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Work zone, reduce speed

This studio of mine is humming with work right now, which is why it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. I have a backlog of about a dozen posts I want to write, including a long conversation I had with Jim Mott recently, as well as an assortment of random thoughts, some long overdue praise […]

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Make it timless, not new

I was browsing through the squibs in the front of the most recent The New Yorker fresh from my mailbox, hoping to find something to see on a quick trip to Manhattan where Nancy and I, along with a couple friends, have tickets for the Matisse show at MoMA. I spotted three things that stood out, not for […]

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Irony meets comedy

From Kevin Pollack Show, #223: Joel Murray: Back in the day, we were out one night, with Gilda Radner and my mother . . . Kevin Pollak: We? Joel Murray: My brother Brian and Bill. I wanna say this is the same night we saw Robin Williams at the Copacabana early in the evening with […]

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A shot from a small piece where poets pick their favorite photographs in the Paris Review. (Speaking of which, I read a few days ago that George Plimpton was at Bobby Kennedy’s side when the candidate was shot. Did Plimpton ever do anything boring aside from brushing his teeth? I’m assuming he did it the way the […]

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Artspace in Harlem

Will Harlem become the new Bushwick? “We should be cultivating affordable housing in general.”

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The appetite for paint

I could write a dozen posts based on my conversation this week with Jim Mott. Knowing me, I probably will eventually, one way or another, but one small point we talked about just surfaced while I was working on something entirely unrelated to painting. We both spoke about work habits and how difficult it can be […]

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We are Charlie


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Jed on Jeff

I spent a couple hours talking with Jim Mott yesterday, which I’ll write about shortly, but I wanted to pass along this nice opening paragraph from the September New York Review of Books he gave me: “Imagine the Jeff Koons retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art as the perfect storm. And at the center […]

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Grateful friendship

“Chief among the virtues is gratitude. Friendship would be a close second.” –Robert Harrison, Entitled Opinions, 2006

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The aura of photorealism

Not surprisingly, the deadline for being an originator of photo-realism has long since passed, but photo-realism itself is still alive and well, though it doesn’t attract much critical attention. It was interesting and a little amusing to run across (in Wikipedia) these “rules” for determining whether an artist was an originator of photo-realism, or just a late-coming […]

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