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A Warm Welcome to Artist Glenn Hill!

Rivendell Harp by Glenn Hill

Rivendell Harp by Glenn Hill


The Southern Oregon Artists Resource is delighted to add Phoenix artist Glenn Hill and his Mountain Glen Harps to our Visual Arts directory!

Glenn’s art travels various paths. His primary artform is unique: he designs and creates sculpted and carved one-of-a-kind custom harps, built with nylon, gut and wire strings, including Cross Strung, Double strung, electric-mid and laser harps. What a specialty!

Hill has been designing and building one-of-a kind custom carved and sculpted harps since 1978, designing and crafting each harp to fit the needs and desires of its owner and player.

Laser Harp by Glenn Hill

Laser Harp by Glenn Hill

Over the years my clients have  asked me to design and build for them types of harps that have never been seen before.  I have always enjoyed this challenging type of creative work, and continue to do so. I enjoy the co-creative process of working with my clients to bring their dream harps to life!

With a wide range of styles from classic elegance with deeply glowing rubbed finishes glorifying the wood’s natural beauty to highly detailed hand carving to illustrate an artistic theme, Glenn’s harps are much more than instruments. A look at the photo gallery at the Mountain Glen Harps facebook page shows Hill has designed, built and sculpted harps that can only be described as fine art – that can also be played. More than 32 years into this highly specialized art form, Glenn is so busy building harps that a recent facebook post states: “So many harps to build, I need to clone myself !! ;-)”   Yet the incredible depth of design, intricacy of detail and loving respect for the wood he shapes and carves to create these magnificent instruments is surpassed only by his fearlessness in innovation. Have YOU ever heard of a laser harp? We hadn’t til this week…

King David Laser Harp

King David Laser Harp Installation



…Yet just this spring he’s completed a custom carved King David Laser Beam Harp. This harp is now installed under a stone archway in the Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn NY. The exhibit should be open in the summer of 2011. This harp has 7 green 5mw lasers with 7 sensors. Carved from Oregon Myrtle wood to look as if it was made from a branch of an olive tree. Much of the carving is also gilded. The carved Hebrew lettering refers to King David. This laser harp is designed to look like it could be a harp with strings, thus the carved ‘tuning pegs’.

Closer to home, Glenn will be performing with one of his laser harps where we all can witness this very 21st century art form. For the Rogue Gallery & Art Center Auction in September he will set up a laser harp with 8 green lasers, along with a matrix of 8 other lasers shinning across the space, using mirrors to double the number of laser beams in the air. The guests will be breaking laser beams at knee high levels, and breaking the ones on the harp itself to trigger various sampled music and video images. With a mini fogger giving a tiny puff every few minutes, the lasers will be quite visible.  We’ll be looking forward to this spectacle of light, sound and art!

Laser Harp by Glenn Hill, Mountain Glen Harps

Laser Harp by Glenn Hill, Mountain Glen Harps



You’d think the time and attention his custom harps demand in order to achieve such high quality would be all a person could handle, but Glenn’s art doesn’t end there. He is currently working on a longer term public art installation project, 19 painted/ printed silk banners which will hang over a one mile route along A Street in Ashland, linking the Havurah with the new Buddhist Temple.  The banners will be mapping out the Silk Road from Egypt to China, with actual to scale mapping of the routes running from one banner to the next, including quotations, images of sculpture, buildings and paintings. There will be a mini guide book providing interesting historical information about this amazing area of the planet. Approved by the Ashland Arts Commission in 2009, Hill hopes to have it ready for installation in 2012 or 2013. He will hand paint originals, then hang printed copies, allowing them to age naturally over four or five months of summer as part of the installation. If successful, he will attempt to take it on the road to various Museums with important Silk Road collections around the country.

We have syndicated Glenn’s blog here at Art Matters! (to find his posts, look for “by Glenn Hill” under the Contributed Posts menu) and look forward to updates on these projects and more as they draw closer to completion.

In addition, Glenn is also a painter, turning out some beautiful and meaningful abstracts in acrylic which warrant further investigation. We don’t find much about his traditional visual art online, so please take a moment to contact him if you’re interested in learning more.

We are beside ourselves to see this inspiring artist represented in SOAR’s directory of Southern Oregon artists and thank him profusely for listing with us. His work reminds us what an amazing pool of talent we have in Southern Oregon, and we deeply respect his contribution to our wonderfully diverse art community. Please visit Glenn’s listing at the Southern Oregon Artists Resource to make a note of his contact information, connect with him on facebook and find web links so you can visit his very informative website to learn more about laser harps! We have long planned a Performing Arts directory for SOAR, and Glenn Hill’s magnificent harps may just be the thing to get that project underway, so look for this substantial new addition to the site in coming weeks, with Mountain Glen Harps featured in the Musical Instruments category!

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