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XO Stationery Stash

It might be less than two weeks into the new year but in the retail world…guess what is virtually tomorrow??? That’s right, Valentine’s Day! Just in case you’re the stash-that-perfect-card-away-for-the-right-occasion variety (you’re in good company), let me introduce you to a few new designs in the XO category.

I’m headed off into the season of trade shows. Atlanta first, then Las Vegas. Old friends, new customers, connections and community. It is the summer camp of our gift industry. Every six months, like a milestone, we touch base. It’s also where we, small businesses, introduce our new products, designs and updates.And many of these updates are the Valentine’s Day Greeting Card collection, new workshops ahead, Paris in April and retail collaboration commissions. (I do commission paintings for your favorite stores and create custom greeting cards!)

Whether you’re a Love Bug or a Luvbug, want to say Love You or an XO says it all, I think I’ve got some stationery goodness for you.

Send mail. Write XO. The handwritten note is always in style. xo

Vintage Florals in time for the holidays!

Hello art lovers & floral enthusiasts! I’ve just popped two vintage florals on my website just in case Santa’s helpers are looking for…help!

If you are considering gifting original artwork this year (or cards or envelopes), I wrap, ship and include my signature extra pack of paper goodies in every order. If it is a gift, please mention in the comments at check out and I’ll be sure to include a note.

As always, thank you for reading and supporting the creative journey this painting profession has taken me on. You are a part of it and I couldn’t do it without YOU!

“Floral Confetti” 20×20″ acrylic on 1.5″ gallery canvas

“Dahlias in Silver” 6×8″ oil on masonite board

I hope you are enjoying a peaceful holiday season!

M xoxo

Shipping in time for Christmas!

Hello and happy holidays from the studio! Are you painting? Holiday cookie baking? Shopping? Making your own Christmas decorations? Yes to all of it. I’m a big fan of things or experiences made by hand or small businesses and love the personal details that often accompany it.

I have a small and sweet collection of original oil paintings available to ship in time for Christmas!!!

Here are the details:

  1. FREE SHIPPING! Yup, on all items. Paintings, cards, fancy envelopes…
  2. Order by December 17, 2019 and your art/cards/lopes will arrive by Christmas.
  3. If it’s a gift, please mention in comments and I’ll include a personalized note, wrap it like Martha Stewart herself and add some fun extra paper goodies. (I love sending mail!!!!)

Thank you so much for reading these little notes & following along on the creative journey.

From my creative space to yours, I wish you a happy peaceful season.

Love, Mindy xo

PS. The Fancy Envelopes are a big hit! Have you seen them yet? xoxo

Leopard & Louis

Leopard and Louis greeting card

Hello and happy December wherever you are!

I know some of you might be shopping or browsing or thinking about shopping and browsing for Christmas and if original artwork is on your list for your favorite artist or art lover…I might be able to help. Or one of these lovely retailers might…

I have a nice collection of originals at both elizabethW in Carmel-by-the-Sea and Watson Kennedy in Seattle, WA. Everything from Fancy Parlours (yes, this Leopard & Louis is available in Carmel….!!), seascapes, florals and a fun series of paintd designer boxes and fancy champagne.

Email Kelly in Carmel for details on above painting. They ship, wrap and will include a note! xoxo

“Leopard & Louis” 18×24″ acrylic on gallery canvas

Chanel Red

A Room of Your Own

I’ve written a fair bit about my funny fancy parlors. Are they real? Are they figments of my imagination? A combination? All of the above. I would like to jump into a room filled with leopard lounge chairs and a pink velvet settee. Art clustered on the wall, vintage charts mixed with contemporary treasures and hand me downs, lots of books, flowers and general elegant coziness. Everyone welcome, no coasters required, tea cups preferred and animals on furniture most likely.

These parlors welcome you to sit down, stay a while. Flip through the glossy magazine, sip your drink, put your feet up and let your imagination wander for a bit. Our busy-ness will wait. They are an XO to life and living with loveliness in all it’s quirky imperfectly perfect beautiful forms.


If this particular Fancy Parlor is inviting you in, it’s on display at elizabethW in Carmel-by-the-Sea. It’s large, 30×30″, perfect for a mantel or a statement piece. Painted sides on 1.5″ gallery canvas, ready to hang.

“Think Pink Parlour” 30×30″

Contact Kelly: [email protected] or 831.626.3892

Nautical Parlour

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” Emerson

I love this quote, this sentiment and this reminder to be present and appreciate life’s lovely moments as well as it’s ebb and flow. Especially this week. Thanksgiving week, a week by definition, a time to be even more grateful and to soak in all the goodness life has to offer and that we can offer back.

This Nautical Parlour or Portrait in a Yellow Room is a nod and heartfelt expression of a love of surrounding myself with the things and people (and fur people) we love. Vintage trophies, old portraits, your nana’s china or a hand me down fisherman’s sweater, these are the classic, nostalgic and beloved treasures of our every day life that makes it a little sweeter. What are yours?

“Portrait in a Yellow Room” 24×30″ oil on gallery canvas

Available at the divine Watson Kennedy Fine Home (where they also wrap, ship and make things generally delightful in every way.) xo

Fancy Envelopes

Fancy Envelopes: Mindalopes by Carpe Diem Papers, with a cup of tea and shortbread, stamps and penThis afternoon in sweet Ashland, Oregon, it’s pouring icy fog rain, dark by 3pm, wind howling around the house and I am recovering from part one of some dental work. Before you turn green with envy, there is an upside. I’m home for the afternoon doing “nothing”. “Nothing” is a requirement when I’m supposed to have some down time but it doesn’t prevent me from binge watching Season 3 of “The Crown” (omg), sipping tea (it goes half way in) and organizing my fancy envelope collection!

Organizing and prepping because enough people have asked me, “do you ever sell these?” to which a savvy entrepreneur would reply, “of course!” and which I used to reply, “uh, not really, I hoard them”. Business School, 101.

But now I am putting some fun assorted packs together so we can collectively keep the art of the illustrated and handwritten note alive. Details are here and I’m excited to share. Hand painted ones are coming soon.

As always, thank you for reading, creating, laughing and enjoying the little things on this creative journey.

See you in the mailbox. xo


Paris in April 2020!

Come join us on this magical unique week long event hosted by Deep Travel Workshops. All the merveilleux details here.

April 4-10 2020

Table Setting

Table setting is an art. You can’t get it wrong, the only requirement is using your good stuff, your everyday stuff, whatever makes your heart sing stuff and group it together. There are berries to pick outside or your grandparents salt and pepper shakers or your tapered candles that you’re “saving”. Use them today. If you do have nice china, take it out. It will make you feel so good! Stack your plates, use more glasses than you need, extra forks, the teeny tiny ones, the sugar cube tongs with the claws, you name it, if you’ve got the funny when will I ever use this stuff, use it this holidays!

There is total joy in both creating an artistic inviting table and sitting down at one. I don’t like precious. I want people to feel comfortable. Lasagna on Limoges? Ok! Or sparkling water out of cranberry glass goblets? Sure! Grocery store bought shortbread cookies on a pink china and matching tea cups, oh yeah.

Tea for two? Dinner party for eight? Last minute leftovers for three? All worthy for a table setting created with love and imagination. xo

This painting had the holidays in mind, china from my cabinet, berries from my front yard, Crown Derby plates and vintage flatware and white pumpkins from the farmers market.

Available here (and FREE SHIPPING!!!)