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CEO Robert Lynch in Chile; Op-Ed in Pulso

Our CEO and President, Robert Lynch, is in Chile this week to speak about arts and the economy to the Chilean-American Chamber of Commerce, the Minister of Culture, and other various entrepreneurs at a luncheon on Wednesday. Prior to his visit, he penned this opinion editorial for the Chilean business publication Pulso, which was published this morning. Posted here in English, but link to article in Spanish below: 

Businesses are constantly seeking new ways to build their competitive advantage and expand their reach. Those in-the-know are increasingly turning to the arts to help them achieve these goals. Buy why? What do they know that other businesses do not? Here are my top reasons for businesses to support the arts:

Recruit talent. A vibrant arts scene is essential to the health of any community seeking to draw employees who want to live and work in a creative and vibrant community. When businesses partner with the arts, they help make their communities more attractive to current and future employees.

Put businesses in the spotlight. The arts help businesses build market share, enhance their brand, and reach new customers. In fact, 79 percent of American businesses believe that the arts increase name recognition, and 74 percent believe they offer opportunities to develop new business.

Advance corporate objectives and strategies. The arts help businesses get their message across in engaging ways. The arts can educate the public and company employees about core business issues such as informing them about products or teaching them to make better choices.

Promote creativity. Reports by the Conference Board show that 72 percent of business leaders say creativity is the number one ability they seek in a job candidate. And additional Conference Board research shows that business leaders believe that the arts help foster critical thinking, problem solving and team building.

Engage employees. The arts challenge employees to be their best. Studies show that millennials who frequently participate in workplace volunteer activities are more likely to be proud, loyal and satisfied employees.

Embrace diversity and team building. In the 21st century, a diverse network of lifestyles, beliefs, values, practices and ethnicities are already thriving in our communities. The arts are the best tool we have in our arsenal for connecting, bridging and creating understanding between, and even within, all these communities.

Say thanks. The arts allow businesses to show appreciation for their employees. Providing access to arts experiences is the perfect way to inspire employees and say “thanks.”

The arts are an economic engine. Investment in the arts supports jobs, generates tax revenues, promotes tourism, and advances a creativity-based economy.  In the United States, nonprofit arts organizations generate $135 billion in economic activity annually, supporting 4.1 million jobs and generating $22.3 billion in government revenue.

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Read Robert Lynch’s OpEd in Pulso.

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