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Artists, Don’t Capture but Create

Image of Spring in Edgewood, painting by Stefan Baumann

“Spring in Edgewood” By Stefan Baumann


 2nd Plein Air Convention & Expo      

If you are just beginning to paint on location or have been doing it for years, this is the place to be and be seen. I will be there in person and I want to meet all of you. What an opportunity to do so at the largest plein air event in the world! For more information, go to

Artists don’t capture, but create.  


Painting on location is one of the most difficult forms of art there is, and that said, it is also the most pleasing activities known to an artist. In the painting “Spring in Edgewood”, I captured a location on canvas that would have been overlooked into a painting of the movement of light and shadow creating a quaint little masterpiece.



One of the most important skills of an artist, especially a plein air artist, is to be able to present, in a beautiful manner, a location which may have no beauty or personality in itself. This can be accomplished best by following the laws of balance and proportion in space division, color, value and light.


In “Spring in Edgewood,” I was working with a subject that did not leap out and say “paint me.” In fact, the shed was hidden by vines and an old oak tree. John Singer Sargent knew that any location would be a good subject for a painting and it was up to the artist to make it so.




A good painter knows that everything in a painting must be related, and that harmony depends on the relative proportion of four different elements – color, value, space, and the light that presents itself. How you, the artist, creates the painting makes it worthy of your signature. Painting what you see is important but you must know what you are looking for and looking at.


By using brushstrokes, value, edges and detail elements like sticks and trees, the artist effectively conveys a sense of movement to the viewer, taking an otherwise boring subject and making it interesting.



An artist creates a work of art; cameras capture it. It is not up to the artist to capture but create.


Spring in Edgewood

For more information about the workshop, or to register, please go to my website The Grand View or call me anytime at 800-511-1337 for more information.

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