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Almeda Fire and COVID-19 Update

We are very sorry to report that Advanced Photo & Imaging in Ashland and Art4Joy in Central Point were not able to survive the COVID-19 shutdown and have closed their businesses.

Ashland Art Center officially closed in March 2020 for the same reason, however they are in the process of reimagining their business model and may reopen in a new form in 2021. For now, they are offering free studio spaces to artists who have lost their studios in the Almeda / Glendower fire. Please email [email protected] regarding studio space.

We have information on a number of artists who have lost their homes, studios, art supplies and some or all of their life’s work in art. Here are ways you can help.

Central Art Supply has set up accounts for some of the artists that people can donate money to. They also have a generic artists fire relief fund that they will use for local art groups, and organizations that have been affected. Please contact [email protected] or go to Central Art for more information and to donate. If you sustained uninsured losses or damage due to wildfires beginning Sept. 7, 2020, you may be eligible for disaster aid. Importantly, Federal funds are available to help eligible individuals recover from wildfire in Clackamas, Douglas, Jackson, Klamath, Lane, Lincoln, Linn and Marion Counties. To apply, call 1-800-621-FEMA (3362); TTY, call 1-800-462-7585; 711 or Video Relay Service, call 1-800-621-FEMA (3362). Click here for more FEMA information or apply online at

The Rogue Valley Relief Fund will go directly to help people most impacted by the fires. In the short term, this fund will be used to directly meet the needs of those who have been displaced by fires—tents, meals, gas, and other supplies folks need immediately. In the long term, we hope that this fund will support people who have lost their homes in these fires as they rebuild their lives, prioritizing those who have the least access to aid.

We have a few donations here that artists can come pick up.

17 issues of American Craft magazines and 4 Illustration annual books. If these can help you with inspiration or perhaps collage material, contact [email protected] to set up a time to pick up one, some, or all.

Canvases and sketch pads will be delivered tomorrow, Sunday, September 19. If these are on your list, please contact us so we can make arrangements.

NOTE: we have removed the contact information from the notices below to protect these good people’s privacy and email spam folders. Only business emails are published. Please contact us to be connected with the person you may be able to help or who can help you.

Help For Artists

Here are the people who have responded to me with offers of help and what they have to share. Artists, you’re welcome to contact me if you’re not confident contacting a donor yourself. I am more than happy to be your go-between! Donors, please let us know when you have exhausted all you had to share so we can take you off the list.

Places to stay/Studio Space:

Kimberly Samitore: Art4Joy did not survive COVID. However, her landlord is holding her to her lease, so if anyone needs studio/retail space in a commercial location in Medford she has sublease options available. [email protected]

Misty Stone really wants to help an artist in need. She has a small place and would love to take a timeout for a couple weeks, making her space available for someone who needs it. In return, they would just have to give her kitty some love and feeding.

Terra Paley has moved to Washington and has an extra room. If you need a place to stay, contact her to see if her offer is a good fit for you.

Ashland Art Center offers free studio space to artists who lost everything in the fire. I’m not sure if they have filled up the available space yet but it’s worth contacting them to find out. “Priority consideration will be given to artists who have lost their working spaces due to the fire. Importantly, we are asking you to share this information with anyone needing a place to resume working on their art. (All types of art mediums)” Please email [email protected] regarding studio space.

Art Supplies:

Gently used pastels, a table easel and some pastel surfaces an artist would like to share with another pastel artist in need.

Almost new easel. It’s tall and really gorgeous. Wood. Wheels. Adjustable. Glad to donate it to an artist who suffered loss of their own easel in the fire. 

Wood frames and canvases.

Watercolor supplies or supplies that are needed. Painting supplies includes other arts…any knitters?

Sheet glass to share. These include Bullseye mostly but also Oceana, Yogi, Kokomo etc. It’s in my garage in 18”x30”x18” plastic craft bins. A glass artist could go through the bins and fill one up with her choice of glass. We will set a table up so she can look. No big sheets but about 6 bins of 12×12 and large scrap. We would open the garage door wear masks and be safe too. Let me know if this would help someone. If they didn’t have a place to take it to yet, we can mark it and I’ll keep it in the garage till they can come get it.  

Masterpiece Fine Arts Foundation: Jeanne, the organization’s director, said her artists would be happy to donate whatever they have that artists need. Be sure to let us know what you need so I can pass it on to her and find out who can help you!

Other offers of help:

Jessica Lee Findleton can help with photographing/documenting damage and connecting dots. She is also working with an art dealer/curator in Austin to create a GoFundMe for artists.

Renee Childs of Harmonic Designs in Talent can retrieve art archives for those who have scanned their artwork with her.  If anyone has extra thumb drives to donate…she is happy to fill them with beauty.  [email protected]

Pat Moore of Ashland Archival Printing is offering a 15% discount on scanning and printing services [email protected]

Artists to Help

We have a list of artists who need assistance, primarily to rebuild their art supplies so they can begin creating again after losing their life’s work in art.

Here are some of the things they need. Can you offer any of these items to help them get back on their feet? Please contact [email protected] and we will put you in touch or accept your donation and make sure it goes where it’s needed.

Pottery making supplies, clay, kilns, glazes. Every year our ceramics community generously donates bowls to the Empty Bowls Project to help feed people in need. Since several potters have lost everything, it’s their turn to receive help. Please contact us if you have any supplies that will give them a hand toward rebuilding their pottery businesses.

A copy of CorelDraw or has access to buy one at a student price. One of our SOAR member artists created sacred geometry art using this program. Though he lost everything in the fire (and that just days after moving to a new place in Talent!) he did happen to have his new laptop and several flash drives with his art files on them. That borders on miraculous! He just needs a copy of the program he used to create them so he can make adjustments and export them for printing.

Glass art supplies. We have a glass artist who works in paper on glass. She lost her house and all her supplies, completed works for sale and in-process pieces. As a result, she needs to rebuild 10 years’ accumulation of curated glass pieces – more than 600 vessels, votives and candle holders, hundreds of assorted glass ornaments, magnets and jewelry pieces . Also several glass lamps, all her colored paper, hand-dyed and specialty papers, scissors, punches and blades.

Further, over the last 2-3 years she had diversified into alcohol inks and wood burning. Moreover, she had assembled gear to begin exploration of block printing and screen printing. She also lost all her colored pencils, sharpies, acrylics, pastels and watercolors along with a divers collection of substrates. Losing the ability to work through the pain creatively is heartbreaking. We’ve connected her with another glass artist who is sharing some sheet glass, but that’s just a start.

This link tree of GoFundMe and PayPal accounts is for OSF staff who lost everything in the fire. Most of these folks had also been laid off back in April due to the pandemic. As a result, they need all the help they can get:

Photography supplies. We have a known photographer who has lost everything. No word on specifics of what she needs, however. Therefore, if you have anything she might be able to use, please contact us and we will find a way to connect you with her.

Paint brushes, paint — watercolor, acrylic, and oil — and related supplies.

Sketch pads, graphite and colored pencils, canvases, easels and oil pastels.

We also have a fiber artist who has lost everything in the fire. Do you have fiber art supplies, from fiber to needles, looms, etc., you’re willing to share? Please let us know so we can put you in touch with her.

Due to different circumstances, another artist, Philippo LoGrande, has had a rough year. First, his house burnt down in Yulapa a couple of months ago. Then he was diagnosed with inoperable, metastatic brain tumors. He has now lost most cognitive function. While his doctors consider his options, the friends who are caring for him need help covering his expenses—diagnostic tests, consultations, medicine, food and lodging.

The Crown Jewel, located at 165 E. California Street in Jacksonville, is having a sale on Philippo’s paintings. All money goes to his treatments, care and survival. Prices are a negotiable. You can also offer a donation there.

In addition, Free Association Gallery, at 120 N 4th Street in Jacksonville, is dedicating their Second Saturday event as a fundraiser to benefit Philippo. Therefore, you can help him by attending on Saturday, October 10, 4–10 pm.

Thank you all for helping us help the talented artists of southern Oregon!

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