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Ashland Gallery Association August Exhibits

Ashland Gallery Association August Exhibits

Celebrate Ashland’s Visual Arts during the AGA First Friday Art Walk, August 5th, from 5 to 8 pm!

To see all the Ashland Gallery Association August Exhibits in 2016, stroll the galleries and take in all of the visual delights in downtown Ashland and the Historic Railroad District. Enjoy this year-round free community event, filled with spectacular artwork, live music, artist demonstrations, refreshments and conversation with other art enthusiasts!

Pick up a Gallery Tour Map at any member gallery, the Ashland Chamber of Commerce, or download from our website. For more information about all of the Ashland Gallery Association August exhibits visit:

AGA Spotlight Galleries

August 2016

Gallerie Karon
The Female of the Species

ashland gallery association august exhibits : “Embrasser du Regard” (Behold) by Adele Hiles, 60 X 40 acrylic on canvas

“Embrasser du Regard” (Behold) by Adele Hiles, 60 X 40 acrylic on canvas

Our annual, invitational, all women artists show.
Over 20 artists: photography, painting, porcelain portraits, textiles, ceramics, books and cards.

The highlight of the show, “Embrasser du Regard (Behold)” by Adele Hiles, depicts her daughter-in-law and symbolizes what’s facing today’s woman.

Adele’s inspiring accompaniment says, in part, “Embracing the circumstances of one’s existence and holding one’s own within it, is a woman’s challenge, life’s challenge. Immerse and embrace. Be held and behold. Engage with your surroundings and hold your own strength. Hold your head above water and find your nobility.”

Studio A. B.
Gestures at the Continent Edge
Drawing, Photography, Video
Ann DiSalvo, Bruce Bayard at Studio A.B


ashland gallery association august exhibits : BONSAI ROCK, photograph by Bruce Bayard

BONSAI ROCK, photograph by Bruce Bayard

On a recent trip to the Oregon and California coast between Harris Beach and Elk Prairie, Ann DiSalvo drew scenes en plein air, and Bruce Bayard shot photos and video; each artist exploring in their own way the boundary between land and sea.

Focusing primarily on rock forms, Ann’s drawings convey strength, yet allude to the fragile nature of the land, the potential for upheaval when considering the unusual mixture of rock forms especially near Crescent City. While the masses of rock represent solidity, geologically it is a subduction zone and earthquakes, with ensuing tsunamis, can be expected in time.

Bruce’s photography and video present both soft and hard edges of the land-sea boundary. Trees, waves, sand, clouds, and mist soften the massive rock forms that tumble from the continent’s edge. Meanwhile, image sequences portray the temporal journey of humans through the ancient stands of redwoods.

During the August First Friday artwalk, a video projection and improvised soundscape will be presented in addition to the drawings and photos.


Schneider Museum of Art
Portland2016: A Biennial of Contemporary Art


ashland gallery association august exhibits : David Eckard, Rail (heraldry veil), 2016, Steel, fabric, painted wood, and ribbon, 72 x 108 x 12 inches

David Eckard, Rail (heraldry veil), 2016, Steel, fabric, painted wood, and ribbon, 72 x 108 x 12 inches

Regular Hours of Monday through Saturday, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Free and Open to the Public
The Schneider Museum of Art is gearing up to be a part of Disjecta Contemporary Art Center’s groundbreaking Portland2016: A Biennial of Contemporary Art curated by Michelle Grabner. The Museum is one of twenty-five different exhibition spaces across the state of Oregon that is showing works this summer.
Works by:

  • Mike Bray
  • David Eckard
  • Giles Lyon
  • Brenna Murphy
  • Storm Tharp

Tuesday Tours
Every Tuesday at Noon
Docent-led tours are available on a drop-in basis every Tuesday at noon. Join us to learn more, ask questions, and engage in a dialogue about the exhibition.

FREE Family Days
Saturday August 13, 
10 am to 1 pm
Join us for family-friendly arts projects and museum activities. Curated by guest artist Max Reinhardt.

Hanson Howard Gallery
Bobbie Jansen & Gabriel Mark Lipper, paintings: still lifes & portraits

ashland gallery association august exhibits : "Aeada 3", oil on panel by Gabriel Mark Lipper

“Aeada 3”, oil on panel by Gabriel Mark Lipper

At first glance Bobbie Jansen and Gabriel Mark Lipper’s paintings are still lifes and portraits, and while both artists approach painting with a respect to these traditions, they share a greater concern for the archetypal resonance of their subject matter.  Transcending the individuality of a woman or the functionality of a shoe, through painting the artists are relating to a broader association with people and objects in our lives; our mothers, our sisters, our every day burdens/joys…existing at times as both anonymous, yet deeply familiar and always universal.

Show runs from August 4th – 30th with an artist reception on First Friday, August 5th from 5-8 p.m.

For Albany artist, Bobbie Jansen, it is often in the process of painting an object that she discovers her connection to it. It may be as simple as the shape or color, but more often it is a symbolic stand-in for something greater.
The objects may find themselves in a tight, claustrophobic interior, or in an endlessly expanding exterior. At times they are singular, and isolated, at other times multiplied, intertwined, and chaotic. They may be whole with every detail described, or be fractured, veiled and disintegrating.

Gabriel Mark Lipper’s brilliant, large-scale portraits are filled with lush color and strong brushwork, creating evocative moods. Rather than tell us the story of the person in front of the artist, Gabriel works with familiar archetypes. Lipper’s figures are beautifully rendered with strong light and confident form, a nod to his academic background, while his compositions and subjects are anything but academic.

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