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Louise P. Sloane: Interview

Phillip J. Mellen interviews painter Louise P. Sloane about her work, practice, and development as an artist.

Sloane discusses a wide range of subjects from her intuitive approach to painting, one in which she “fuse[s] geometry, color, and texture,” to formative influences including works by Josef Albers, Morris Louis, Gene Davis, and Ad Reinhardt that Slone encountered in the exhibition The Responsive Eye at the Museum of Modern Art. She comments that these works “put me into a very different frame of mind… when I look at these works even today, I’m swooning when I see them. They so deeply influenced me and my regard for color and space and light, that was a moment for me.”

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Paul Behnke: Interview

Phillip J. Mellen conducts an in-depth interview with painter Paul Behnke about his work.

Behnke talks several times in the interview about his spontaneous, materials-based approach. “To me,” he comments, “especially at the beginning, the work is all about the materials, I just start. I don’t have any preconceived colors I’m going to use… that all evolves as the work progresses. I do a lot of alternating… there’s a lot of going back and forth in my mind between what to leave in and what to leave out, that’s a tension that I want to be apparent in my work, that tension of what you keep and what you do away with – how those things are constantly jostling and competing with each other.”

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Matisse: Process of Creation

Tyler Green talks to Rebecca Rabinow about Henri Matisse and his process of investigating a visual ideas on multiple canvases. Rabinow is one of the three curators of the exhibition Matisse: In Search of True Painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, on view through March 17, 2013.

In the web introduction for the show Rabinow writes that Matisse “used his completed canvases as tools, repeating compositions in order to compare effects, gauge his progress, and, as he put it, ‘push further and deeper into true painting.’ While this manner of working with pairs, trios, and series is certainly not unique to Matisse, his need to progress methodically from one painting to the next is striking… For Matisse, the process of creation was not simply a means to an end but a dimension of his art that was as important as the finished canvas.”

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Shirley Kaneda & Jonathan Lasker on Conceptual Abstraction

In separate interviews, Tyler Green talks to painters Shirley Kaneda and Jonathan Lasker about the exhibition Conceptual Abstraction at Hunter College Art Galleries, New York, on view through November 10, 2012. Green begins both very interesting conv…

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David Anfam on Clyfford Still

Tyler Green talks to art historian David Anfam about the Clyfford Still estate. Anfam remarks: "Before the Clyfford Still Museum opened all the world really knew of Still were the classic abstracts." After seeing the paintings in the Still b…

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Art Works Podcast: Richard Currey

August 9, 2012 By Josephine Reed Richard Currey. Photo courtesy of The Writer’s Center This week’s podcast is a little bit different. We wanted to continue the conversation begun with the recent issue of NEA Arts which focuses on the rich intersections of the arts and the military. So, we asked Vietnam veteran and author […]

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Art Works Podcast: Michele Lowe

August 2, 2012 By Josephine Reed Piter Marek and Alok Tewari in a Denver Center Theatre production of Inana. Photo by Terry Shapiro This week’s podcast takes us backstage with playwright Michele Lowe. Although it’s not easy to make a living in the arts, Lowe has become a successful playwright whose work has been produced […]

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Talking Lucian Freud

Sabastian Smee and Michael Auping discuss artist Lucian Freud with Tyler Green. Asked how American's might relate to Freud's work, Auping comments: "Freud doesn't follow a modernist narrative. American art really was the great tail…

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Julie Torres: Interview

Julie Torres discusses the paintings in her exhibition Ghost in the Machine at Storefront Bushwick, on view through August 5, 2012. Of her process Torres comments: "I sort of bang my head against the wall for hours and weeks and months until s…

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Art Works Podcast: Ron Capps

July 26, 2012 By Josephine Reed Ron Capps leads a workshop for the Veterans Writing Project, which he founded in 2011. Photo by Jacqueline M. Hames, Soldiers magazine This week, as we prepare for the upcoming special issue of NEA Arts which looks at the arts and the military, the podcast features a conversation with […]

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