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AGA Spotlight Galleries: June 2011

Ashland Art Works

Simple Elegance: Blown Glass & Raku

White with Black, blown glass by Terry Cooper Sullivan

White with Black, blown glass by Terry Cooper Sullivan

Raku by Brent Gorman

Raku by Brent Gorman


Two men who work with fire . . . Terry Cooper Sullivan and Brent Gorman both strive for the simple elegance of clean lines in their art: Terry in Blown Glass, and Brent with Raku Pottery. Ashland Art Works is very proud to showcase the work of these two. Both Terry and Brent create strong, elegant work . . . born of fire.

Terry works with molten glass, attaining elegant shapes and brilliant color. His work ranges from delicate to bold, yet the outcome is always smooth, graceful forms. His work is tactile and sensual to hold, and is a pure pleasure to gaze into . . . layers of glass, layers of light, layers of color. Eight years of working in blown glass, and Terry still considers himself a beginner.

After decades of working with clay, Brent still prefers the challenges and the rewards of Raku. He often throws large, tall forms on the potters wheel, and paddles them into the final shapes. – After drying, bisque-firing, and glazing, his work is ready for the Raku kiln. Removing the orange-hot pottery from the kiln and placing the work into the “smoking chamber” is not just dramatic, but also exciting.

The other members of Ashland Art Works have their work on display throughout the 5 galleries and in the Sculpture Gardens. Our gardens are bright with early summer flowers.

Ashland Art Works is much more than a gallery…it is a Hidden Treasure with Sweet Gardens, Decks, and 5 Galleries, all around a Courtyard. — Ashland Art Works is a destination…and it’s Fun!

Happy Woman by Horst Wolf

Happy Woman by Horst Wolf

Giraffe by Judy Benson LaNier

Giraffe by Judy Benson LaNier

Gallerie Karon

Birds of a Feather

May and June features our sixth annual show Husbands, Wives and Lovers, sometimes working together and sometimes separately, combines the work of painters, writers, photographers and more. Who are the lovers? We will NEVER tell !

The combination exhibit with the Ashland Historic Railroad Museum. Elephants in Ashland – When the Circus Came by Train, continues in June.


Come see our “Circus Room” full of circus animals in all forms.

Nelson Davis exhibit ending soon includes two new sculptures never before seen in Ashland.

Can you match the art to the husband, wife or lover?


Gathering Glass

Blown glass by Jeff Addicott

Blown glass by Jeff Addicott

Jeff Addicott Glassworks

Jeff Addicott began blowing glass in 1989 at the Alberta College of Art in Calgary, Alberta. He studied there for four years under noted artists Norman Faulkner, Marty Kauffman, Jim Norton and Marc Gibeau and graduated with distinction in 1992.

After completing further studies in music, Jeff moved to Southern Oregon in 1996. He established himself on the music scene and began assisting regional glass artists Terry Sullivan, Steven Cornett, Scott Carlson and Keith Gabor.

While always partial to desert terrain, after a few times exploring the “Oregon Outback”, Jeff became especially fond of – and inspired by – the open, arid terrain of the sagebrush country in Southeastern Oregon. (Jeff’s vacation schemes, as well as his 6 summers working at a remote fire tower, indicate a strong craving for solitude.)

Since 2006, Jeff has been a full-time assistant and gaffer at Gathering Glass Studio in Ashland, Oregon. He also maintains a very busy musical performance schedule, freelancing on electric and upright bass with numerous clients. The spontaneous nature of Jazz and R&B music is also reflected in Jeff’s approach to blowing glass.

Jeff’s glass has been shown throughout the Western United States and sold throughout the United States and Canada.

Etienne Studio, Suzanne Etienne

Etienne Studio, Suzanne Etienne

Etienne Studio

Turn down a quiet residential alley in the heart of Ashland’s Railroad District and step into another world. Cheery yellow stripe awnings flap lazily in the breeze. A window of the charming cottage offers a fanciful color-soaked French country scene. Through the French door, you discover a light-soaked garden workshop and meet professional artist Suzanne Etienne at her easel. Tea is brewing, a polite Boxer dog keeps her company, the room is filled with inspiration from books and magazines to photographs and antiques.

And the body of work that emerges blends worldly delight and irresistible whimsy. Grand canvases depict vibrant street scenes from Ireland to Paris. The sun glints across windswept bluffs, a tiny tumble-down cottage beckoning welcomingly. An old bicycle leans against a building, basket laden with blossoms. A huge Grizzly dominates a canvas, fairly beaming over the fish grasped in its teeth.

Widely published artist Etienne also works with collectors to create custom works just for their space. The studio is open for browsing and consultation by appointment and also for Open Studio on First Fridays.

Please visit the Ashland Gallery Association’s listing at the Southern Oregon Artists Resource for more information, contact info & links.

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