Art Matters! to Communities…

Hannah West, founding editor of Art Matters!, recently wrote an article based on recent research into the positive impact of the arts on our state, local and national economies, the economic benefit from and demand for cultural tourism, and the power of the arts in education. Her piece now appears in the February issue of the Jacksonville Review; we’ll republish it here after their circulation has had a chance to see it in the paper.

Meanwhile, if you find yourself in Jacksonville this month, pick up a copy of the Review at any news stand in town. We’re looking forward to seeing if they also post it at their own website, and, now that the paper is on the street but the website hasn’t yet been updated, we are confident that they will. Once it appears we hope you will contribute your own thoughts in the comments. We’ll share it to SOAR’s Facebook page, where we hope Facebook users will also weigh in on this important topic.

We’re very grateful to the Review’s publisher, Whit Parker, for his support for the arts and applaud the sentiments he wrote in this month’s “My View,” Parker’s personal commentary, which provided a perfect lead-in for West’s article and a powerful statement of support for the arts in Jacksonville.

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