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Tibetan Temple #1

When I begin a project, I often have no idea where it will take me, creatively. I do know that I will learn something new, develop a latent skill, or just be amazed.

As part of my Shrines to the Divine project, the Tibetan Temple (working title – I don’t know the name of the piece in the beginning, either) is featured because of my deep appreciation for my Tibetan Thangka painting teacher,

Christmas 2018 Gingrbread Cookies

 Granddaughter, Taylor rolls out the cookie dough,

using 1/8 inch guide sticks on either side.

Sienna made the vibrant colored icing. Devon knitted. Chips of the old block.

The decorating begins.

Pam & Joe’s Afghan, Complete

 Making this afghan for my faerie godchildren, Pam & Joe, has been a joy, not to mention the biggest knitting project of my life – on the right.

(Just as an aside, I also just finished the smallest knitting project ever, tiny slides (above left) for a friend with a broken finger who has to keep two fingers taped together. From the ridiculous to the sublime, and I don’t know which was which.

First You Make the Cookies

 Birthday Dinner for David

 Smooch loves to watch me make things, from beadwork to baking. She sits by the counter with her face as close to the action as possible.

For his birthday, David asked for Chocolate Chip Cookies instead of a cake. Not just any chocolate chip cookies, Dana’s cookies.

And he’s right. They are the best chocolate chip cookies on the planet. She was generous

GB’s Awesome Brownie Kit

My go to brownie recipe, from Mrs. Fields Cookie Book. My version is doubled and has less sugar.

I love getting my baking kits together now that I have my Julia Child bowl set from my friend, Gail. All those years, in all those many kitchens, I never had a tiny glass bowl.

Awesome Brownies


Baking spray 

jelly roll or ½ size “hotel” sheet pan

12 ounces    

Wrist Warmers

I am never without a knitting project. I use short, bamboo needles that fit in my purse. I can knit during a meeting, at the coffee house, even at dinner, if it looks like a long evening. I knit in the car, if I don’t have to drive.

This time of year I get requests for the wrist warmers pattern, a good pocket or purse project. It’s really simple, even fore a beginner. My basic pattern is like

Afghan Parts

 All the parts for the colorful Afghan are finished, with the exception of 12 feet of 3 inch trim.

Blocking was challenging, but I took care with the steam iron and didn’t let it rest on the fibers for very long. I mostly hovered above it, afraid to scorch the few man-made fibers in the yarn.

I draped the panels over a card table while sewing them together. Each panel is 54 inches by 68

Infinity Scarves

 Infinity scarves are so easy to make. Here, I use Sky Ranch Fiber’s hand-dyed fingering weight yarn. Midnight is about 50 inches long, and the green, which the designer, Becky Mann calls Autumn (though I prefer Rusty Garden Ornament) is a bit longer. Make a scarf in the yarn and pattern you like up to 55 inches, sew the ends together. Wrap it around your neck once or twice. Seriously.

The Afghan continues…

 The pillow behind Smooch in this picture inspired the theme of cables for Pam and Joe’s Afghan.


So far, I love working with Unicorn Spit, although it fades pretty quickly in outdoor light, even heavily varnished. I want to try a resin coating.