Are we there yet? COVID update from Mindy Carpenter

Are we there yet? Close? No? Okay, let’s look at art instead and laugh a little and count our blessings even when we’re feeling the weight of our new normal.

I’m like you, sheltering in place, probably doing similar things as you, like Zoom meetings, rearranging the sock drawer, watching Netflix, slow cooking, fast eating, walking the dog, patting the cat, cleaning the junk drawer, reorganizing every closet, sending mail, painting, working on my business, staying connected and obsessively consuming the news and a variety of funny inspired memes. We will get through this. And the daily ups and downs are profound.

In a cosmic timing trifecta, I had a book, catalogue and greeting card launch all on/around March 15th. Yup, The Day It Started. I was in shock and fear like everyone and pressed pause on life. But weeks have turned into a routine of sorts and life continues and enough people have told me, because I’m also telling them in return, we want good news! So here’s a little snapshot of some good news. I hope you are well and staying safe and healthy and finding the silver linings while staying at home during this global health crisis. If you are a front line worker doing essential service or in the health care field, THANK YOU.

Now, some news, art and fun things you can put in the mail. xo

I wrote a book.

True story. I wrote a book, published it and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be both DONE and have it out in the world. Some kind of book signing or event is coming. It’s a full color compilation of paintings and stories about following the artistic & small business path. Available here and in stores soon.

The best part? It only took 10 years! (#kiddingnotkidding) and one last sprint across the finish line.


New Greeting Cards!

There’s never been a better time to send a note in the post. Say hello or just thinking about you. Write XO. The snail mail renaissance is alive and well.

Bonus: for every order placed on my website, I am including a FREE 12 pack of assorted greeting cards. Snail mail for everyone! xo
(As always, free shipping on stationery and artwork.)



And Fancy Envelopes!

Back in stock. Fancy Envelopes are packed in a Baker’s Dozen and are a stationery lover’s dream. Full color artwork on front and back, three different sizes and all go through USPS. I’m around paper goods a lot and these are one of my favourite things to send and gift. So fun to use and such a simple way to brighten someone’s day. And yours by sending! Each pack is assorted. Photo shows current designs.




FREE! Kits for Kids.

When cool subscription card company asks if you’re interested in participating in a free giveaway for kids to promote creativity, letter writing and card sending during the stay at home order, the answer is a hearty YES. This campaign was so popular, it’s in the third run! Get on board while supplies last and check out all the fun letter writing (vintage postage!!!) goodies on the One-Per-Week website.



April in Paris

Didn’t quite go as expected…
The painting & writing workshop was understandably cancelled but all that planning and research and excitement inspired me to create a series of iconic Parisian storefront paintings. These were pure joy to create!
All available at delightful Watson Kennedy in Seattle, WA.(Who, like many wonderful retailer friends of mine, are reinventing what it means to be a small business right now. Ted is taking customer service, kindness and resiliency to a new level. Email him or call/text at 206.617.9678 for inquiries.





I’m thinking so much about the seniors, high school and university, who aren’t celebrating the traditional graduation ceremonies with their peers. Or the weddings that have been cancelled or postponed. Celebrations that pass. Milestones reached. This one’s for you. Congratulations on whatever it is you’re celebrating. More cake for you. xo

Anyone in there?

Are these two checking in on their humans wondering when stay at home orders are over?

This big piece and many more are available here or through Kelly at elizabethW. The local stores we love are operating with a new road map (maybe the original paper folded one?) but they’re navigating. Support your local shops if you’re able. Most are doing curbside pickup, shipping or deliveries when possible. I’ve never felt so passionate about keeping our brick and mortar shops alive and well.





Please stay safe and healthy everyone. Thank you for reading and I so  look forward to connecting in person. I’ve witnessed and experienced so much kindness, generosity, humanity and unexpected surprises during this time. Hang in there. There’s so much to be grateful for. We WILL get through this.

Big (virtual) hug,
Mindy xo
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