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Mixed Media Magic in Scotland!

Wandering craft retreats

Featuring Roxanne evans stout

I am ecstatic to join the artfully curated retreats of Wandering Craft! We will enjoy sightseeing and creative immersion in Edinburgh, The Highlands, and Skye. There will be mixed media lessons in the studio and outdoors, where we will draw from the astounding magic of our surroundings.

I would love to have you join us!

September 28-0ctober 6, 2023

Learn more

What’s included?

Eight days of private tours, three workshops, and Scottish hospitality! Plus time to just enjoy yourself!

Get the whole itinerary!

Storytelling with Collage in Italy

Won’t you join me in Le March, Italy

for a mixed media art retreat

At the Hotel Leone & Retreat Centre, Montelparo, Italy

September 16th-23rd 2023

This is the Perfect time to make your Flight Reservations!

Register before December 1st, 2022 and you will be saving 150 Euros!

Here are just some of the things That

Storytelling with Collage In Italy will Include:

  • The creation of a hand made artist book or art journal that you will fill with creations during our retreat.  We will work with paint, collage, attaching, stitching and mixed media projects that tell your story of this very special time and place. All levels of skill are welcome.  

  • 4 days art tuition, one at which we will take our art journals and supplies to the beach to wander and picnic.

  • A full day on location at the coastal town of Pedaso on the Riviera del Palma.

  • Pedaso is a small seaside town with both pebble and sandy beaches and enjoy lunch in a restaurant on the beach edge.

  • Full day excursion to the beautiful town of Ascoli Piceno including a privately guided walking tour of this beautiful Renaissance town full of history as well as fabulous boutique shops, charming cafes and one of Italy’s most beautiful piazzas

  • Visit to a mountain hilltop town and enjoy a privately guided nature walk

Learn more about Hotel Leone

Come and be Captivated with Me!

I cannot wait to share my collage techniques and processes with you!

Learn more about my Retreat

Everything really is on your doorstep!  In an historic palazzo, Hotel Leone is a small, privately-owned 11-bedroomed boutique hotel and retreat centre offering luxury accommodation.  

With gorgeous views from every window, a beautiful studio for us to create in , many outdoor sitting areas including a patio area with a poo and incredible food and wine, you will be enchanted.

Le March is known as one of the best kept secrets of Italy. With its medieval hilltop towns that are full of art and culture, amazing coastline with hidden beaches, patchwork quilt countryside and stunning mountain ranges, you will be filled with delight and want to return again and again.

Imagine Italy in the Autumn with Me

The colors, the villages, the coast and this beautiful boutique hotel …

All of it for you to savor.

Come and Join Us

The Alchemist’s Shield

Registration Is Open


For the Brand New Recorded Version!!

The Alchemist’s Shield


these are the days

for new beginnings…

We need to be creative more than ever! This is the perfect time to offer a New Workshop that I have been planning for weeks!

Do you need time to immerse yourself in making some beautiful and intricate art pieces that symbolize protection during this winter?

If the answer is yes, please join me and create two Alchemist’s Shields that will work as Talismans, giving you protection, guidance, and support and fill you with creative magic.

This is now a self-study workshop

In my videos I will be your guide as you create two unique and gorgeous shields.

As you watch me work, it will be as if you are in my studio with me, sitting next to me at my work table. You can watch the videos at your own pace and stop and go as much as you like!

We will start with a scrap piece of wood and a pile of old cardboard pieces and construct, assemble and layer our shield with fabrics and papers and found objects that we love!

We will work with intent so that our shields will hold in them our messages, our hopes, and our dreams for the future. You will be Honoring Your Own Creative Process. And you will love every part of this workshop!!

Talisman definition:
noun [ C ]
plural: talismans
an object believed to bring good luck or to keep its owner safe from harm

— The Cambridge Dictionary

The Alchemist’s Shield Facebook Group is open now with the Supply List which I will post here as well.

*Please make sure the name you register under is the same as the name on your FB account!!

*We will invite you into the group after January 1st. If you do not get an invitation within a week after you sign up, please request to join and include the name you registered under!

Here is the link to the Facebook Group,

The Alchemist’s Shield

*These steps will ensure you get into the group quickly and hassle-free!


  • Some knowledge of assemblage or a previous workshop with me is advised.

  • Please consider your Paypal receipt as your confirmation and make sure when you register your correct email is on the form so I can get in contact with you.

  • You will need to ask to join the Alchemist’s Shield Facebook Group as soon as you register.

  • You will need to have a personal FB account and make sure you are able to stream live videos on your computer.

  • Invitations will be sent out as soon as possible after I have your payment and FB name.

  • There will be lots of important guidelines and information in the Announcements section on the Facebook page. Please scroll through! The videos will also be under Videos on the group page.

  • Sorry, no refunds will be issued for this course.

  • Access to the videos will be forever, at some point I will move them to Vimeo and my website as well so you can download them.

I am thrilled to be able to share this project with you and cannot wait to see your creations!!

Just $48.00

Supply List for The Alchemist’s Shield

  • small piece of wood, about 5” x 5” any thickness.

  • scrap pieces of cardboard about the same measurements

  • collage papers and fabric, small amounts (Think about different textures and weights)

  • scissors

  • straight edge

  • tacky glue or a heavier glue

  • matte medium, water, paper towels, paint brush

  • small nails and tacks

  • awl

  • string, thread,

  • wire: two or three gauges, I like natural colors

  • wire cutters or sturdy scissors

  • bent nose pliers (optional)

  • gathered artifacts or relics- I will be using a small old tin, taken apart, rusty metal pieces, rusty fence wire and maybe a small vintage bottle *Other ideas include old earrings, cabinet locks or keys, buttons, etc.

  • gathered natural objects- I will be using a feather, and a forked twig. Small stones (To use in a mosaic inside the tin) *Other ideas include seed pods, pine needles, dried plants, seed pods, etc.

  • Beads

  • needle, wide eyed

  • small hammer

  • any other favorite tools or materials!

Beach Flea Market is a wonderful place to purchase unique found or vintage objects!

And Artistic Artifacts is a wonderful place to purchase unique fabrics and papers!



The Illuminated Scroll – Workshop with Roxanne Evans Stout

Roxanne Evans Stout - Find the essence of your creativity

Hello you beautiful friends and artists!

I hope you are well and happy. May this newsletter find you creating magic! I love connecting with you, and I’m so excited to tell you about an upcoming opportunity for us to create together online!

Create mixed-media magic with us in The Illuminated Scroll! Here is the open scroll project I will teach, and Seth and Lisa will make completely different scrolls with you!
Create Mixed-Media Magic With Us In… The Illuminated Scroll!
People have created scrolls to record beauty and magic since ancient times. In The Illuminated Scroll, you will connect with history and the elements as we make three unique mixed-media scrolls on each of the three days. This is a special opportunity with Lisa Agaran-Sand, Seth Apter, and I each teaching for one whole day of the workshop!
I teach the first day and will guide you through your first Illuminated Scroll! Together we will create an enticing piece out of fabric treated with layers of gesso and paint and then embellished with a blend of collaged fabric & papers, stitching, and gatherings from nature. I will also show you how to incorporate an easy weave into your scroll to hold sticks and other found objects.

For a special touch, we will also be using my newest stencil designs! I’m so excited for you to use them. All of my stencil designs are available at StencilGirl Products!

Your majestic scroll will be a stunning work of art both when rolled up and opened to be hung on the wall, revealing your visual stories.
Here is a semi-rolled view of the scroll above, which I will guide you in making on the first day! You won’t believe the beauties Lisa and Seth have in store for you on the other days!

Won’t You Join Us!

The live Zoom sessions for The Illuminated Scroll are Thursday-Saturday, November 11-13. Registration also includes a pre-workshop Meet the Instructors Night event, daily raffle giveaways gifted by the artists, and daily recordings for later viewing. There is also a non-live option! Get all the details and register now!

Won’t you make Illuminated Scrolls with us?!
Here is a sample of the scroll I will teach you to make in The Illuminated Scroll. Seth and Lisa will teach their own secrets and techniques on their days!

Sending you blessings of creativity and joy!

Won’t you join us for The Illuminated Scroll, live on Zoom Nov. 11-13?! Or join us for the non-live version!

Notebook Journeys

A Facebook Live Workshop

Notebook Journeys Is nOW open for self study

On Sale for $50.00

(was $60.00)



Join me for a new kind of workshop designed just for you.

This will be different than my other online workshops, Because I filmed this live on Facebook, it will seem like I am really there, teaching you in person, unedited and unscripted!

I will gently be your guide as you create in a spiral watercolor notebook in exciting and fresh ways and fill it with your marks, your symbols, your collages and your stories.

This will not be a step by step workshop, where you need to follow along and do everything just as I do. Instead it will be like all my newest online workshops where you are free to go at your own pace and create in your own way.

Together we will paint, draw, stitch, attach and write in your notebook like you have never worked in before.

Each video session is about 1 1/2 hours and the videos will soon be available here as well as on the private Facebook page for you to view at your convenience !

Registration is Open!!

Price: $50.00

(Was $60.00)

**It is very important that you

message me on Facebook

as soon as you register.

You will also need to give me the name you registered under so I can confirm who you are. That way I can invite you into the group right away!

Important Information:

  • At this point the Live Video Sessions are completed. You can view these videos at your own convenience. They are all in the Announcements section on the private Notebook Journeys FB Page.

  • Please consider your Paypal receipt as your confirmation and make sure when you register your correct email is on the form so I can get in contact with you.

  • Please Message me on FB here immediately after making your payment! And you can ask to join the Notebook Journeys FB Group here

  • You will need to be have a personal FB account and make sure you are able to stream live videos on your computer.

  • Invitations will be sent out as soon as possible after I get your payment and FB name.

  • There are lots of important guidelines and information in the Announcements section on the FB page. Please scroll through!

  • Sorry, no refunds will be issued for this course.

  • Access to the videos will be forever, at some point I will move them to Vimeo and my website as well so you can download them.

I cannot say how excited

I am about this new class!!

Supply List:

  • Spiral Watercolor Journal: I ordered this one: Spiral Watercolor Journal but any journal with spirals about 6”x 8” will work!

  • Acrylic paints ( Watercolors can work if you don’t own any Acrylics!)

  • White Gesso

  • Matte Medium

  • Glue Stick

  • Tapes: Scotch, Washi, Masking

  • Pencils, Pens

  • Paintbrushes

  • Collage paper and fabric bits

  • Deli Paper, Rice Paper or Tissue paper



Explore the possibilities!







Let Me Help You Find Your Magic!

On Sale for just



Notebook Journeys

is just what you need right now!

Come and Be Nourished

Come and Learn and Grow!

Studio Moments


Please Join Me for




Let me invite you into my world!

A world that is woven together with sunlight and moon glow.

A world of textures and colors, rich with imagination and love.

A world of ups and downs,

feelings and stories that are wanting to be expressed and told.

I am so excited about this project want to share a new kind of workshop with you!

Do you ever long to delve deeper into an online workshop,

and hear more about what the artist is thinking and found out why…

Why does she use that color,

why is her work brighter on one day and darker and deeper on another…

What is her art process when she makes more complicated pieces

and she is not teaching…


Would you like to see a little more,

a revealing

of how I actually work

and what my “studio moments”

are really like?




Gather with me in my studio and watch as I share my projects!



How I work with my whole heart.

I will share with you how nature inspires me and enriches my life

How I experiment and love to use my intuition

How collage plays an important role in my art…..

How I use color with paints, papers and fabric.

Observe how I create multi-layered backgrounds.

and use symbols and mark making in my processes.

Discover and watch me use my favorite materials and tools…

Observe how create multi-layered backgrounds

using plaster, gesso, white acrylic paint and gel medium.

How I embellish and tie together my project and give you ideas for presentation.

And so much more!




  • Forever access to 10 sessions and over 12 hours of videos,

    all professionally filmed in my home and studio

  • A Facebook Community for sharing art making and art stories

  • My techniques, thought processes, ideas and inspiration from my toolbox of experience

  • You will sit beside me as I create unique projects from my heart

  • you will gain endless inspiration and insights into your own processes and work towards developing your own style and meaningful art

  • You will watch and listen as I explore, experiment and use my intuition all the while guiding you through self discovery

  • A list of materials compiled for each months session

  • You will be encouraged to be your own alchemist, taking a blank piece of paper and turning it into a work of art

  • Connect with your inner muse and other like souls

  • Learn new techniques in background surface design including symbols, mark making, adding a mystical language to your own art.

  • Discover how I use different surfaces and substrates including wood, canvas, watercolor paper, metal and vintage book covers




all the while honoring your own creative process

and what feels right in your soul.

Won’t you join me?


The Cost Is Only:

Before December 30th, 2018


Just $18.00 a month!!!

Regular Price – $220.00

Studio Moments goes live January 3, 2019

Great offering 🍂I always feel so inspired by spending time observing and listening to other artists and their process!
I love watching you and your creations of beauty using multiple mixed media and assemblage techniques ♥️

— Shellie Lee


Come and Join me at

River Garden Studio for

Studio Moments


These videos will be available forever and will be downloadable.

This workshop will go live on January 3rd. You will be notified of this via email.

Every month after that sessions will go live the first Thursday of every month.

(except October when it will be the second Tuesday.

During this workshop you are free to create using what you have learned or the videos can be for your viewing pleasure.

I really believe that watching me work will lead to your own self discoveries!

High Speed Internet is advised. I am not a computer expert,

if you don’t know how to use the internet you will need to get help on your end.

This workshop is non-refundable.

In purchasing Studio Moments you agree to honor me and my work and not share the course login or downloaded videos.

Please refer to my book Storytelling with Collage for my favorite mediums, tools and materials!

More detailed lists will follow.


Window Light


There is something about a window that is almost magic to me… 

Maybe it’s a tattered lace curtain or a piece of worn fabric attached with a thumb tack to the window frame.

Or Maybe its the light. How it changes through the hours. Through the seasons.


What Rains Thundered against the window panes? 

and what child watched the snow fall through the milky white Glass?


It’s the way that Sometimes the light comes from the inside, and sometimes from the outside.

From Dark to light and light to dark.

What stories are there, within the walls of a window that frame it so securely?

What stories are There, outside on the streets or roads that people travel upon?

And Why did these windows call to me that I had to stop and photograph them?


Blue is a Beach Stone


Blue is like a beach stone,

I put in my pocket to remind me of this day.

It is the color of the ocean village reflecting in the bay,

And the moonlight that sighs.


Dancing on Raindrops



It’s that feeling,    

the one that you’ve loved forever

the feeling of splashing in puddles

and floating hand-made boats down the street gutters, 

during a rainstorm

and the feeling you have when you take a walk in the rain,

just because you love the cool air

and the way the roads turn black and shiny.

That is the feeling of Dancing on Raindrops. 


“I believe that we all have a special light,
and to help someone’s light shine brighter,
is one of the most important gifts of all.

— Roxanne Evans Stout, Dancing with Raindrops

Dancing on Raindrops

 I wrote it for those moments that we savor. 

The moments when we stop and pause

and really look at the world. 

Dancing on Raindrops, title page,  on my desk with flowers...

Dancing on Raindrops, title page,  on my desk with flowers…

There is something meditative about turning these pages and seeing the beauty that awaits you in every photograph.

— Seth Apter, Dancing on Raindrops

What does a new day bring for you? From Dancing on Raindrops.

What does a new day bring for you? From Dancing on Raindrops.

As an artist, Roxanne’s work has always read like poetry to me and it’s so wonderful to see this rich collection of images available as an interactive journal.

— Tonia Jenny, Dancing with Raindrops

Does it ever feel as if the mountains are singing?  A page from Dancing on Raindrops.

Does it ever feel as if the mountains are singing?  A page from Dancing on Raindrops.

I am also mindful of the need to share
and to bring my art to life,
This is where I feel my deepest connections
to mankind.

— Roxanne Evans Stout, Dancing on Raindrops

Worktable with Dancing with Raindrops.

Worktable with Dancing with Raindrops.

Do you trust your own path?
Where do you take refuge and
where is your sanctuary?
Your map is written in the sky, do you see it?

— Roxanne Evans Stout, Dancing with Raindrops


Dancing on Raindrops is available on Amazon Books here.

So this is

the story I share 

a visual journal of moments

that I want to keep…

and in the process I hope you will appreciate more

your own moments

and take a closer look at the beauty in your life.


Dancing on Raindrops is a wonderful companion to my first book,

Storytelling with Collage, also available on Amazon Books here.

This second book is a great companion to Storytelling with Collage in that the first book teaches you Roxanne’s hands-on techniques for working with found objects and Dancing on Raindrops is actually meant for capturing your own visual stories—this time more two-dimensionally—right inside the book!

— Tonia Jenny


Create With me


Creating with me

Spring has come and gone here in the Pacific Northwest, and now we are deep in the midst of summer. After a very hot spell,  trees are already shedding a few yellow leaves, they sprinkle them on the grass and seem ready for the Autumn rains and cooler nights.

River Garden Studio

River Garden Studio

Late in May I taught a beautiful workshop with Tonia Jenny, here at River Garden Studio called  Archetypal Expressions. This photograph was taken in the garden under our Maple Trees in late May.

Susan Lehman's art in progress.

Susan Lehman’s art in progress.

For two days we worked and played outside learning and creating symbols that were meaningful in our life. We worked with cement, wood and paper writing, drawing, carving and printing.

Joan Madden's art in progress.

Joan Madden’s art in progress.

Tonia Jenny's art in progress.

Tonia Jenny’s art in progress.

Last weekend I taught two workshops in Arizona at Art Unraveled.

My first workshop was called The Alchemist’s Book of Treasures and my student’s work was thoughtful and creative! I love teaching this workshop because of the stories each creation tells.

Student Artwork from The Alchemist's Book of Treasures

Student Artwork from The Alchemist’s Book of Treasures

Art by Jan.

Art by Jan.

Susan's artwork.

Susan’s artwork.

These are some of the books made by my students in A Book of Trees, one of my favorite workshops and subjects! My students were lovely, so creative, and I love the way we all bonded from the very first moments, trusting, laughing, sharing and joyfully creating.

Student Artwork from A Book of Trees.

Student Artwork from A Book of Trees.

Deb's pages.

Deb’s pages.

Amy's pages.

Amy’s pages.

Now I am happily nestled at home, moving from studio to garden and enjoying my world… there is time for everything again. 

If you love the art that you see here, and want to learn how to incorporate found objects into your art… 

My online workshop,

Victory Shield’s

and Wisdom Keepers

is having a Big Sale right now!!

You can read more about it here…

Art Pieces by Christine, Ann, Teressa, Susan and Diana

Art Pieces by Christine, Ann, Teressa, Susan and Diana