Ashland's First Friday Art Walk, September 7, 2018

Stroll the galleries and take in the visual delights in downtown Ashland and the Historic Railroad District.  Enjoy this free year-round community event, filled with a diverse array of artwork, live music, artist demonstrations, refreshments and lively conversation!

First Friday Art Walk, September 7, 2018 from 5:00 to 8:00 PM

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Thank you for your support of the Visual Arts in our communities!


AGA September Spotlight Galleries

Photographers’ Gallery

Secrets of the Forest

Ten of Southern Oregon’s top photographic artists present their first group exhibition, “Secrets of the Forest”, at The Photographers’ Gallery At The Ashland Art Center, 357 E. Main St., Ashland.  Each photographer will feature their unique vision capturing the magical and the mysterious wonders of our natural world. Come experience the sublime imagery that dwells beyond the limits of the naked eye.


The “Secrets of the Forest” exhibition opens First Friday, September 7th through October 31st, and art lovers will be able to meet and talk with the photographic artists at both the September 7th and October 5th First Friday events beginning at 5:00 pm.  All exhibited images will be available for sale.

“Dark Hedges” photograph

“Dark Hedges” photograph

Shepherd’s Dream

Year of the Bird

Birders and art appreciators join us at Shepherd’s Dream with Pam Haunschild, wildlife artist, and her exhibition of beautiful bird paintings. This year has been declared, “The Year of the Bird” by National Geographic, the Audubon Society, and over 100 additional organizations, joining forces to promote a year-long effort dedicated to celebrating birds.

Pam Haunschild is a noted contemporary Northwest watercolor artist, and specializes in  nature and wildlife.  She is inspired by her wooded, high-elevation property near Ashland, Oregon, together with several National park artist-in-residence positions. (Lassen, Glacier, and Lake Clark Alaska).  Viewers of her work will notice the hard work, and labor of love, developing paintings that speak to the beauty of our natural world.  As an avid birder and bird photographer, she brings her expansive knowledge of bird species to her important work, colorfully and highly textured.  This show is in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, (MBTA) a pivotal piece of legislation, which continues to save countless birds’ lives.  Audubon Society, National Geographic, Bird Life International, and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology teamed up to officially make 2018 the Year of the Bird.

On First Friday, she will be joined by Shake N Bake, jazz trio playing the classics, and Zoom Out Mycology, sampling some of their uniquely blended mushroom tea recipes. 

Come get inspired, discuss birds, meet the artist, enjoy music and snacks, in this fun and relaxed atmosphere.  Pam’s work can be viewed daily 11 AM -6 PM, Tuesday-Saturday, displayed throughout September.

Pam Haunschild, “Quantum Entanglement,” watercolor

Pam Haunschild, “Quantum Entanglement,” watercolor

Ashland Art Center

The Art I Create, Creates Me

Featured Main Gallery Artist: Denise Kester

Show: Story Art and How I Survived the Smokey Summer of 2018


Denise Kester is a nationally known artist. She has been a full time studio artist for 37 years. She is the owner and distributor of Drawing on the Dream note cards, established 1992. She studied art and education at the University of Georgia and printmaking at Southern Oregon University. Her book, “Drawing on the Dream. Finding my way by art” has just been published by White Cloud Press.


The Art I Create, Creates Me

Doing Art is how I express love for the world. It is how my dreaming earth soul realizes itself. What I do is a reflection of my heart’s experience making itself visible, and it’s more than that: my art has a story of its own and a life of its own. My art is magical realism. My art is possibility.


I am a printmaker who makes monoprints. I create my art by using oily inks on a Plexiglass plate. I use rubber rollers and palette knives to lay color and Q-Tips for drawing and wiping away. The image is layered and created on the surface of the Plexiglass plate. When the inked plate is complete, I place paper on top of the wet image and run it through an etching press, creating a unique, one of a kind print.

Denise Kester, “Ms. Wolf's Rabbit Nature”

Denise Kester, “Ms. Wolf’s Rabbit Nature”

Hanson Howard Gallery

Noriko Sugita: woodcut prints, Cheryl Williams: ceramic sculpture

We will feature the work of Noriko Sugita and Cheryl Williams in September.
Noriko Sugita is a printmaker who works with traditional Japanese woodcut in a playful way, with complex layers of color, form and mark-making. Sculptor, Cheryl Williams manipulates thrown ceramic forms into elegant, curving twists and circular shapes with often metallic or patina finish. Join us for a reception for the artists during the Ashland First Friday Art Walk, September 7th, 5-8 pm. Show runs September 7th – October 2nd.

Noriko Sugita’s work depends on momentary inspiration, letting shapes and colors explore deep thought.  Inventive and animated, her use of shapes and lines suggests human emotion and relationships or elaborate fictional worlds. Sugita often layers thin pigments of saturated color along with active marks through a reductive woodcut printing technique. While this makes for small editions it allows for increased detail and color.

Cheryl Williams was raised in California and spent time camping in the Sierra Mountains where she was influenced by the rivers, stones and light.  She moved to Oregon to start a career in the Arts in the early 1980’s.  After many years establishing herself as a ceramic artist she started painting large abstracts works on canvas using acrylic and gold leaf.  Now in her 50’s, her art is shown around the world.

Noriko Sugita, “New Moon”

Noriko Sugita, “New Moon”

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