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June 2014: Jillian’s Solo Art Show @ Cliff Creek Cellars, Gold Hill, Oregon.

June 2014: – Solo exhibition Cliff Creek Cellars Tasting Room / GalleryContact Cliff Creek for times/details:

A little late on posting this, but had some health issues in our household. Hope you can get time to go visit. NOT SHOWN: 4 miniatures (3 were prize winners – CO, and PA) + 1 large watercolor that was juried into Watercolor Society of Oregon fall show 2010

Watercolor painting – ACEO – Shriner clown.

I have always loved my clown series, but it’s been several years since I have done one. I decided that it fitted a theme on guys faces for the month of June. I love letting their personalities shine on through, without being overwhelmed by their costumes. The hair on this one presented a challenge, but loved that about doing this one.I’ve titled this “Red, White, and Never Blue”. By artist,

The stories behind my art – Page 3 – #021 – 030 ‘dollhouse’ 1:12 scale miniature original paintings.

Some initial glitches but now up and running in correct place. This is Page 3 – where I am starting to put up inventory and stories behind my artworks.This is page 3 of my 1:12 scale dollhouse miniature paintings.
Again, you can see where my heart is – garden/old things, beach/ocean/sunsets, the art of the human body studies, and patriotic American

A tip for art journal pages. Printing shortage. Using washii tape.

My printer tends to print a little ‘short’ of a full page at times – so I have a blank gap. For art journal pages this is a bit annoying, but I was very pleased with the results of using a strip of black dotted washii tape along the bottom. It fitted in perfectly, and for this printed page, it just added the right amount of subtle interest.
If you collect old papers, you could cut a tape-like

Art of Jillian Crider 2014-04-26 14:47:00

OK. Page 2 – my ‘new’ website is up and running in its correct place. Starting to put up inventory and stories behind my artworks.This is page 2 of my 1:12 scale dollhouse miniature paintings.
You can see where my heart is – animals (dogs), garden/old things, beach/ocean/sunsets, and houses (particularly old ones – both shown are

The stories behind my art – #001 – 010 ‘dollhouse’ 1:12 scale miniature original paintings.

I am getting my art together, along with the stories behind the paintings. This is the first page – numbers 1-10 of my miniature paintings in 1:12 scale – meant primarily for dollhouses, roomboxes, etc.

ACEO – playing with vintage pages and images, dressed up with original art.

Such fun to do. Did this today, an ACEO (2.5×3.5″) art original collage + original painting roses.Old handwriting from 1874, Harper’s Bazar illustration (fashion) from 1898 – hand tinted in watercolor. And decorative roses hand-painted in gouache. Rounded corners – card backed. “A True Rose” Listed on eBay.© Jillian Crider

Art of Jillian Crider 2014-04-02 13:19:00

I’ve offered prints on old book pages in my Etsy store before, as well as currently. But this is a first.I was thinking how much I love teacups, especially those with pink roses, and then thinking how popular prints of my watercolor of one has been. I had an old book from 1876 nearby, and was thinking of printing on the pages of it. And from there, this became my new creation (using my own art

Photobombed by a Squirrel!

Going through my photos, and tagging them with keywords, and loved this ruined farmhouse (southern Oregon), so enlarged it. I started to laugh …
I was …
Photobombed by a squirrel! This little guy looked up out of a ditch/creek? to see what was happening to an otherwise quiet rural area. Took 3 photos, he’s in 2 of them. Made me laugh.

A word on displaying and collecting original art.

Art adds SO much character and adds interest to one’s decor.A few years back I decked all my walls full of art. Some were from floor to ceiling. Some were my art pieces, but it included others’ work, too.I loved to look up and see it. It gave me a lot of joy.
But even more amazing, my visitors loved it. People would come in and go directly to my walls, and conversations would start up. Even