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Watercolor Painting and Monoprinting with Catie Faryl


Watercoloor Painting and Monoprinting with Caite Faryl at Ashland Art Center, Ashland, Oregon Thursdays in June 2017


Watercolor Painting and Monoprinting with Catie Faryl

This class is fun and accessible, and an affordable way to learn about printmaking or expand into new art mediums.  Registration is handled through Ashland Art Center and materials are included, as described in the flyer abovewatercolor painting class, monoprinting class, as.

Hope to see you Thursdays in June.  Please feel to call me at (541) 535-1854 if you have questions or need more information.

The Upward Spiral

The Upward Spiral The Upward Spiral is a 2011 collection of paintings and monotypes from activist artist Catie Faryl’s exhibition series, Digging Out From The Dirty Decade. Two poems accompany the paintings, “The Shaman’s Dream” and “What’s The Use Lullaby,” serving as the artist’s statement on the collection. The Shaman’s Dream A Shaman’s Dream is […]

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I’m making a concerted effort to clear out my studio and garage in order to make new artwork!

I’ll be participating in the Jacksonville Citywide Yard Sale on September 9th and 11th in front of Art Presence Art Center, which is on 5th St. right next door to the old Court House.

On September 10th I’ll be selling and helping at the 2nd Saturday Market (Bizarre Bazaar) which we recently began as a fund- and friend-raiser for Bellview Grange.  Vendors can rent indoor spaces there for $10 and outdoor spaces for $5.  Please see details below or call me at 541 535-1854 for more information on this event.
Thanks and hope to see you soon – Sincerely, Catie Faryl


2nd Saturday Market

Sept. 10th 9 am til 3 pm

BELLVIEW GRANGE 1050 TOLMAN CK. RD Antiques* Appliances Art* Baked Goods

*Baseball Cards* Books* Bric-a-brac * *Clothes* *Collectibles* *Fabric * Furniture* Games* Housewares * Jewelry *Plants* Refreshments*Music* Sporting goods*Toys* White Elephants*and much more*Yard Sale outside and quality items indoors. This is a fundraiser for Bellview Grange. To donate or get more info please call 541 535-1854


Vendors bring their own tables. Rent for card table size space outside is $5, indoors $10 and larger space negotiable. Sell any legal and appropriate merchandise, no commissions. Reserve by calling (541 ) 535-1854


Art & Ideas Discussion at The Ark on April 13

Art & Ideas Discussion at The Ark

Art & Ideas Discussion at The Ark : The Earth Bridge, Monotype Print by Catie Faryl

The Earth Bridge, Monotype Print by Catie Faryl

To kick off an art & ideas discussion at The Ark, Catie Faryl invites you to her presentation of “A View from 2050,” a brief back-cast narrative history envisioning how we get from now to the year 2050.  This is a continuation of Faryl’s art exhibit called “Bridges to 2020,” which focused on ancient and new technologies and concepts as solutions to present and looming issues.  Some art from that show will also be on display as a catalyst for a group discussion to follow the slide show. Join Catie on Wednesday, April 13th, 7 pm at The Ark, 1050 Benson Way in Ashland, Oregon.

For more information please call Catie at 541 535-1854 or contact Mayana at [email protected]

Art & Ideas Discussion at The Ark : The Bridge, Monotype Print from the "Daily Toast" series by artist Catie Faryl.

Monotype Print from the “Daily Toast” series by artist Catie Faryl.

Free Carbon Footprint Reduction Class

Free Carbon Footprint Reduction Class

Southern Oregon Artists Resource artist member and prolific activist artist Catie Faryl announces a series of 5 biweekly classes beginning February 11, 2016 with information about how individuals and families can reduce their carbon footprints. The classes are free and sponsored by the Southern Oregon Climate Action Now.

We don’t have to wait for the large corporations and/or governments to eventually start significant reductions.  We, as residents of the planet Earth, can start NOW through our own individual actions.  The more of us who participate in this, the better and faster will we make the needed changes to reduce the rate of increasing temperatures and thus save the earth’s ecosystem and all its members. ~ Catie Faryl


According to the conclusions of 97% of the qualified scientists addressing the impact of global warming on the planet Earth, the consequences of not rapidly reducing our greenhouse gas emissions are going to be disastrous.  Although it is not common knowledge, we as individuals can help reduce the rate of warming, thus allowing more time for the largest contributors to take significant actions before we reach the tipping point, after which it will be impossible to prevent the anticipated terrible changes.

We can reduce our Carbon Footprint (CF) by taking actions relating to our own creation of greenhouse gas emissions.  The CF is a measure of the amount of carbon we individually produce through our actions as an individual or as a family.  Carbon is a key factor in the production of greenhouse gases, which in turn act to keep heat derived from solar radiation trapped within our atmosphere around the Earth.

Southern Oregon Climate Action Now is creating a sequence of free Carbon Footprint Reduction classes, the first of which takes place on February 11th in the Naversen Room at the Jacksonville Library from 7 PM to 8:30 PM. Related classes will be held there on February 25, March 10 and 31 and April 14.  These classes will inform you of the causes and solutions of global warming resulting from our collective actions.  We’ll learn how to use the online Oregon CF calculator and we will investigate the many techniques we can use to reduce our individual and family CF.  We will all share our techniques so that we all can learn from the actions of our neighbors in the Rogue Valley.

We will consider the many actions each of us take and evaluate their carbon production impacts.  We will discuss and analyze our uses of various energy sources, such as electricity, natural gas, liquid fuels, etc. We will consider actions such as driving to work or flying to a vacation resort or heating our homes and the many more things we do that we can modify to help reduce our Carbon Footprints.

The five classes in our sequence will include contributions by local experts in various CF reduction techniques.  They will be able to help us in many different ways and answer specific questions related to their presentations.  Our organizer is Seldom, a former aerospace engineer who utilizes local solar energy. He can be contacted at [email protected]

In conclusion we will share our planned actions to reduce our Carbon Footprints so that all of us in the class will know and understand the great impact that we as a group can make on carbon reduction in our local environment.  Our hope is that this sequence of classes is just the first step in creating a huge impact from our repetition of many more classes in the Rogue Valley.

Free Carbon Footprint Reduction Class on how individuals and families can reduce their carbon footprint, facilitated by artist Catie Faryl, at the Naversen Room in the Jacksonville Oregon Public Library


Bridges to 2020 (video)

As a member of the Art Presence Art Center, I had the opportunity to show my collection of monotypes and paintings, Bridges to 2020, at the Medford Library. The show has been held over through the end of July 2015! Below is a video with my comments on the paintings. I’ll post an edited version […]

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New! Life Drawing Studio at Art Presence Art Center

Starting in February, Art Presence Art Center will have life drawing opportunities.  We have hired an experienced  model who will pose on Mondays from 1 to 3 pm.  The cost for the 2 hour studio is $10.  There will be no instruction unless requested.  Bring your own supplies and join Catie Faryl and Anne Brooke in this new venture!

my comments on political cartoons – January 10, 2014

As an artist who works a great deal with political and social satire, cartooning and lampooning the often ridiculous actions of people, governments and “corps es”, I have observed for years the “culture clash” when our western parody and humor is misunderstood or used by groups or individuals who find offense there. We may be […]

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Catie Faryl Shows at Looking Glass Beads

Editor’s Note: We apologize to Catie for not getting this posted in time for the First Friday ArtWalk last night. Please visit Looking Glass Beads to view her amazing artwork and make a gift of art this holiday season!

Dear Friends,

I’m having a “trunk show” to sell some holiday gifts and artwork during First Friday, 5 to 8 pm on Dec. 5th.  My show called “Consider the Animals” is on display at Looking Glass Beads at 283 E. Main St. in downtown Ashland with art and information about the 6th Extinction and what can be done to slow it.

The gallery owners are hosting a sale for me to help raise funds to continue the advocacy and activism I’m involved with.  It is my goal to gather funds in order to produce a new card deck of my environmental, social and political satire artwork.

I’ll be selling my Balance Art Card Decks about the human condition (a little more comic than tragic!) for $10 (reduced from $25). Also I will  have lots of all cotton tied blankets in sizes for babies, kids and adults. These are warm, durable, affordable and make great, lasting gifts.  I guarantee the workmanship.  There will be jewelry for sale as well as greeting cards, prints and originals at great prices.

Thank you for visiting my show, which will be exhibited through December.  If you can’t make it to First Friday but would like to take part in my sale, please give me a call at 541 535-1854.

Happy Holidays!   Catie Faryl

Don’t Shop With G-Nome Presentation

This is the short version of a Powerpoint presentation I’m using in talks about the dangers of GMOs. You can view this presentation in fullscreen mode by mousing over it and clicking the “double arrow” icon at the bottom.

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