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July News from Illahe Studios and Gallery

Ceramic artist, Penelope Dews and landscape painter, Terry Sauvé are July’s featured artists at Illahe Studios & Gallery. The personality and charm of animals is the motif running through Dews’ ceramics, be they sculptures or functional ceramic wares. Atmosphere and light on the mountains, lakes and fields throughout the Rogue Valley glow in the landscapes of Terry Sauvé.

Join us for the Artists Reception, held during Ashland’s First Friday Art Walk on July 11th, 5 ~ 8 p.m. Celebrate the warm summer evening out on the town with other art lovers and meet the artists. Wine and light refreshments will be served along with the music of Jef Ramsey.

​"Sunset across the Hills" by Terry Sauvé

​”Sunset across the Hills” by Terry Sauvé


Painting the landscape, for me, is the process of enticing a scene to emerge and reveal itself on the canvas. Rather than focusing solely on the result I allow myself to fully enjoy the process of creation. Every painting is a chance to explore and discover something new—about painting, about the natural world and about myself. Painting en plein air allows me to see, feel and respond to the scene viscerally and intuitively. Painting on location, I try to be like a good listener in an important conversation, taking the time to really hear the essence of what is being spoken. I strive to capture the light, the mood, the time of day and the season.

I am especially drawn to paint the first and last light of the day, when trees are bathed in a warm hue and the distant hillsides glow. At these times, when the light may change dramatically in minutes, I let the camera catch the moment. Then, using photo reference on the studio, I’m able to spend more time and complete larger works.

The painting is not, however, merely a recording of the scene. As an artist I feel it is my role to push the color to a heightened state of vitality. Compositionally, I adjust elements of shape and pattern to create interest and to draw the eye into the scene. I focus on depicting scenes I find inspirational, majestic or simply beautiful. My aim is to paint so that the viewer will want to go inside the painting and live there.

Butter dishes by Penelope Dews

Butter dishes by Penelope Dews


Dews was raised on the southern coasts of California and England. She started
pottery at age 4, continued with a circuitous art education and received a BFA
in Ceramic Sculpture in 1984. A 5th generation Oregonian, she moved permanently to the Rogue Valley in 1995. After moving to the valley, she became a member of Thrown Stone Studio – now known as Ashland Art Works on Oak Street for 7 years before setting up her own studio in Phoenix. Dews joined the Clayfolk group in 1996 and was a co-owner of Foray Gallery (which closed in 2003). She has been teaching since 1997, both in the studio and as a demonstrator at shows and workshops. Aside from pottery she is also an avid gardener, outdoorswoman and traveler.

June Art Exhibits at Illahe Studios and Gallery

Our June featured show, Elements of Nature, is the vibrant, palette knife oil landscapes of Jerry Shanafelt along with sculptors working in materials directly from nature, wood and ceramic. Dan Tilden, Saydah Design, and Mary Burgess each work in wood, from vessels to furniture, each has a unique and distinctive approach to this natural material and are masters in their craft. Norman Ernsting, creates ceramic sculptures with an oxidized patina and often inspired by motifs from ancient traditions.

Also, a special feature in the gallery this month will be Rebecca Gabriel’s most recent large scale figurative oil painting, “The Message (with E. Hopper)”.

Join us for the Artists Reception, held during Ashland’s First Friday Art Walk on June 6th, 5 ~ 8 p.m.  Celebrate the much awaited spring out on the town with other art lovers and meet the artists.  Wine and light refreshments will be served along with the music of Laurie Christi Anderson.

"Autumn in the Siskiyous" Jerry Shanafelt

“Autumn in the Siskiyous” Jerry Shanafelt


Palette-knife landscape artist, Jerry Shanafelt, is a signature member of the American Impressionists Society and associative member of the Oil Painters of America.  His work has been accepted into numerous national and international juried shows and has won many awards, including the Grumbacher Gold Medallion Award.  Using rich strokes of oil and vibrant colors, Shanafelt produces engaging landscapes with pronounced feeling and nostalgic effect.

Shanafelt developed his love for nature while exploring the woods, farms, streams and hills surrounding his childhood home in rural Pennsylvania.  As he pursued a career in architectural design and the renovation and restoration of older homes in Mystic, Connecticut, a friend introduced him to oil painting.  In 1973, Shanafelt and his wife, Elaine, moved to Ashland, Oregon with the dream of living and working in the mountains.  He continued his work renovating and restoring older homes, even serving on the Ashland Historical Commission for a period.  Finding land near Mt. Ashland in 1975, he focused on designing and building their home, a unique octagonal post and beam structure with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and valley below.  In 1987 on adjoining land, he and Elaine opened the Mt. Ashland Inn, a log bed and breakfast which he also designed and built using timber from their property.  The inn showcased Shanafelt’s many artistic talents, including fine woodworking, wood carving, and stained glass.


"Madrone Burl Natural Edge Vessel" Dan Tilden

“Madrone Burl Natural Edge Vessel” Dan Tilden


Dan Tilden is a gifted artisan who has developed a signature style to his work using a lathe and local woods from the Pacific Northwest. He typically turns the wood green and manipulates the drying process to create organic shapes and forms. The unique bowls and vessels  that Tilden creates require a lot of skill and patience, as the work needs to be extremely thin for the most interesting results. He uses features of the wood to build character in the work and let the wood speak for itself.

Dan remembers the day he met master woodworker and internationally renowned artist Christian Burchard, “he’s taught me everything I know on the lathe” says Tilden, 26. “It has really helped to have such a great teacher.” Burchard had received a grant to purchase a lathe and other equipment for the school Tilden was attending and taught a class on wood turning. Dan proved to have a natural feel for the work and soon apprenticed with Burchard.

“I like to do hollow vessels compared to bowls with big openings. I like the challenge, I do it by feel, by sound,” Tilden explains. “I love to incorporate the natural features of the tree into my pieces.  Weight is also important, when you pick up a piece, you can feel when it’s light, you know it’s hollow.”

 Woodwork by Saydah Design

Woodwork by Saydah Design


We are a custom furniture business located in Ashland, Oregon. Thomas Saydah started designing and building furniture in 1980 in the San Francisco area.  He apprenticed there through the Baulines Craft Guild in 1979 with Arthur Espenet Carpenter and in 1980 started his own business by marketing one-of-a-kind art furniture at local craft shows.  Margaret Saydah, became involved  in the business in 1992 and apprenticed with him and learned the basics, sanding and finishing.

Thomas started as a street artist and Margaret took his creation and turned it into a business, which supports our family.  That is a major difference between us and many other artists that don’t live by their art alone.  Thomas took his creativity and decided to make it work for him not as a hobby, but as a full time job and a way of life.  “Our work is traditionally inspired functional hard wood furniture with an emphasis on aesthetically pleasing wood combinations and solid joinery techniques. We use the natural colors in the wood as part of the design.  We do not use any stains or dye.  It is made totally by us in our shop.  The two of us collaborate on design with our clients if it is a custom order.”


"Pond Mirror" Mary Burgess

“Pond Mirror” Mary Burgess


All my projects begin with the conjunction of a particular piece of wood and either an idea already working in my head or a new idea inspired by that piece of wood.  My primary bent is for the practical-what use is a piece?  Hence: furniture.  However age seems to be easing my practical nature with an appreciation of wit and occasionally the sublime.

I began working with wood in about 1990. My partner was an industrial designer and had a shop full of wood and metal working tools.  Both patient and brave, he taught me how to use the tools and then stepped back and let me use them for whatever I wanted to make.  Because I live in the country, the wood I use is primarily oak, plenty of which has fallen and is available for the milling.  I prefer it to commercial wood because of its more interesting figure, its flaws and its wane (the natural outside shape of the tree left on a board rather than squared off of it)  Most of my pieces incorporate at least one of these three characteristics.

While I enjoy different kinds of furniture, making something that’s been done before no longer interests me.  Since our eye is drawn to what we don’t expect, I think incorporating the unexpected into our surroundings helps us to see.  I hope that other women will also see that it is possible for us-women-to make our own built environment.


​ "The Message (w/E.Hopper)" detail,  Rebecca Gabriel

​ “The Message (w/E.Hopper)” detail, Rebecca Gabriel


Ms. Gabriel has studied painting in Vienna, Austria, and received a MFA degree from the University of Massachusetts, where she was granted a University Fellowship in painting. She also has a Master of Science in Art Education from the Massachusetts College of Art. Ms. Gabriel has been in many publications and exhibitions locally nationwide. She  has won numerous  awards, including:  First Prize, juror Henry Hopkins, at the “All California Art Exhibition,” Art Student’s League scholarship in New York, Certificate of Achievement in Art from the Office of the Mayor of New York City, and “Best of Show,” in the “Human Form” exhibition at the Newport Visual Arts Center, Newport,  Oregon.  She was named “Finalist” in 2007 Artist’s Magazine competition. Her work was selected for extended loan in the Executive Chairman’s office at the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington, D. C., 2007-2009. Her painting, “Roots”, is an acquisition of Havurah Shir Hadash Synagogue in Ashland, Oregon.  A retrospective exhibition of her work, “Woman’s Journey,” was held at the at the Rogue Gallery and Art Center. A book of her work, Woman’s Journey –A Life in Paintings is available, and has received critical acclaim from art critics and Dr. Jean Houston.

Ms. Gabriel has also locally shown her work at the Schneider Museum of Art, Hanson Howard, Davis & Cline, Illahe Studios and Gallery and Gallerie Karon.


Illahe Studios & Gallery May Events

Shows & Events                                       May 2014
Gallery Newsletter
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Traveling Conversations: Elaine Frenet, Jean Warren & Floy Zittin
Élan Chardin Gombart
Community Press
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Coming Exhibits




Places of the Heart

original oil landscapes by

Jerry Shanafelt


Mary Burgess

Norman Ernsting

Saydah Design

Dan Tilden


Special Guest Artist:

Rebecca Gabriel

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 Gallery News

“Bamboo Forest” Cheryl Williams



Cammy Davis


Touring the studio with Sue Springer


an interview with painter, Cheryl Williams

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Elaine Frenett
Jean Warren
Floy Zittin
blue dreams of sky
Élan Chardin Gombart

April 29 – May 3

First Friday Artist Reception

Friday, May 2,  5-8 pm

: ::::: :

As we begin to move more freely into the outdoors with the warm spring weather so do our featured artists this month.  Our May featured artists are looking into the natural world around us, how we see it and how we travel through it for their inspiration.

“Earth Dance” Elaine Frenett, Jean Warren & Floy Zittin

In Traveling Conversations, visual artists and collaborative friends, Elaine Frenett, Jean Warren and Floy Zittin circulate a sketchbook through the mail, generating life responses and stories, sketched and painted. This ongoing visual conversation reflects both their travels and their separate lives.  Vibrant watercolor exchanges still continue and have expanded to include large paintings that they’ve created together. This extended journey of friendship thrives through the process of art making without words.

  “Stormy Weather I” Élan Charding Gombart

In Altered Landcapes: blue dreams of sky, Élan Chardin Gombart has reduced original landscape paintings to small pieces which are reassembled, like puzzles, breaking out of the basic landscape format and reconsidering the idea of the living, changing world as we experience it.

  Join us for the Artists Reception, held during Ashland’s First Friday Art Walk on May 2nd , 5 ~ 8 p.m.  Celebrate the much awaited spring out on the town with other art lovers and meet the artists.  Wine and light refreshments will be served along with the music of David Elan Kelley.

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: ::::: :

 “3Some D” Elaine Frenett, Jean Warren & Floy Zittin


As a child, Colorado’s nature was my sanctuary. Raised in Denver, my parents enjoyed being outdoors and I absorbed that yearning and appreciation.  But the inner longing to express as an artist had taken hold, too. In high school and college (briefly at WesternState in Colorado) my major was Art. After my move to California (1981), I finally took the leap to become my dream:  being an artist. Graduating with a BS in Graphic Design, “Illustration” focus, from San JoseStateUniversity in 1992 launched me forward.  I was introduced to the possibility of creating for myself, and again, I was propelled.  Fine Art, using my beloved watercolors developed my skills and the Bay Area was the perfect place to cultivate those talents.

In 2005, my husband and I (oh – and golden retriever, Cody, too) moved to Jacksonville, Oregon. I indulged working with “Books as Art” and had begun visual journaling. Thrilled to find and be a part of the AshlandArtCenter, I’ve been catapulted into my passion. At first my journals were “illustrated”, but now have become more “sculptural”. This new format has sparked the teacher in me, now leading women’s retreats and classes.

 “3Some C” Elaine Frenett, Jean Warren & Floy Zittin


New Jersey- winter’s snow and ice, carefree summers of horses and lightning bugs, Cape Cod- camping and swimming, this began my love for the outdoors. As a child, I had a crayon or pencil in my hand all the time and my brother and I created our ‘Variety Books’, drawings of everything under the sun. After graduating from college with a degree in Art Education I taught at six elementary schools for a short time. When our daughters were still babies, in 1969 my husband’s job moved us to California, where we found Yosemite, skiing and hiking in the Sierras, never to return to NJ.  I began to find time to paint in oils and acrylic but I needed to be outdoors, have a medium that was portable, and be able to express spontaneously what was important to me. And then I found a watercolor instructor who taught me how to see the rhythms and connections in nature. I was home! I’ve been painting for over 30 years and have worked with Art Consultants to have my pieces represented in corporate, public and private collections. My work is included in several books and I received signature status in the National Watercolor Society in 1997. Presently, my passion is teaching ‘The Creative Process in Watercolor’ at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts in California.


 “3Some A” Elaine Frenett, Jean Warren & Floy Zittin


Nature studies and drawing have fascinated me since I was a child.  My family had a vacation cabin in the hills of southern Ohio where I learned to identify all the oaks, butterflies wildflowers and birds.  At Carleton College, MN, I majored in biology and also became interested in watercolor painting and Asian art during a summer program in Japan.  In 1970 I came out west to earn a Master’s degree in marine biology from University of the Pacific. This required learning scientific illustration techniques which led to a career as a biological illustrator. I worked on several textbooks and spent ten years creating illustrations of amphipods for the National Museum of Natural Sciences of Canada. My husband’s career took me to British Columbia for ten years where I lived part time in an isolated fishing village and perfected my watercolor techniques by working on portraits of fish for fishery biologists. After returning to California in 1983, I became active in the art community of the San Francisco area, teaching watercolor techniques and exhibiting paintings. I am currently represented by three galleries in the Bay Area and by Northwest by Northwest Gallery in Cannon Beach, OR.

: :::: :

blue dreams of sky

“Rider, Low Light” Élan Chardin Gombart


Élan received her BFA in visual design from the University of Oregon in 1995 via a circuitous route that included studies at The Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR, Bellas Artes in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and The University of New Mexico. Having worked extensively in photography and drawing, Élan has also explored book binding, letterpress printing, and currently, primarily works in mixed media painting.  The exploration, the meditative process, or flow, and the visceral nature of visual language remain at the core of her creative process.  The question “what if…?.” is always the first step.  Élan has exhibited in several states and was fortunate enough to receive the Ohio Arts Individual Artist Fellowship in 2000.  With no formal training, she has also managed to raise two wily teenage boys.  Élan lives in Ashland, OR where she works at Illahe Studios and Gallery and in her backyard studio.

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The creative collaborative books of The Community Press Project are going on a little tour that will take them to the Ashland Public Library where they will be on display for the month of May so if you missed them here at the gallery you have another chance.  These incredible little one-of-a-kind books were made in a workshop, here at the gallery, and then authored by others who took those books home and created their own artists books.  This is our Community Press Project and this is its fourth year.  We are excited to see each of these beautiful collaborative creations go out into the world and be seen. With nearly 70 people involved at some level,  It’s very likely you will see a creation by someone you know but had no idea of their creative side.

: :::: :

Gallery Artists

Original Art …  Something for everyone! 


Eliane Jallon

Original Watercolors

by visiting French artist Eliane Jallon


Prosperity Bowls by Cheryl Williams


Ceramics by Carole Hayne
Ceramic Sculpture by Sue Springer
Wilma Wyss
Mosaics by Wilma Wyss


Original Oil Landscapes by Terry Sauvé
Fused Glass  Evie Ault
Ceramic Sculpture by Penelope Dews


Steven Cornett display
Glass Works by Steven Cornett
Encaustics by Roxanne Evans Stout
Turned Wood Bowls by Dan Tilden


 Original Oil Landscapes by  Jerry Shanafelt

Thank you for supporting  your local visual arts community  by shopping here in Ashland!

 CLAY        GLASS         WOOD      METAL        PAPER


Splash of Light on Ashland Hills by Terry Sauve 

“Splash of Light on Ashland Hills” original oil painting by Terry Sauve


Find something extraordinary for your home!
Come by and see our latest display of functional-to-fanciful art for the home.  We now feature the work of 20 local and regional artists.
In addition to decorative tile and ceramic art, we feature sculpture, hand blown and fused glass, handcrafted wood furniture, paper light fixtures, custom mosaics, sculptural panels, multi-media paintings, photography, hand-crafted artist books, and poetry letterpress broadsides. 


Explore our spacious gallery of extraordinary artwork for the home!


Our goal : to beautify homes and enrich lives. 


   Illahe Studios & Gallery

  215 Fourth St. (corner of Fourth & “B” St.) 

Ashland, Oregon  97520

Regular Hours: Tues.- Sat. 10-5 (and by appt.)

April Art & Poetry Events at Illahe Studios & Gallery

April is National Poetry Month

Alisa Golden, "Silver Every Day."  Book art to be exhibited at the Illahe Gallery 2014 Book Art Exhibit

Alisa Golden, “Silver Every Day”

This will be the fifth year we will host our Book Artists Show combined with a Printmaking Invitational and our community collaborative book arts project, Community Press.    We are proud to be one of the few galleries on the west coast to host such a strong representation of regional and national book artists.  Each year offers inventive ways of approaching the book form as well as remarkable craftsmanship.  It is likely many of us have never held a hand printed, stitched and bound book…you will have the opportunity to experience this! Handmade blank books and portfolios will also be available in this show.  Join us for the Artists’ Reception, held during Ashland’s First Friday Art Walk on April 4th, 5 ~ 8 p.m.  Enjoy an evening out on the town with other art lovers and meet the artists.  Wine and light refreshments will be served along with the saxophone music of Jef Ramsey.

Art list of skilled and inventive book artists include:

Cathy DeForest (Jubilation Press)

Shown is book art by Cathy DeForest, "William Stafford  Portrait: Aphorisms", part of the Illahe Gallery 2014 Book Art Exhibit

Shown is book art by Cathy DeForest, “William Stafford Portrait: Aphorisms”

Arini Esarey

Roxanne Evans Stout

Alisa Golden

Michael Holstein

Sarojini Johnson

Diane Lea

Susan Lehman

Olivia King

Patricia Freeman Martin

Marsha Matchek

Sabina Nies

Linda Piacentini-Yaple

Kelley Salber

Book Art by Sarojini Johnson, "Invasive Plant"

Book Art by Sarojini Johnson, “Invasive Plant”

Our Printmakers Include:

Tiffany Hockanson

Holly Kilpatrick

Ann-Britt Malden

Julie VandenBerg


Community Press

On display in the gallery will be somewhere in the ballpark of 60 books which were made in a workshop, here at the gallery, and then authored by others who took those books home and created their own artists books.  This is our Community Press Project and this is its fourth year.  We are excited to see each of these beautiful collaborative creations. With nearly 70 people involved at some level,  It’s very likely you will see a creation by someone you know but had no idea of their creative side.


April 26-27

Ashland area Wineries and Restaurants will be pairing up to bring you taste of the best our valley has to offer in culinary delights!

In its twenty-fifth year, the Ashland Gallery Association’s signature fund-raising event is A Taste of Ashland. This annual walking tour of Ashland galleries pairs local restaurants and regional wineries to create Ashland’s most delicious art experience. In 2014 A Taste of Ashland is on Saturday and Sunday, April 26th and 27th from noon to 4p.m. Foodies and wine connoisseurs from all along the west coast follow a map to 17 galleries, to discover Ashland’s best restaurants and the region’s best wines.



Join us for an evening of accomplished poets from throughout the region sharing their works in an intimate gallery setting. $5 suggested donation.

March 20th  7:00-8:30 pm

Kirsten Rian, Ellen Waterson, Patty Wixon

April 17th      7:00-8:30 pm

Shaindel Beers, John C. Morrison, Vince Wixon


ILLAHE STUDIOS AND GALLERY  Presents COMMUNITY PRESSIt began with a community workshop hosted at Illahe Studios and Gallery

We: supplied beautiful papers, thread and know-how for hand bound pamphlet books, donated by local printmakers and bookbinders.

Book Makers: joined us to assemble creatively unique hand crafted books that serve as prompts, inspiration and containers for your writing

Authors (You!): may choose from these creative, inspiring blank books. Take one or two home to be written in, drawn upon, embellished and finally returned to the gallery to show as part of our Fourth Annual Book Arts Show & National Poetry Month.  Get as creative as you wish, people have worked with their children, parents, grandparents & friends or alone.   We ask a $5 fee per book.

Read more about this project at:  

For more info contact:  infoatillahegallerydotcom


Special Thanks to: Sophia Bogle, Michael Holstein & Diane Lea
who donated these beautiful materials

Illahe Studios and Gallery Events – February 2014

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Poetry in the Neighborhood

. ….. . ….. . ….. . ….. .
  Historic Charles Nininger Building


Welcome back to

Poetry in the Neighborhood! 

Upcoming Readings
March 20th
Kirsten Rian
Ellen Waterson
Patty Wixon
April 17th
Shaindel Beers
John C. Morrison
Vince Wixon
$5 suggested donation
Join us for another inspiring series
showcasing the talent of our regional poets!


. ….. . ….. . ….. . ….. .
Choose your blank book beginning next week 

It time for our third annual Community Collaborative Book Arts Project.


HOW TO PARTICIPATE:  Come by the gallery and select a unique, hand crafted book made by one of the bookmakers in our free community workshop to be donated to the COMMUNITY PRESS PROJECT.

You may then author your own artist book; write in, draw upon, cut & paste and embellish to your hearts’ content.

Then bring your book back to be a part of a collaborative community exhibition in conjunction with our Fifth Annual Book Arts Show in April.  You can choose to put your book up for sale or just to show.

Book Fee is $5.

Return books anytime on or before March 27th, 2014 by 5 p.m. After the show, unsold or NFS books can be picked up at the gallery after April 30th, 2013.

. ….. . ….. .

Equus MMCXX  Sue Springer
Eleven artists consider the horse for the Lunar New Year
. ….. . ….. . ….. . ….. .



Illahe Studios & Gallery

215 Fourth Street, Ashland, OR




Find us on Facebook


We invite you to join us for an evening of poetry
 February 20th

 7:00 – 8:30 pm



Featured Poets

 : ::: :

Carlos Reyes

John Sibley Williams

 : ::: :




Poet and translator Carlos Reyes lives in Portland, Oregon. He is a traveler and whether he journeys to Alaska, Ecuador, France, India, Ireland, Panama or Spain,  those travels inform his poetry. In 2012 he was at the Fundación Valparaíso in Mojácar, Spain. In 2013 he was poet-in-Residence at Acadia National Park and at Devils Tower National Monument. Last spring he  gave readings in Ireland at the Mt Shannon Arts Festival, The White House and The Nail in Limerick. Latest publications:   Pomegranate, Sister of the Heart (2012),   Poemas de amor y locura / Poems of Love and Madness (2013).

 : ::: :

John Sibley Williams is the author of Controlled Hallucinations and seven poetry chapbooks. He is the winner of the HEART Poetry Award and finalist for the Pushcart, Rumi, and The Pinch Poetry Prizes. John serves as editor of The Inflectionist Review and co-director of the Walt Whitman 150 project. Previous publishing credits include:  ThirdCoast, Inkwell, Cider Press Review, Bryant Literary Review, The Chaffin Journal, RHINO, and various anthologies. He lives in Portland, Oregon.


  : ::: :

February News for Illahe Studios and Gallery

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, February will mark the beginning of the Year of the Horse.  In recognition, we invited some of our favorite artists to consider the horse.   Eleven artists responded with their take on the form, impression and/or nature of this noble animal. Featured artists are: 

  • Élan Chardin
  • Lance Copeland
  • Ann Di Salvo
  • Norman Ernsting
  • Nadine Gay
  • Inger Nova Jorgensen
  • Gabriel Lipper
  • Shan Lollis,
  • Ann-Britt Malden
  • Ketzia Schoneberg
  • Sue Springer

Join us for the Artists’ Reception, held during Ashland’s First Friday Art Walk on February 7th, 5 ~ 8 p.m.  Celebrate the Lunar New Year with other art lovers and meet the artists.  Wine and light refreshments will be served along with the music of David Elan Kelley.


Susan Springer has been drawn to the ceramic arts, including tile, sculpture, pottery and mosaics since the early 1970’s. Expanding the form and surface and creating unexpected combinations of edge, form and texture continue to intrigue her as she works in her studio at Illahe Studios and Gallery.

Currently, she designs and produces works for installations and sculptural murals for public, as well as private commissions.  She has completed numerous installations, donor recognition, private and public commissioned projects, including Rio Amistad, the mosaic placed at the Calle Guanajuato Overlook at Lithia Park in Ashland.   Recently, Sue designed and installed the mosaic details in the Ashland Plaza Renovation.


Ketzia Schoneberg “Przewalski’s in Orange and Red”, mixed media


In the painting series, Animalia, I create portraits of animals with an emphasis on the individuality inherent within each creature. It is my intent to show the viewer a mirror — an image of the earthy, biological and creative origins we share with other species. My creative inspiration also derives from my perception of unusual and vivid beauty, and a peculiar posture & movement or near-movement I see in my subjects.


was born in Sweden and spent her childhood on the southern Swedish coast where her backyard was an open meadow by the sea. At age seven, she moved to the U.S. with her family, but her resonance with the Scandinavian landscape, seasons and culture have always remained close to her heart, and continue to be some of the biggest influences in her artwork today.

Ann-Britt studied photography and illustration at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona where she earned a degree in English/Creative Writing. She later earned a degree in Photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she lived and worked as a Photo Editor for many years. In late 2001 she moved to Ashland, Oregon and has called it home ever since.


has been a resident of the Rogue Valley for 26 years and has been a serious painter for most of her adult life.  She believes in using as much pure color as possible, creating a graphic quality to her work.  Influenced by her years of travel in Western Europe and Mexico, she has also produced pieces in pen and ink, and watercolors.  Her work has been shown at galleries in Medford, Jacksonville, and Ashland, Oregon.  Lollis has studied Art at Olympic College, University of Washington, and Ravenna, Italy.

"Riding over Rothko"  oil painting by Gabriel Mark Lipper

“Riding over Rothko” oil painting by Gabriel Mark Lipper


The subjects in Gabriel’s paintings vary wildly.  Bull riders, a woman lost in her thoughts, vacant hipsters, a seasoned magnate, are all painted with the same love and respect.  Lipper’s love of art, and respect for the muse are the driving forces behind what he chooses to paint.

“Thoroughbred is an exploration of social ideals.  I invite the viewer to enter these ambiguous narratives with their own questions and explore the answers that pop up.  Every human being has their own story.  What drives us?  Is there enough?  Has it been worth it?

Beyond my love of horses, I’m intrigued by the metaphors that horse and rider create both together and separately.  In this world of technology, what has the horse come to represent?  Where do they fit?  Where do we fit?  For the most part, the characters in my paintings hold their own space.  They appear alone even when grouped together.  This autonomy, or lack of connection, is one of the central features of my work.  My hope is that these paintings can be both challenging and beautiful and that, in some way, they may be of service.”


Artist Inger Jorgensen was born in Michigan and left the Midwest at seventeen years old to move to Sonoma County, California. Two years later she began an exploration of The Pacific Northwest and eventually landed in Northern California, where she received a degree in Fine Art & Teaching at Humboldt State University. She resides now in Oregon with her partner, Jeff Pevar and son, Soren.

Creating art since she was a young child, Inger has primarily focused on the figure. Painting has always been her primary medium, yet in the past five years she has been working three dimensionally in clay and bronze. Modeling the figure in three dimensions has deepened her knowledge of the figure and has affected Inger’s paintings as well. Inger continues to paint and is currently creating large-scale figurative sculptures at “Talent Studios” in Talent, Oregon in an enclave with eight like-minded artists among three renovated warehouse spaces.

Nadine Gay "Horse Dreamer" ceramic sculpture and mixed media

Nadine Gay “Horse Dreamer” ceramic sculpture and mixed media


“I am a French born artist. I moved to the US when I was 19 and graduated from Pratt Institute in 1980.  I am a painter and sculptor and work in a wide array of media.

“For the last 10 years I have also created large installations, murals and stage sets.

“My visual art is an intimate exploration of my inner worlds. Images appear, intertwined, they flow like waking dreams. They open a window to the personal and collective unconscious.

“In the abstract work, I may combine painting and collage, using scraps of painted papers, crayons and acrylic paints. I like to allow a sense of playfulness and spontaneity in this process.

“My sculptures are representational without being realistic. They emerge as mythical expressions of human figures and elemental forms joined in an archetypal dance.”


“My first formal art classes were at the Kansas City Art Institute in the 1950s.  I continued my art studies with the sculptor Bernard Frazier at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.  During my military service in Berlin, I took sculpture courses at the Art Institute.  In the 1980s, I worked with ceramicist Nancy Sclight in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  More recently, I’ve been fortunate to study with Connie Sherman at the Westchester Art Workshop in White Plains, NY, as well as with Elsbeth Woody at the Clay Arts Center in Portchester, NY.

“My work has been shown in galleries throughout the greater New York area, in Denver, in Montreal and in Ashland, Oregon.  Presently I’m represented by Shahinian Fine Art Gallery in Rhinebeck, NY and by RiverWinds Gallery in Beacon, NY.

“I have homes in both Cold Spring, NY and in Ashland, Oregon, where I maintain ceramic studios.”


Native to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with an art degree from UW Stevens Point, Ann spent twelve years in the arts and natural sciences in Kentucky.  She moved to rural Oregon in 1992 and then Ashland in 1993, where she opened a studio with Bruce Bayard on A St. in 1998 and became involved with many organizations centered in the arts. Currently she is the secretary of the Ashland Gallery Association and editor of the Ashland Gallery Guide as well as facilitating two figure drawing sessions each week in Ashland.  Ann participated in every Art Along the Rogue Street Painting Festival in Grants Pass until 2012 and is a founding member of the Pomegranate Group, a women’s figure study session.


Lance is a Sacramento based artist and musician born and raised in Oregon.  The son of an art teacher, he continued his education in fine art at Southern Oregon University while working as an animator, video editor and art director.  He is well versed in drawing, bronze sculpting, print making and painting.  His intense focus on oil painting was honed under the tutelage of Master painter, Sergei Yatsenko.  Currently he is working on a series titled Reinvintage where he explores the connectivity of humanity across time by using vintage photography as inspiration and the reinterpretation of it into a more contemporary vision.


Élan received her BFA in visual design from the University of Oregon in 1995 via a circuitous route that included studies at The Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR, Bellas Artes in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and The University of New Mexico. Having worked extensively in photography and drawing at first, Élan has also explored book binding, letterpress printing, and currently, primarily works in mixed media painting.  The exploration, the meditative process, or flow, and the visceral nature of visual language remain at the core of her creative process.  The question “what if…?.” is always the first step.  Élan has exhibited in several states and was fortunate enough to receive the Ohio Arts Individual Artist Fellowship in 2000.  With no formal training, she has also managed to raise two wily teenage boys.  Élan lives in Ashland, OR with two goofy dogs and a pompous cat.  She works at Illahe Studios and Gallery and in her great little backyard studio.



Poetry in the Neighborhood 2014

Thursday, February 20th  7 ~ 8:30 p.m.

  • Carlos Reyes
  • John Sibley Williams

Thursday, March 20th  7 ~ 8:30 p.m.

  • Kirsten Rian
  • Ellen Waterson
  • Patty Wixon

Thursday, April 17th  7 ~ 8:30 p.m.

  • Shaindel Beers
  • John C. Morrison
  • Vince Wixon


It begins with a free community workshop hosted at Illahe Studios and Gallery, 215 Fourth St., Ashland, Oregon on Saturday, February 15th from 12-4 p.m. *Please email to secure your spot!

We: supply beautiful papers, thread and know-how for hand bound pamphlet books.

You: bring yourself, your friend, your son/daughter to join others in your community to assemble creatively unique hand crafted books that will go out into the community to be written in, drawn upon, embellished and finally returned to the gallery to show as part of our Fourth Annual Book Arts Show & National Poetry Month. Experienced book artists will be on hand for demonstrations and instruction. You will go home with a book of your choosing to finish your own Community Press Book, and a satisfying sense of being part of a larger collaborative endeavor with other creative folks in our valley.

It continues as other creative folks in the community come by the gallery to choose their book, bring it home, write, draw, cut, paste, stain, stitch, print, or paint to their hearts content.

Lastly they bring that collaborative book back to the gallery to be a part of our Annual Book Arts Show in April with a First Friday Artists’ Reception on April 4th.

Artists will have the opportunity to sell their book or keep it after the show.

Read more about this project at:

For more info contact:  infoatillahegallerydotcom  (infoatillahegallerydotcom)  


AGA Spotlight Gallery Exhibits - January 2014

Ashland Gallery Association January 2014 Exhibits

Ring in the New Year with the Ashland Gallery Association First Friday Art Walk, January 3rd, from 5 to 8 pm!

Stroll the galleries in downtown Ashland and the Historic Railroad District. Pick up a Gallery Tour Map at any member gallery or the Chamber of Commerce.

Enjoy this free community event filled with spectacular artwork, live music, refreshments and conversation with other art enthusiasts!

Most exhibits run throughout the month of January.

Visit our website for more information about all of the exhibits:

Weisinger’s Family Winery

Bruce Barnes Watercolors

Image of a watercolor painting by Briuce Barnes, part of his show at Weisinger's Winery art gallery in Ashland, Oregon January 2014

Watercolor by Bruce Barnes

BRUCE BARNES combines a love of the outdoors with his painting. He has hiked and painted often in Oregon, California, Canada, and across Europe. His sketchbook, paints, and brushes are always part of his pack.

Late in his career as an engineer, at the urging of an artist friend, Bruce began studying art and watercolor through a U.C. Berkeley weekend extension course. This soon led to an invitation to become a member of the Berkeley Watercolor Society, which built his confidence.

He and fellow-artist/wife Nancy left Berkeley in 1993 to spend a happy decade living near Mount Shasta, California. They moved to the Rogue Valley in 2002, where he paints en plein air with The Artists’ Workshop in Jacksonville, and The Rogue River Artists Group.

Barnes is a juried member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, and featured in Ashland Magazine. Dozens of his paintings are now displayed in homes and businesses across the country, with a few in Europe.

More of his paintings may be seen at Gallerie Karon in Ashland. He welcomes commissions to paint private homes and favorite scenes. He may be reached at his Ashland studio at 541-201-1947.

JEGA Gallery & Sculpture Garden

Image of a bronze sculpture of a cowgirl from the january 2014 group sculpture show at JEGA Gallery, Ashland, Oregon

“Sheriff,” Bronze sculpture by Lucious M. Upshaw, 
limited edition of 30

Bodacious Contemporary Art

Be prepared for a bodacious mix of contemporary art including: stone sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints and outdoor art for your garden.

Current exhibit includes artwork from the following artists:

  • Jason Bueter: metalwork and photography
  • Christopher Dworin, ceramic sculptures
  • Dawn Ferrari: stone sculptures
  • Kristian Royce, digital collages
  • Tej Steiner: ceramic sculptures
  • Lucious Upshaw, bronze sculptures
  • Daniel Verner’s acrylic paintings
  • Wilkins-O’Reily Zinn, bricolage prints
  • J. Ellen Austin: intriguing stone and mixed media sculptures.

JEGA Hours: Tue-Sat at 11-4pm & by appointment.  Open 1st Fridays art walks until 8:00 p.m.  Please contact us for more information: jega4artatgmaildotcom or telephone (541) 488-2474.

Illahe Studios and Gallery

Steven Cornett & Holly Kilpatrick – “Trajectory Series”, a collaboration in printmaking, painting and glass arts

image of a painting by Holly Kilpatrick shown at Illahe Studios and Gallery, Ashland, Oregon January 2014

“Trajectory Series” Holly Kilpatrick

Our first exhibit of the New Year will be a collaborative project, “Trajectory Series” from Holly Kilpatrick and Steven Cornett. Holly, a printmaker/painter layers imagery, texture and color to create rich, dynamic abstract pieces and glass artist.  Steven Cornett produces hand blown lamps, bowls and sculptural forms with impeccable craftsmanship.

HOLLY KILPATRICK is a sculptor, printmaker, and an encaustic artist. Primarily a self-taught artist, she has gleaned instruction over the years from kindred artists who have shared their expertise with her, as well as her own research and experimentations.  While pursuing her own path to formal art education, Holly has become an arts education specialist and advocate. Holly is currently the Coordinator of Education Outreach at the Schneider Museum of Art.

STEVEN CORNETT began working with glass in 1989 at Virginia Commonwealth University.  While there he earned his BFA in glass and ceramics in 1992.  He then attended the MFA program at Rochester Institute of Technology before returning to VCU to receive his MFA in glass in1996.  Steven continued to refine his skills while working for various glass artist including Dale Chihuly, in Seattle,Wa.  He currently creates glass in a small studio in Talent Oregon.

Join us for the Artists’ Reception, held during Ashland’s First Friday Art Walk on January 3rd, 5 ~ 8 p.m.  Ring in the New Year with other art lovers and meet the artists.  Wine and light refreshments will be served along with the music of Laura Christine Anderson.

Ashland Art Center

Oil Paintings by David Gordon

image of an oil painting by David Gordon, shown at Ashland aRt Center, Ashland, Oregon

Oil painting by David Gordon

“Celebrate that creative process which connects us to the part of our being that is fluid, vivacious, effervescent and unpredictable.” - David Gordon

David Gordon’s expressive paintings show his heightened awareness of color relationships and his freedom of application. His art urges viewers to focus on those experiences that are fresh and beautiful. Visit David in his studio at the top of the stairs above the main level.
Show opens Friday, January 3, 5:00 – 8:00 pm
As always, visitors will find galleries, open studios, art, and artists on all three floors of the Art Center. There will also be refreshments and live music.
Live music will be performed by Pat O’Scannell and Sean Connors, traditional Irish music.

Special Show in the Classroom:

Stop motion animation is a very simple medium and one with immense potential! See examples and techniques for stop motion using clay, paper, fabricated puppets and sets, or even found objects. AAC will be offering classes in stop motion in 2014, this show is an opportunity for us to hear from you, to get feedback on what type of learning opportunities you would like to see in this broad and beautiful medium.

Poetry in the Neighborhood at Illahe Gallery

Poetry in the Neighborhood
: :::: :
Save these dates
Wed, Jan. 15th
Thurs.  Feb. 20th
Thurs. Mar. 20th
Thurs. Apr. 17th

 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.

We are happy to be hosting another season of  Poetry in the Neighborhood, four intimate evenings with poets sharing their work.
Poets will be announced shortly, but for now, mark your calendars so you don’t miss this truly special series.
Illahe Studios and Gallery
215 Fourth St.
Ashland, OR



Ferlinghetti Broadside by Jubilation Press
If you would like to be involved with hosting this sweet event please contact us at infoatillahegallerydotcom
Many hands make light work of setting the table with the tea & cookies
and making sure everyone has a seat.
We’ve lost much of our crew to various changes of circumstances and would greatly appreciate your help in continuing this Poetry Event.  Choose an evening that works for you and let us know.
Many, many thanks!

Illahe Studios and Gallery December News

Portland artist and musician, Tony Furtado’s ceramic sculptures will be featured in the gallery this month.   He will be performing as a part of St. Claire Productions music series  at The Ashland Unitarian Fellowship on Dec. 6th.  Tony’s sculptures of wild hares and chains play with preconceived ideas of the nature of character and material.  Unique gifts can be found in the Gallery Artists Gift Show.  Join us for the Artists’ Reception, held during Ashland’s First Friday Art Walk on December 6th, 5 ~ 8 p.m.  Enjoy the crisp autumn evening with other art lovers and meet the artists.  Wine and light refreshments will be served along with the music of Jef Ramsey.


“For years I’ve been touring and recording as a banjo/slide guitarist-singer/songwriter. I’ve recorded 16 of my own albums. I write and play Americana, Roots, Indie-folk music. Banjo and slide guitar are my instruments of choice. I’ve  toured with and recorded with the likes of Alison Krauss, Greg Allman, Derek Trucks and Sonny Landreth among others.

I also sculpt, mostly in clay – ceramic. I utilize a metal coating process that gives the look and feel of bronze or rusty iron. Lately I’ve been exploring the potentials of making chain mail and chain jewelry patterns (large scale) out of stoneware and oxide washes, lots of possibilities!

At the same time I started playing banjo (12 years old) I started creating things out of clay. After a couple years as a fine arts major at Cal State Hayward, before I had the chance to sign up for classes with the great Clayton Bailey, I was plucked away to hit the road with a band. Just 7 years ago I was enticed to revisit my old passion of sculpting by an offer to rent a beautiful studio space at The Falcon Art Community in Portland, OR.  A few thousand studio hours later, I’m a far less stressed man! I’ve also got a mighty stack of sculpture building up.”

Tony Furtado promo card flattened copy


You may find the perfect gift in our Gallery Artists Gift Show!

"Celebration" Wilma Wyss
“Celebration” Wilma Wyss




"Splash Petal Cattleya" Joanne Chase
“Splash Petal Cattleya” Joanne Chase
Ceramic Vessels by Carole Hayne
Ceramic Vessels by Carole Hayne


"Red Vanilla Bowl" Evie Ault
“Red Vanilla Bowl” Evie Ault