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Year of the Rabbit

Happy Lunar New Year! It’s the Year of the Rabbit! From most accounts I’ve read, the rabbit symbolizes peace, hope, tranquility, beauty and grace. Or…a calmer, more gentler year. This is the year that we are supposed to enjoy relaxation & contemplation.

I like this calendar holiday as I’ve always felt January 1st is too close to Christmas…how do you jump from fruitcake to treadmill so fast? You need to ease in. So here we go…a second chance at a fresh start to 2023.

Wishing everyone peace, tranquility and easy days ahead.

“Le Lapin” 10×10″

Make a List

Hey there! Hope everyone had a good “back to normal” après holiday week! Is there such a thing anymore?

My normal consisted of lots of website updates, administrative details that I’d prefer to procrastinate, vintage book buying, a few runs, a dip into green juice, a dip back into homemade chocolate bark, the usual back and forth dilemma of “New Year…Same Me”….we can only do so much! The new year feels good.

My biggest update this first fresh week of 2023 is launching my collection of Le Petit Notepads! It’s been a slow roll…but thrilled to have them all together now in stock and ready for some serious note taking. These (and few more) have been a labor of love and I’m delighted to share them here.

Happy Friday! xo

P.S. 100 sheets, 4×6″, hardboard back, packaged in cello with sticker.

Happy (almost) New Year!

Here we are, at the end of the “in between week” heading into 2023. This is one of my favorite times of year…it’s both lounge-y and busy in different ways and feels suspended, as if the world is somewhat on pause.

Tomorrow I’ll do my annual informal list of things that worked great (do more) and things that sucked (do less). I’m not one for resolutions, at best they’ll work for a day or two so I prefer handwritten notes in my planner. Reminders, painting themes, work deadlines, birthdays, milestones, confirmed travel…I find it energizing and optimistic. Old school and it works.

One thing on my “do more” list that I know I’ll include is post more on the blog! I love it here, mostly because it’s so informal, short, sweet, sometimes just a sentence or two but I truly enjoy connecting with you. Thank you! Thank you for a great year, the virtual friendships and connections through art and the art of correspondence, are very special to me.

Happy New Year! Wishing you all an abundant, creative, happy, healthy year ahead.

Mindy xo

Happy Holidays!

Twas almost the night before Christmas…and life feels good & full. After years of rushing around working until the last minute, I made a deliberate decision to set a deadline to be “done”. Which of course is an arbitrary “done” because there is always ALWAYS something to do! But i did things for me this week that helped keep me centered, calm and sane…like running on the treadmill, making a simple delicious treat to give away (chocolate bark for the big win), calling & connecting with people this week so Christmas day didn’t feel rushed and mostly, just felt happy that those I love are safe and healthy and not stranded at an airport.

I’m incredibly grateful for the kindness and support of you, blog readers, card senders, painting collectors. I personally pack your orders and at the risk of sounding corny (I’m going for it!), it’s like Christmas every day when I ship fun packages and know that I’m delivering a good mail day. Thank you for your incredible support this year.

From my cozy corner to yours, wishing you the very best happy holidays! All is calm, all is bright.

Mindy xo

Feeling Festive

It’s rainy and cold and holiday lights are up all down our street and I love it. Of course, I’m behind and probably the last on the block to decorate but I’m feeling festive in my own way. I’ve hosted a dear friend for a few days, made soup, had a fun festive dinner out, gone to the movies, painted cupcakes, started the holiday cards and getting lots of packages out of the door. You know it’s a good mail day when your mail carrier happily comments on your outgoing mail.

I’ve had a few requests about holiday ship dates. I’m shipping all orders in time for Christmas if received by December 19th. If you’ve ordered a cupcake oil painting, they are almost dry and shipping this weekend. All orders are filled with lots of surprise goodies. Tis the season!

I hope you’re baking or painting or decking the halls or maybe watching Harry & Meghan on Netflix….lol. Whatever feels good during this season!

Here’s a few gift ideas, fun stocking stuffers, correspondence and goodies for the paper lover.

Wishing everyone a sweet & peaceful December! xo


Happy start of the holiday season!!! Most orders to retail stores are out the door, I didn’t cook this year (which is a crazy unexpected luxury of time and energy…I LOVE cooking and doing the whole shebang but wow does it free you up and when you’re a guest!!) and I’m settling into a busy season of painting. People ask me, what’s your busy season? All the seasons! But for different reasons, different products. Late November and into December is all painting, all the time. It’s catching up on custom pieces, working out series and themes for the new year and sometimes most fun of all, the just because it’s fun to paint cupcakes type of paintings that emerge. I’m calling these little guys the Painted Bakery Collection.

And what Thanksgiving newsletter would this be without a sale sale sale!!! My “marketing team” is spread a little thin and probably won’t be able to figure out how to add a CODE22 to my website so let’s just say, anyone reading this (thank you, we’re a small and mighty group!) receives 4 FREE HOLIDAY POSTCARDS in any order placed through Monday, November 28th. I also do all year round free shipping so jump on the freebie train if you’ve been eyeing some goodies for Christmas. (Holiday postcards will be assorted but they are all new designs.)

Wishing everyone a relaxing Sunday. Big plans here include dog walking, cupcake painting, a zoom family chat and coffee with a friend. Happy days!

“Cranberry Cupcake” 6×6″

P.S. No code necessary if you order. Holiday Cards, Postcards, Calling Cards, Fancy Envelopes…all in stock shipping this week.

Rainy Days

It’s that time! October and Halloween have come to an end and boom, wind and rain are here and it’s all things HOLIDAYS!!! I tend to ease into it…I don’t need the Christmas music just yet but I do enjoy seeing the changing displays in shops, grocery stores, bakeries etc…the fruit is more rustic, root veggies are ready for sheet pans and soups, stews and holiday cookies are on the horizon. It’s that sweet spot where we can still think about, mull, about all the cozy traditions and not stress…yet. Ha!

Enjoy the in-between and wishing you a creative weekend!

I’ve updated the website with new holiday cards, an assortment of holiday paintings and even a few new Calling Cards!

Autumn Caramel Cake” 16×20″

Candy Apples

Happy Halloween!! Dressing up? Answering the door with miniature chocolate? People watching? Walking the neighbourhood with little ghosts? Whatever the day offers, I hope it brings a smile to your face.

My little town has a charming Main Street parade and an exuberant Halloween happiness. The caramel candy apples are in the front window at our local chocolate shop and kids and parents are walking around in buddy costumes with straight faces, like doesn’t everyone dress up as a full size crayon and walk down Main Street? Of course they do!

Happy Halloween & wishing you a sweet & colorful day!

Candy Apples” 11×14″

Une Pomme

An apple a day….keeps the doctor away? Or at very least provides a cozy autumnal muse for most recent artwork. Fall is my absolute favorite season, the weather, colors, clothing, food, the relief of post summer and the crisp activity of pre-winter burrowing. Like everyone, I look at the calendar these days and think, what, how is it late October? I’ve been traveling, and more to come, and finding that I’m needing to dig a little deeper and listen to my own advice I give to artists–schedule your art! Show up at the easel as an appointment. Take the mystery and “inspiration” out of it!

I spent time in Victoria recently and was talking to a family member who is also a painter and we lamented (and laughed) that why, why, WHY do we need this reminder over and over? It’s no different that daily self care or a weekly spiritual practice or exercise or anything we do that requires repetitive habits…just show up! So I did. I picked some apples, figuratively not literally. I’ve got some larger pieces in the hopper that are natural history inspired and thought rather than start big, put the corner piece of the jigsaw puzzle together first. Showing up slow and steady, an apple a day, is often the only way.

“Une Pomme” 10×10″

P.S. Lots of new updates on my website, Postcards and Greeting Cards and even new holiday cards.


Bienvenue autumn travel, a new season and fresh creative paths. We had a glorious downpour yesterday that was like a light switch on summer. On, off in one day. We are now fall.

With that came the irresistible urge to look up soup recipes and finish up canvases that have been lingering around the easel. It’s a version of spring cleaning in reserve. Prepping the art cave? I’m not quite ready to hibernate but I adore this transition. I’m a natural “back to school” person even when I’m not enrolled. This time of year often feels more new year than the actual new year. I’ve got some fun travel coming up (no, not Paris, as above painting might suggest), I saw pumpkin pie at the bakery and there’s rain in the forecast all week. Life is good! Next up, replacing all my old brushes and stocking up on art supplies. (I still remember how fun it was shopping for back to school supplies!)

Wishing you a cozy Sunday where ever you are!

Bienvenue” 22×28″