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Coontie hairstreak, stinky leafwing, yucca, snout, et. al.

A New York Times review of a book about butterflies and moths, unfinished and never published in its author’s life, sounds as if it’s worth a look. I see there will be illustrations of leaves in it. I’ve been laboring with the job of rendering peony leaves in oil paint over the past couple weeks–it might do […]

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Hope and confidence both. Can’t buy me love. Can’t buy me faith. But I can buy a little accessory to hope. Is there anything more like a fresh start than a set of new brushes? For a painting I started in May, granted, but I’m getting that campfire in the gut while working on it.

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Art and life

I think I might become absorbed with my tomatoes in tough times as well. The divide between the work and the life is something a lot of critics can’t get past. The personal life is inconsequential compared to the achievement. From The Paris Review: INTERVIEWER What happened to your biography of Picasso? McCULLOUGH I quit. […]

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Bruegel redux

Dan Witz, Agnostic Front Circle Pit, 48″ x 82″, detail, oil/digital media, Jonathan Levine Pieter Bruegel, Peasant Dance, detail

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Mondrian’s dahlias

I discovered this watercolor of a dahlia by Piet Mondrian in the Morgan Library’s current retrospective of Emmet Gowin’s photography, a small show that was both astonishing and humbling when I ducked in to see it on my way to JFK on Friday. It’s so great I almost didn’t want to sully it with words, though I’m sure I […]

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Hsin Wang, on starting over

Hsin Wang, No. 24, pigment injet print. From I Love You Bedford, 294 Bedford Ave., Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Aug. 6-24. From the artist’s diary: ” eventually everyone will leave me. I will leave everyone. everyone will leave everyone. “

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Behind the curtain

I like to watch. It’s one of the few things I have in common with Chauncey Gardner. (I’ll let you know if I ever walk on water. Still failing at this point.) A new service will allow me and others to eavesdrop on other artists as they work, and communicate with them as they do their […]

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Fail upward

I’m back from my wandering in New England and Canada, 1606 miles on two wheels with a duffel bag, back to the easel and the laptop, and I’m catching up on some DVR content after two weeks almost entirely devoid of TV viewing. I watched Kacey Musgraves open for Dale Watson, the “Antichrist of Country,” on […]

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Kevin Muente

  From Manifest’s INPA 4.

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Jim Hall has a great selection of previously exhibited work on the walls at Oxford Gallery this summer in a show titled “Reprise“. Some of my favorite paintings from previous shows are on view, as well as many I overlooked. The one above, a small work from Matt Klos, came from the series he did […]

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