 emerge from chosen dream prompts
 as you are guided through

 ’Dreams Are Art’

 Saturday and Sunday
 June 29th and 30th
 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM each day at
Charu’s Art Studio in Ashland
before June 15th, $85
after June 15th: $125
 some sliding scale and work exchange available
 call Charu at 541-482-6319

or e-mail [email protected]

Dream art image: "Dreams Inside" by Charu Colorado

Dream art image, Dreams Inside, by Charu Colorado

 ’Dreams Are Art’ classes:

6 Saturdays, July 13 – August 17, 1PM to 4PM or
6 Wednesdays, July 17 – August 17, 1PM to 5PM 

Your dreams, creative processes and life purpose explorations from sleep and awake states ground and guide you as you learn to translate your personal metaphorical language

Fee: before July 1 $120, after July 1, $140

classes  limited to 5 participants

All art materials provided

New Right Brain Art Classes:

#1.  ’Drawing What You See’
6 Mondays, June 10 to July 15 , 2PM to 5PM

“When we allow the brain to ‘open our eyes’ – the fun begins – we can then draw anything we see”

Fee:before June 5, $120, after June 5, $140 
class limited to 5 participants


#2.  ’Drawing and Painting What You See’
6 Mondays, July 22 to August 26, 2PM to 5PM
“When we allow color values to emerge – space and form learn new dance routines”
Fee: $120 before July 1, after July 1 $140
class limited to 5 participants

Material lists given at enrollment


Reference book for drawing classes: Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards

call 541-482-6319 or [email protected] to enroll


Dream Process, Where, When and How


your_creative_mind_smDreaming is a product of our Theta brain waves, and is propelled into consciousness by the creative ‘right brain’, which few have had training to use, let alone understand. The dream is or can be our most important trainer/teacher. This Theta dream area, which we experience in moderately deep sleep, is where inspiration, intuition and insight are fostered through metaphorical stories and problem solving symbology The only things that usually keep us from learning the lessons is our unfamiliarity with the processes and the importance or lack thereof we place on dreaming. Now that neuroscience has developed tools for listening to and studying our ‘normal’ awake brain as well as all three of those active-when-we-sleep brain waves,  Alpha, Theta and Delta, I’m hopeful that it won’t be long before a greater interest and openness to dream study will take place  in our education systems.

However, there is nothing to stop us from listening to and learning from our own dreams and thinking about what they are saying to us. True, they do seem to be using strange and disconnected fairytale-like language  sometimes. But since the mechanics  of communication are different  where these messages  originate, the right side of the brain, we are forced to think about what they mean in a different way than we’re used to thinking. The images we see and even the words used in the dream stories are all symbolic of various people, places and  things in our waking life. When we know this and accept this “dream logic”  it becomes very simple to translate the meaning into something we not only understand, but something that when translated is something we really need to know and act upon right now. We don’t have to wait for neuroscience to do this for us. In fact, the science can’t do this for us. The metaphors presented in all of our dreams are not generic and mean something different to each person. They are our personal symbols.

A dog in your dream might be a symbol for having someone to love, and in my dream mean something entirely different – perhaps a symbol of my desire for protection, or of a person in my life I want to accept me whether I’m noisy or quiet, pretty or ugly.

When we are ready to dedicate some of of our time as well as our willingness to give our attention and credence to the personal language of our dreams, we can reap the rewards and fun of cracking open our personal information in the mysterious realm of our dreams without neuroscience’s assistance.

As we do this we find the dream process to be a kind of compass that  helps us to guide our path in life. If we use the dream as a creative vehical  it will take us on informative, exciting journeys. At first, when waking in the morning, most have difficulty remembering these journeys. However, the daily doing of dreamwork processes gradually shines brighter and brighter lights on the dream images. Within a very short time most people see and remember their dreams with little or no difficulty.

Neuroscience now points out that people who seek to balance the right and left hemispheres of their brains by living in the “here” and “now” and being actively attentive to their dreams on a regular basis, usually, within 1 year or less, increase their cognitive, intuitive and creative potential by at least 100%.

Creative Writing Meets Visual Art in 2013

 Charu Colorado’s new 8 week series of writing experiences using the Ekphrastic potential of relating creative writing to visual art will be held on Sunday afternoons starting

 January 13 through March 3, 20131:00 to 4:00 PM
based at Charu’s art studio in Ashland with additional writing locations at selected studios and art galleries

This Ekphrastic series provides an unusual creative opportunity to create short inspired writings as well as longer more developed work in story telling, poetry, and autobiography prompted by visual art and photography

 Irene Carver, a participant in the summer 2012 Ekphrastic writing workshop in Ashland has this to say about Charu’s class:
 “Over the years I have taken quite a few writing classes from Massachusets to Northern California and Southern Oregon yet none have inspired the creative muse in me as uniquely as Charu Colorado’s Ekphrastic writing class has.”
 if paid in full prior to December 15th: $175

sliding scale and limited work exchange possibilities available

 Contact Charu at [email protected]

or call 541-482-6319

Becoming Ekphrastic
3 sizes of artists blizzard hard to find reviews
Writers of ekphrastics write words in storms of news
Behind this wall might hide a contemporary art retard
Not eager to be seen without an artist card
1st writer admits she doesn’t like this art at all
2nd one confuses her by drawing on the wall
Then next writer enters and waits patiently to see
If anyone scribbles stories or odd demented poetry
Don’t let Ekphrastic labels scare you off she shouts to all
2nd writer’s prompt will be – that drawing on the wall
When new ready listeners enter and sit amongst the crowd.
Next writer leaps upon a chair and writes a poem out loud.
Ekphrastics from Picasso’s pictures are sometimes pretty funny – Haiku writers and real authors use it sometimes to make money
Want to be an accepted author? Here’s a game that’s not so hard
As a storytelling Ekphrastic scribbler you don’t need an artist card.


 Charu Colorado


Wednesday Creative Writing Programs

The first two weeks of the Ekphrastic  Writing program are behind us  now. Eighteen pieces of new creative literature are  now living in the world. Short stories, poems, even a form of essay/commentary came flowing out of the participants pencils and  pens into open waiting notebooks during each 3 hour session.

There were many expressions of delight and surprise as each person took their turn reading aloud. At the end of the session everyone exclaimed about what  fun they had and that they could easily go  on  longer if it were allowed.

We are readying ourselves now for the 3rd week. This will be at Jega Art gallery again, The point of  departure for the new writing will J Ellen’s Sculpture. This time everyone will participate in a play writing game that Charu learned  how to facilitate when she was attending Naropa Institute in 1975.

The  New York playwright, John Claude Von Italle conducted a play writing workshop that year and this game was the highlight of the class. The process of Ekphrastic writing will lend itself beautifully to this game.

Even though a person has had no experience writing plays or even writing anything personally creative, they will suddenly  become a dynamic  playwright while  playing this game. Don’t take my word for it. Come join in the fun this coming Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 P.M. at Jega in Ashland. The address is in the notice printed above as well as more information, in case you hadn’t noticed, about Ekphrastic Writing.

Please give Charu a call if you want to know more or want to attend. 541-482-6319, or e-mail her at [email protected]


Charu Colorado Annouces August Ekphrastic Writing Workshop

Charu Colorado August Ekphrastic Writing Workshop 2012