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Ashland Gallery Association July Exhibits

Kick off the holiday weekend and celebrate Ashland’s Visual Arts during the AGA First Friday Art Walk, July 3rd, from 5 to 8 pm!

Stroll the galleries in downtown Ashland and the Historic Railroad District. Enjoy this year-round free community event, filled with spectacular artwork, live music, artist demonstrations, refreshments and conversation with other art enthusiasts!

Pick up a Gallery Tour Map at any member gallery, the Ashland Chamber of Commerce, or download off of our website. For more information about all of the exhibits visit:

Pick up the complimentary 2015 Gallery Guide in member galleries or view online!

Ashland Gallery Association Spotlight Exhibits
July 2015

New Gallery Member!

"In the Light Upstairs," black & white photography

In the Light Upstairs, black & white photography

Perdita Gallery

In The Light Upstairs: Black And White Photography

In The Light Upstairs, an exhibition of black and white photography, opens at Perdita on Friday July 3rd, 2015 with an artist reception from 5-8 pm, coinciding with Ashland’s First Friday Art Walk, and will run through Saturday August 4th, 2015.  Located at the Underground Marketplace, 33 N. Third St. #7.

J. Ellen Austin and sculpture

J. Ellen Austin and sculpture

JEGA Gallery & Sculpture Garden

Open A New Window, Open Up To New Perspectives, Live with Art!

JEGA Gallery kicks off July First Friday Ashland Art walk with her birthday celebration! JEGA will be open from 5pm to 8pm on July 3, 2015 with live music and refreshments.

JEGA wishes to inspire you to live with art!  Just like Auntie Mame sings in the musical, “Open a new window, Open a new door, Travel a new highway, That’s never been tried before!”

J. Ellen, resident artist and stone sculptor, appreciates that Art has the potential to provoke and challenge a viewer’s perspectives and ways of looking at the world.  Allow your self to open up new windows, new doors and new perspectives and be inspired to live with art!  Be prepared for a bodacious mix of visual and contemporary art, comprising of photographs, sculptures, drawings, paintings that will inspire and provoke you.

JEGA celebrates the Art by: Laurie Ross Austin, Wearable Fiber Art; Steve Bieback, Metal Sculpture; Jason Bueter, Photography and Metal Garden Art; Kathy Beal, Abstract Painting; Chris Dworin, Ceramic Sculpture; Dawn Ferrari, Stone Sculptures; Nakom U-aksorn, watercolors; Richard Royce, Giclee limited edition prints; Neil Stewart, Contemporary Sculpture; Tej Steiner, Ceramic Sculpture; Lucious M. Upshaw, limited edition Bronze Sculptures; Daniel Verner, Acrylic Paintings; Ingo Wedde, Outdoor Metal Sculpture; And J. Ellen Austin, Stone, Bronze and multi-media Sculpture.

Photographer August Schilling

Photographer August Schilling

Snow’s Place

Photography of August Schilling

August Schilling lives in Ashland, Oregon, where he has spent the last two decades practicing a trade, pursuing dreams and passions, raising a child, and watching her transform into an amazing young adult.

After graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz, in 1991, he chose to take a few years to live in the Sierra Nevada mountain range to catch up on his skiing and to focus on discovering whether or not he could make his way as a bicycle racer.

Somewhat auspiciously, he did not hold himself to his intended path of academia and self promotion, but allowed the tides to carry him where they did, and he found himself in Southern Oregon polishing his skills as an arborist, having taken his first tree industry job right after university as a means of carrying himself into his first ski season. He could not have known that twenty two years later he would call arboriculture his profession, that he would be watching a daughter moving onto university herself, and that he would follow a patient path back to photography, the discipline which he had so actively pursued as his primary discipline while achieving his art degree.

It simply all fit together so well that he couldn’t have chosen it to manifest in any other manner. Working in the tree every day for years reminded him of his love of the outdoors in any environment or condition. Watching a child discover the world one miraculous discovery at a time reconnected him with his love of observing and learning. Taking photographs throughout enables him to tell the story unequivocally, without any of the ambiguity of written English.

It is August’s hope that through photography he is able to encourage others to see the beauty of the world in both intimate detail and grand overview, to notice the extraordinary aspects of everyday encounters, and to enjoy what we have while we have it.

It may be the case that the world is degrading and moving towards human dominated toxic hegemony. If this is the case, August’s photos may at best remind conservationists what it is that they are fighting for, or at worst serve as a record of what has been for the edification of future generations.

Blue Tango, acrylic painting by Alx Fox

“Blue Tango”, acrylic painting by Alx Fox

Art and Soul Gallery

The Art of Abstraction – Expression Through Color, paintings by Alx Fox

My show, “The Art of Abstraction-Expression Through Color” was inspired by recent changes, in my life, and the lives of several artist friends.  These changes have caused me to focus on my style as an artist and how to interpret these changes as they affect my work and my outlook on life.  They have raised awareness that I can contribute to the artistic community and benefit others. As an abstract expressionist, my primary tools are composition, focus and the use of bold colors. As an Artist, I do my best work in a balanced and harmonious state of mind it has been an interesting challenge to create works that evoke a sense of wonder and wellbeing during ever changing times. I am currently focusing on larger works and teaching locally in order to satisfy my inner needs.

My show will be exhibited at Art&Soul Gallery from June 30th through August 2nd. Please join me for the opening reception on Friday, July 3, from 5-8 PM at Art&Soul Gallery.

Light Catcher by Lewis Anderson

“Light Catcher” by Lewis Anderson

The Photographers’ Gallery

Photography of Lewis Anderson

In our innermost selves we long for liberation from our earthbound nature. Throughout history birds have symbolized the spirit and their flight as transcendence. These images are a reflection of the Light.

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