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Vlad tidings

A portrait of Lenin, from the photograph of him lying in state. This is one of those paintings that makes you want to pick up a brush immediately.  It reminds me of Michael Borremans, who had a knock-out show at Zwirner a while back, stunningly good, but since then. . .  hm.) And this is stronger than his […]

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Proceed slowly: work in progress

This sounds like a great idea, from the email I got: Join us at Makers Gallery and Studio, Saturday May 23rd from 6-10pm for our inaugural show entitled process.  We are located in the Neighborhood of the Arts on the third floor of 34 Elton Street, Rochester (parking is directly across the street).  Avvino will […]

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Why paint? To paint, of course.

After four decades of painting—actually a little more than that—it might be something of a mystery to a non-painter why I would put in five or six hours painting today, before or after three or four hours of doing work that brings in most of the money I need to pay bills. I sold seven paintings at […]

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One of two paintings by Jose Sanchez (Felox) chosen for Manifest’s INPA 4.

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The Condition of Music

The current show at Oxford Gallery, “The Condition of Music,” grows on you. Walk a few circuits around the gallery and spend time with individual work; it will open up and begin to resonate. Some pieces, though, make their impression immediately: Chris Baker adds a poetic twist to one of his beautifully geometric construction sites by […]

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Fractal buying power

This is an interesting perspective on the bull market for enormously expensive, high-end art. From the New York Times. The analysis of the fractal patterns of income distribution in the highest percentiles isn’t something I’ve read before: The astronomical rise in prices for the most-sought-after works of art over the last generation is in large part the […]

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Erin Wozniak

One of the first place winning paintings from Erin Wozniak, in the Manifest INPA4 competition/publication. The painting is astonishing enough, but even moreso when you see how small it is.

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The portable Porter

  This guy was young and going places–to Russia at one point to meet with Trotsky, believe it or not, though he was disappointed by what he saw there. By the end of his life, in his Yale lecture, he sounds disenchanted with government as a whole.    

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Art or mammon

“Where any view of Money exists, Art cannot be carried on . . .” –William Blake I’ve read several stories recently, in Forbes, the Guardian, and at other sites, that question whether or not art is a good investment right now. The implied question is: are we or are we not in a “bubble.” The […]

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The virtues of obscurity

Bill Santelli called my attention to this great Times story about Leo Bates, an artist whose career, once he went into seclusion, followed a trajectory somewhat like Vivian Maier’s, into obscurity and then out of it, after death. He dropped out of view after a big show at the Albright-Knox, which was itself a remarkable achievement, […]

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