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Natural Earth Paint Introduces Non-Toxic Paint Thinner!!

The Story of Eco-Solve

“When I began this journey of completely non-toxic oil painting 5 years ago, with a little baby in my belly, the only missing link in my artistic process was a completely non-toxic paint thinner. Like most artists, I liked to start a painting with a thin wash of color, then an under-painting, and also lots of drips and splatters (which I always had accomplished using toxic solvents in the past). I searched and searched and found a few natural brush cleaner options but never a high quality paint thinner. So for several years, I resorted to using water soluble oil paints (which aren’t natural and the toxicity is questionable). UNTIL this year! I am personally so excited to offer this product to all artists to make your art process 100% Non-toxic, natural, archival, AND professional quality!”  -Leah Mebane, Co-owner & Artist

Oil Painting by Leah Mebane using Eco SolveRecent 40″ x 40″ Earth Oil Painting (using Eco-Solve) by Leah Mebane

We proudly present our non-toxic, all-natural Eco-Solve, the finest professional paint thinner on the market. Representing a major breakthrough in art material technology, Eco-Solve is a sterling example of Natural Earth Paint’s commitment to provide artists with earth-conscious, professional painting materials. When used with our Earth Oil Paints and walnut oil medium, Eco-Solve opens yet another door to completely non-toxic oil painting.

the Benefits of Eco-Solve:
• 100% natural and non-toxic
• Archival, non-yellowing, professional artist-quality
• Subtle, fruity licorice scent
• Does not irritate the skin
• Does not emit harmful vapors.
• Soy-based and vegan. Cruelty-free.
• Superb for creating washes, under-paintings, glazes, drip effects, etc.
• Excellent brush cleaner! Can be used to clean all oil painting tools, palettes, brushes, containers, and work surfaces
• Does not pollute the soil or waterways

When it comes to crafts, I always like to go back to basics – simple and natural. That’s why I love making good, old-fashioned Potato Prints with Natural Earth Paint! This activity can be enjoyed by toddlers, older children, and even adults. Give your loved ones a beautiful, earthy Valentine, and enjoy their smiles.Step 1: Cut some potatoes in half (I like to use different sizes). Fingerlings are easy for a toddler to grip. Step 2: Cut in the heart shape with a sharp knife, and then slice away the edges to reveal the full shape.

Step 3: Mix up a few colors of Children’s Earth Paint (See 20% Off Discount Below). Either use a brush to apply paint to the potato shape, or simply dip it into paint. Stamp away!

Django, the resident craft tester!

To See a full blog version of this craft, click HERE.

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Super heroes

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Django misses Vajra

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eARTh Day News from Leah Mebane!

eARTh day 2013 news from Leah Mebane

Leah Mebane Announces New Videos, Winter Studio Sale and Holiday Discount on Earth Paints!

 Leah Fanning Mebane

Winter Art & Paint Sale + New Videos

NEW Eco Oil Painting Tutorial Video

This video is about 8 minutes and describes non-toxic and natural painting techniques with demonstrations and resources on how to create high quality works of art with all natural materials and absolutely nothing toxic.

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NEW Children’s Earth Paint Video

This is a short video about the Children’s Earth Paints, what toxins you find in most commercial children’s paints, the history of Earth Painting and more.

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Perfect Gifts for Children, Artists and Crafters

15% OFF ALL Earth Paints & Materials – Site Wide

Leah Fanning Mebane
(Offer Expires Dec. 22, 2012)

Holiday Shipping: Packages are guaranteed to arrive before Dec. 25th if placed by Dec. 19th.

Crafting & Scrapbooking

Leah Fanning Mebane

We’ve been getting orders for the Children’s Paint Kits lately by Crafters and Scrapbookers. I never even thought of this but they are apparently working great as a water soluble and natural craft paint for many types of craft projects and decorating scrapbooks!

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Happy Happy Holidays
Love, The Mebanes

20% OFF All Abstract Paintings – Site Wide!

Blue Throat, by Leah Fanning Mebane

Every two to three years I have a sale on my abstract work and this is it! This allows me to make room for new inspirations and ideas when my studio begins to clear out. This offer will expire in two weeks (Dec. 22nd) so don’t miss your chance to save up to $400 on each painting. There are many recent Earth Paintings and also older work from the Chakra Series and Medicine Wheel Series. I’ll also be offering 30% off my wild, 3 dimensional paintings in the Flight from the Box Series.


Eco & Non-toxic Gesso Recipe

Leah Fanning Mebane

I spent years looking for an alternative to so-called “non-toxic” acrylic gesso to prime my canvases and wood boards. After choking on the fumes that come out of these gesso bottles for years, I finally investigated what it was actually made of and officially decided to find a better option. I’ve  always been stumped by the only “natural” alternative being rabbit skin glue. It turns out there is a vegan, animal-friendly option using methyl cellulose (which is made from plant fibers), whiting, and honey! Try out this recipe below…

Mix 1 part whiting (Plaster of Paris or chalk) with 1 part hot water. Add 1 part methyl cellulose glue to 10 parts whiting mixture. Add a few drops of honey. Voila! (To make the glue, mix 5 Tbsps. methylcellulose powder and 1 cup water. Then add enough cold water to make one quart of mixture. Let it sit overnight; then pour it into a jar.)

Land a Magazine Feature Teleseminar Dec. 11th, Sign up HERE

Latest Updates from Leah Fanning Mebane

Eco Art, Green Crafts & Artist Retreats

Artist & Writer Retreats

Now that Winter is coming on, the idea of a Balinese Artist Retreat sounds amazing. These 2 great artist/writer/yoga retreats are incorporating Earth Paint into their natural and holistic offerings.
  • The Meditative Arts School has a Meditative Art & Yoga Retreat in Ireland that sounds incredible. They offer daily painting, creative movement, yoga, sculpting, writing, and meditation. They use only nature-based art supplies.
  • The Wellness Immersion Retreats incorporate writing, painting, and yoga for their retreats in Bali, Tuscany, and Big Sur, CA.

Earth Paint 1 Year Anniversary!

This week marks the one year anniversary of Earth Paint! We can’t believe how much we’ve learned after diving in head first last November. We feel so incredibly grateful to all of the amazing people who have helped us in so many ways to get this small business off the ground. The generosity of our friends and community always astounds me. Watching this business grow and hearing how excited people are when they learn about us has been gratifying, too. So many artists tell us how they’ve been looking for years for a non-toxic alternative to professional (yet toxic) oil paints without losing any quality. And parents tell us how they’ve been searching for a natural kids’ paint that paints like “normal” paints – rich, opaque colors that radiate. Earth Paint has been tested and reviewed by over 40 blogs in the past year with 100% rave reviews. And three magazine articles have  been published including our latest one in The Mother Magazine.

We’ll Plant Trees While You Paint

While we’ve done all we can to not harm the Earth with our business by using only locally made, biodegradable, post consumer recycled packaging and vegetable based ink printing, we want to go one step further. We want to give back to our Mother Earth and use this business as a vehicle for positive change. We’ve been brainstorming some ideas but would love to hear any ideas you may have or resources that may help us achieve this goal. Our first idea is to plant one native tree sapling for each order of Earth Paints placed on our website. As we work on this goal, please contact uswith any suggestions or thoughts you may have. Thank you!
Are you looking for the perfect gift for an aspiring artist, professional artist, hobby artist or anyone with toxicity sensitivities? The Earth Oil Paint Kit is perfect for these types of people…
• Painters who are sensitive to, or simply want to avoid exposure to solvents (mineral spirits, turpentine), heavy metal toxins, petroleum based pigments and toxic preservatives.
Students and teachers in schools and colleges where the use of oil paint is prohibited because of the solvents and heavy metal toxins.
• Artists working in shared studio space or small home studio where the build up of solvent levels could lead to a harmful concentration of vapors and an unpleasant odor.
For travelers, all Earth Paints can be easily transported on airplanes and come in convenient powder form packets that pack easily.
* Anyone wanting to paint without harming the earth.
* Artists who want more vibrancy and luminosity in their paintings without fillers and preservatives to dull the color.
* Artists wanting the most archival, UV resistant and long lasting paints available.
* Cost Conscious artists who want high quality paints for less money.
Offer expires Dec. 15thIn the Works!We’ve been working for the past 5 months on a Natural Egg Dye Kit using fruit and vegetable dyes. These will be available in early 2013! Stay Tuned…

DIY Gift Wrap

Instead of buying China-made, petroleum-based wrapping paper this year, make your own and add twice the value to your gift! Here’s some ideas!
  • Go to a thrift store: you’ll find great vintage fabrics, cool wallpaper, sweaters to cut up; scarves make great bows
  • Recycle an old map
  • Use old brown grocery bags and decorate
  • Wrap in newspaper
  • Decorate your grocery bags & newspaper with Earth Paint prints (leaf prints, cut apple prints, bottle cap prints; the possibilities are endless)
  • Wrap in your child’s drawings or paintings (if you have a million like me)
  • Make leaf rubbings with a crayon on newsprint

Free Giveaways & Discounts

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Have you tried Pinterest yet?

If not, beware! It’s addictive but also a great way to organize your ideas and projects and create vision boards to bring what you desire into your life. By Following Earth Paint and Leah’s Earth Art, you’ll have access to all of my “pins” including Natural Home Ideas, Natural Wellness Recipes,  Recycled Crafts for Kids, Nature Art Projects, DIY projects, Gardening Tips, Green Living Tips, Eco Art and more.

Art Marketing Teleconference on Dec. 11th

Mark your calendars for an upcoming teleconference that I’ll be giving on how to “Land a Magazine Feature by writing about your art or product”. This will be hosted by Alyson Stanfield, the author of “I’d Rather Be in the Studio” and the popular “Art Biz Coach”. Contact Me for more info on how to listen in.

Earth Paintings on Eco First Art is a new one-of-kind website that sells only eco-friendly art, hand made gifts, furniture, artistic clothing and more. All of the materials used in the art and other items are either natural, recycled, reclaimed or earth-friendly. My abstract, natural earth paintings are now featured on the site as well as the Earth Paint Kits. Check out this great site.

New Paint Kits for International Customers

We’ve created a more streamlined Earth Oil Paint Kit & Children’s Earth Paint Kit for International Customers. The kits are discounted and have 1/2 price shipping! Click HERE for more info and to order.


Our individual children’s and oil paint packets make great stocking stuffers! Each packet makes 16 oz. paint.
BUY 3 Colors and receive a FREE Earth Paint Booklet (with nature based art projects, ancient history of Earth Paint, Eco Oil Painting Tips and more).
Offer Expires Dec. 31st
Visit Us at
www.NaturalEarthPaint.comfor Eco-friendly and USA Made Holiday Gifts
Have a Beautiful Winter Season
Much Love,
Leah and Family

VIDEO: Artist Leah Fanning Mebane

Earth Art & Paint Summer Newsletter

Earth Art & Paint
Summer Newsletter

Children’s Earth Paint,
not just for children!
Leah painting with Earth Paints
After teaching nature-inspired art classes over the past Summer, I’ve discovered that adults are having just as much fun with the water soluble Earth Paints as children! From making leaf print stationary and painting flower pots to decorating wooden frames and large garden rocks, the fun can be enjoyed by all ages.

Summer Art Project:
Sea Shell Collages
Painting seashells
Have you ever wondered what you’ll do with that bag of shells that you’ve been collecting at beaches for years? Here ya go…
Paint shells with Earth Paints
2. Glue to a scrap piece of wood or stiff board in pretty patterns or in shape of animals, flowers, people, etc.
* Toddler Option: Instead of gluing them down, let your toddler sort, arrange, and put them in different containers. My 2 ½ year old was occupied with this hours!
* Older Child Option: use a tiny brush to add tiny details
20% off Commissioned Portraits
on orders placed between Aug. 15th- Oct. 1st
*Oil, Watercolor or Charcoal Drawings*
Click HERE for price list.

Exciting Earth Paints News!
I’m so grateful for the wonderful response we’ve gotten since starting Earth Paints in December. Here are a few highlights from the past few months..* We’ve Gone International! – Selling Earth Paints all over the world, including New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, UK, Alsaka, Canada, Scotland and Ireland.
* We were awarded the Gold Certification by Green America which is a very prestigious recognition for the most Green businesses in America.
* Earth Paints have been reviewed by dozens of blogs with all rave reviews.
* Featured in Green Child Magazine, Artists & Illustrators Magazine and an upcoming issue of The Mother Magazine.

Earth Oil Painting2
Earth Oil Painting4
Earth Oil Painting3
Earth Oil Painting5

I’ve just finished a series of mini 8″ x 8″ Earth Oil Paintings. They will all soon be on view at the Ashland Art Center and on my website.
$95 each.
Earth Oil Paint on Canvas

Upcoming Class
“Getting Your Art Published in Magazines”
Aug. 14th, 10 am-11:30 at Ashland Art Center (OR)
Learn how to get your art featured in magazines and blogs as the best form of free advertising!  $15
FREE Earth Paints Play Day!
at Growing Green Baby  260 N. 1st St Ashland, OR
On Aug. 18th, 1-3 pm, come on out and play with the children’s earth paints. All ages are welcome and snacks provided.

Interesting Blog Posts

Giveaways, Discounts
& Free Classes
Keep checking our Earth Paints Facebook Page for Free Nature Art Classes, Paint Kit Giveaways, Discounts on Kits and lots more!

Happy Earth Day from Leah Mebane's Earth Art!

Happy Earth Day

In Gratitude on April 22nd
I would like to express deep gratitude for our Mother Earth. Not only for giving us life and nourishment and blue whales (as if that weren’t enough) but also for providing us with beautiful ready made paint for over 100,000 years.

Eco Oil Painting
Have you ever wanted to paint with oils but didn’t want to use all of the toxins involved?

It turns out that toxins are completely unnecessary in the oil painting process and natural oil paints are actually the most eco friendly and pure painting process out there – simply walnut oil and natural pigment. Unlike acrylic paints they contain no petrochemicals or preservatives. There are natural alternatives for the turpentine used for thinning paint and cleaning brushes and the process can be simple and pure.

We’re  now offering a FREE “Eco Oil Painting Guide” with the purchase of an Eco Earth Oil Paint Kit for the next two months.

The Guide includes tips on “Greening” all of your materials including resources for hemp/organic cotton canvas, sustainably harvested stretcher bars and panels, recipes for vegan eco gesso and more.

BONUS: With the oil paint kit you can make atleast eight other natural paints and art supplies as well. We provide RECIPES  including earth pastels, natural wood stains, glair paint and more.

LOW PRICE: The Oil Paint Kit contains the equivalent to 6 medium sized tubes of high quality oil paint which makes it a very economical price $39.95. (atleast $20 savings)

New Article in
Artists & Illustrators Magazine
My latest article, “Non-toxic Painting”, is featured in the May issue of Artists & Illustrators Magazine (out now)!
Make Egg Tempera
with the
Eco Oil Paint Kit
Egg Tempera painting is an ancient practice and produces a crisp and luminous effect that’s different from oil. It makes a water-soluble paint that dries quickly and is very permanent.
Ingredients: Egg Yolk, water, earth pigments (from the oil paint kit or individual packets) Prep Time: 5 minutes per color

1. Separate the egg from the white. Keeping the yolk whole, dry it by passing it back and forth in the palms of your hands or with a paper towel

2. Remove yolk from the sack. Hold the yolk over a dish with your thumb and forefinger, piercing the sack to allow the contents to flow out.

3. Mix yolk with earth pigments using water to thin the paint. A drop of Clove Oil can be added to slow spoilage.

Nature Art Class
April 27th
5-7 pm at the Jackson Wellsprings (Ashland, OR)
We will paint smooth river rock stones and drift wood with earth paints. We’ll make eco stationary with leaf, veggie & flower prints and Native American paint brushes with plant stalks. If time allows we’ll learn how to make earth pastels and natural egg tempera paint. $25 (all materials included)

This new and more economical kit contains the same six colors with a little less paint than the regular kit (but still makes 66 oz. paint)! $19.95
*mixing cups & booklet not included

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Earth Art Day with Leah Fanning Mebane

Earth Paints & Nature Art Class: We will celebrate Earth Day with an all natural earth art class. We will learn to make our own earth paints from natural clay and paint smooth river stones and driftwood for your home or garden. We’ll make eco-stationary with leaf, veggie & flower prints and Native American paint brushes with plant stalks. If time allows we’ll also learn how to make earth pastels and natural egg tempera paint. When: April 27th 5-7 pm (Register by April 20th) 541-890-6533 Where: Jackson Wellsprings, in the Goddess Temple – 2253 Highway 99 N  Ashland, OR How much: $25 per person includes all supplies (Earth Paints, stones, drift wood, leaves, veggies, paper, brushes, etc.) Who:  everyone welcome Taught by local artist and Founder of Earth Paints, Leah Fanning Mebane