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A New Life for Amber Martinez!!

Artist Amber Martinez has just informed us of changes in her life and artistic endeavors! First, she’s now married, so she has a new last name ~ Congratulations, Mrs. Heading!! We wish you a long and happy union with your new husband.

Serendipity SoapworksWith a new life ahead of her, Amber reconsidered where to put her focus, and decided the winner was her fabulous soaps, which she sells at and in Medford at American Mercantile. We’ve changed her listing to reflect the changes, and she can now be found in the Lifestyle Artists directory under Handcrafted Soaps & Lotions. Please visit her listing for a new set of links to her website, Etsy store, Facebook page and more! And last but not least, when visiting Serendipity Soapworks’ new Facebook page, we discovered a great promotion she has going right now – 50% off any bar of soap for fans of her page. So, if you haven’t liked Serendipity Soapworks yet, you might want to get on board now, because this promotion expires in a couple of days!
Amber’s soaps are not only beautiful (please use the links in her listing to visit her webiste &/or Etsy shop to see them! The example to your left is pretty, but you really must see them all!) but good for your skin. Handmade Soaps make you feel good. They are good for you, make your skin silky, and help to heal rather than exacerbate skin conditions. They feel like a special, expensive treat every time you bathe, yet only cost a few bucks. They are the opposite of everything that store-bought mass produced soaps are – cheap, chemical-filled skin-drying and usually made from animal fats cleverly disguised by its chemical name.

“My soaps are all handmade via the cold process method, which takes hours to process, left in the mold 24 to 48 hours, then shelved to cure at least a month before ever being used. It is a time consuming and exact art, but the results are oh so wonderful! I use the highest quality blend of Coconut, Palm, Soybean and Olive oils for my soaps, along with skin-friendly fragrances, colors, herbs and additional skin nourishing oils such as Castor and Sweet Almond in every batch.

My formula provides a rich, creamy lather, gentle cleansing, and leaves skin soft and supple. A generous helping of palm oil keeps the bars hard and long-lasting, while coconut oil also adds to the hardness and produces large, cleansing bubbles. A high percentage of Olive Oil makes this soap extremely nourishing, very gentle and ultra moisturizing. Castor oil is included in the mix to boost bubbles and add moisture.

I don’t use artificial lathering agents or propylene glycol in my soaps. All of my gentle soaps get you clean without stripping your skin’s natural oils and have silky, creamy lather, so your skin won’t feel dry or tight.

Real soap is the perfect escape from the toxic chemicals our largest organ (our skin!) is bombarded with daily. NO mineral oil, NO sodium laurel anything, NO petroleum products, NO detergents, NO Phylates…. handmade with love right in my own studio in beautiful Southern Oregon.”

~ Amber Heading, Serendipity Soapworks

Let’s all give Amber a show of support to help her launch her new life!!

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