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Jazz Fest 2014

Another fun music print that came into the shop recently. 

For this piece I used two layers of Crescent Select matboard, to reflect the colors in the print, along with a high-gloss, yellow frame from Roma Moulding®. Their Lavo Collection comes in a variety of fun profiles and colors, and really looks great on prints like this. 

The Lavo moulding collection brings old-world French design to its most modern edge. A fusion of traditional carvings enveloped in high gloss lacquer with sumptuous colors; controlled, blended and applied by Italian master craftsmen.

The extra space on the bottom is to show the edition information and embossed seal on the print

Finished with Conservation Clear® glass which blocks 99% of harmful UV light to help minimize fading.

Photographed with reflective glazing installed and protective cardboard corners.

Artwork by Andy DeWeerdt

Two pieces we recently framed for Andy’s exhibit at Belle Fiore Winery. His art will be featured through the month of July, with an artists reception on Friday, July 11 (5–8pm) and Saturday, July 12 (12-4pm).

We could swim it if we tried. . .

Limited edition screen print, Once A Lizard, by David Welker

For this project I used two, solid-core, Ragmats from Crescent; a dark green for the bottom mat and a neutral tan for the top layer. These 100% cotton mats feature the same color throughout and are the top of the line as far as preservation goes.

The frame,  from Roma Moulding®,  is 1 inch wide with a scooped profile that draws your eye into the artwork. The natural stain mimics the trees in the print. 

This piece was finished with Museum Glass® for the ultimate in protection and clarity.

Visit for more cool artwork.

Photographed with glazing in place, so there is some minor reflection.

Autzen Stadium Panoramic


This panoramic print was photographed at the University of Oregon’s Autzen Stadium on October 31st, 2009 by James Blakeway. The Ducks defeated USC in front of 59,592 fanes, the largest crowd to ever witness a football game in the State of Oregon. 

For this project I used two sheets of Crescent Select alpha cellulose conservation matboard. Crescent has designated mats from this line that coincide with the colors of major college and professional teams. 

The frame is 1 1/4″ wide matte black wood for a simple and classy look that fits well in a corporate environment. 

Thanks to Todd.

OSF Momento


Custom framing is a great way to commemorate events and display collectibles.

Here’s a small piece I created out of a playbill and tickets from Ashland’s own Oregon Shakespeare Festival. These particular items are from shows I saw with my mom last summer on her annual visit.

Using the design software with my computerized mat cutter, I created a separate opening for each item: the playbill and both tickets. Next, I adjusted the angle of the ticket windows, then merged them into a single opening. Finally, I centered the openings and set the borders. 

I used two sheets of alpha-cellulose conservation matboard from Crescent. The top mat is a high-gloss black (similar to the playbill cover) and the bottom mat is a deep red (similar to the the color on the tickets). Both mats have a solid black core which helps to maintain harmony within the design. 

To finish the look I used a deep red cap moulding from Larson-Juhl with a woodtone. This frame had the depth I needed to fit the entire playbill (strips of acid free foamboard were used to securely hold the playbill behind the mat).

For glazing, I used conservation reflection control acrylic from TrueVue®. This cuts glare, helps protect the light-sensitive tickets and is virtually unbreakable (great for items the need to be shipped).

-photo taken with acrylic glazing in place


MMW 2002 concert poster

One of the first things I framed for myself was this poster from a 2002 Medeski Martin & Wood show in Eugene

The band was out in the lobby after the show signing copies of their recent CD, Uninvisible, and we were near the end of the line when I noticed a guy in a headset holding a stack of posters.

“Hey,” I asked, “what are you doing with those posters?”

“Um, they’re extras, I guess.”

“Can I have one?”

“Sure,” he said and handed one to me and to a few others in line. He seemed glad to have them out of his hands.


Each member of the band was extremely personable and I had them sign a copy of their new disc for me* (I probably should have had them sign the poster as well).

The next day I adhered the poster to the wall with some of that putty that’s supposed to hold up posters and pictures. The putty failed after a few weeks and continued to fail as the summer heat intensified, no matter how much I used.

So I switched to thumbtacks. At this point all corners of this poster were stained from putty or dented from falling off the wall, what’s a few thumbtack holes? At least It’ll stay on the wall.

After years tacked to my wall I decided this poster was too cool to leave in it’s current state, so I framed it. The double matting covers most of the corner damage, will protect the paper from further damage, and compliments the color scheme. Conservation glass was used to prevent fading due to UV light.

Now it’s protected and looks great no matter where it is. 

*and DJ P Love; he played with them the entire show and appeared on a couple tracks.

Concert Poster & Ticket Stubs


This limited edition concert poster (hand signed/numbered) and tickets, from Phish’s 2012, 3-night Labor Day run in Colorado, came in for framing last summer. 

Double mat, conservation mounting & glass, in a deep, black metal frame.

Thanks to Jason

Concert Posters

I never planned to collect concert posters but after years of shows I have amassed a decent collection. While most of these are nothing special, I do have a few fun and rare prints that look great framed on the wall (and don’t wear out nearly as quickly as t shirts do).

Here’s the newest poster I framed for myself, picked up at a recent show here in Ashland. 

This limited edition print (108/200 by Johnny Sampson) measures 18 x 24 inches and is signed by the members of the band. 

I wanted something simple that wouldn’t distract from the art and signatures so I went with a red inner mat, nuetral outer mat (here I tried to match the color of the paper) and a red woodtone frame. The mat borders are 2 3/4″, weighted a little extra on the bottom, giving a total size of about 24 x 30. 

On a wall with three other posters–all in black frames–the red inner mat and frame really make this piece pop, and adds some much needed color to my living room.

technical info:
mounted on KoolTack Preserve foamboard*
cotton rag matboards by Crescent
conservation clear acrylic glazing  by TrueVue® (blocks 99% of UV light to minimize fading).

-photo taken without glazing installed

*from a preservation view, something like this should never be permanently mounted. In this case I wanted the print to be totally flat & protected, so I mounted it to KoolTack Preserve which is a cotton-faced foamboard designed specifically for the custom framing industry, and is completely reversible.

New Styles/Summer Special!

Over fifty new frame samples just in from Roma, Studio and Direct Mouldings.

15% Off! 

Now through July 20th, any project using one of these new frames is 15% off.

More information and detailed pictures below.


The new Hyde collection from Roma has a contemporary feel with the distressed look of aged leather. Available in three sizes and colors.


Make your artwork really POP with one of these frames from Direct Moulding. Perfect for concert posters & music memorabilia!


With clean lines and authentic wood grain, the Kota line from Studio Moulding has long been one of my best sellers. They’ve just added two new styles. At almost 2.5″ wide, the first one is perfect for larger pieces while the second makes a great shadowbox!

There’s No Sound In My Head: Mark Applebaum’s Metaphysics of Notation

Very cool exhibit now showing at the Schneider Museum of Art at SOU – with weekly musical interpretations every Friday @ 11:00 am, through April 26th.

Applebaum gave a fascinating talk about his music and compositional style at the opening on March 11, followed by an impromptu performance of the “Metaphysics” by Terry Longshore and Brian McWhorter.

If you appreciate creativity, music and visual art, GO SEE THIS.