Art du Jour Gallery November Exhibits

Watercolor Paintings by Penny Simmons

Watercolorist Penny Simmons, one of Art du Jour’s newest members, will be featured Artist of the Month for November at Art du Jour Gallery, 213 E. Main St., Medford.   Simmon’s use of gentle brush strokes and soft hues in limited palettes make her landscapes and seascapes peaceful and inviting, causing the viewer to be entranced by their serenity.


Simmons’ first painting experiences were spent on the sun-drenched porch of her parent’s home in upstate New York.  After dipping the tip of her watercolor brush into the pan of paints, she would barely touch the rim of a glass and then watch the paint drop into the water, seeing the colors flow together down to the bottom like a magic rock garden.   Over the years, Simmon’s has kept her love for the vibrancy of watercolor and has developed her skills with Anne Brooke, Doddie Hamilton, Judy Morris, Ted Nettel and Mary Whyte.  In 2007 she attended the “Intensive Studies Seminar” in Taos, NM, studying with some of the most celebrated American artists including Skip Lawrence, Fran Larsen, Katherine Liu, Alex Powers, and Christopher Schink.  Simmon’s states, “…I painted from my core, pulling joy and pain, sorrow and grief, all which is evident in the paintings that resulted.”


Simmons is a member of the Oregon Watercolor Society, and an Associate member of both the American Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society.


Martin Ball’s fractal flame artwork will continue to be shown in the Salon.  His work has an amazing vibrancy due to his selection of colors and his use of layer upon layer of patterns.  Ball’s artistic work extends to his musical abilities.  He is adept at playing various instruments from different cultures.


Meet the artists on Third Friday, Nov. 21st at Art du Jour Gallery, 213 E. Main St., Medford, across from Vogel Park.  Hours are 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. for Third Friday.  Regular gallery hours are 10 p.m. to 4 p.m. Tues.-Sat.  For more information, call (541) 770-3190.

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