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Special Exhibit for Dana Feagin at Ashland Art Center to Benefit Equamore Foundation

Sherade, by Dana FEagin

(Ashland, OR—February 1, 2013) — The Ashland Art Center will host a special exhibit featuring local artist Dana Feagin and staff from Ashland’s Equamore Foundation Horse Sanctuary during Ashland’s First Friday Art Walk on March 1st, 5PM – 8PM, to raise awareness for National Horse Protection Day.

The First Friday exhibit will feature five of Feagin’s horse paintings—all of the horses are residents of the Equamore Foundation Horse Sanctuary—and staff from Equamore will be there to talk about the sanctuary’s rescue efforts, to share success stories, and to let people in the community know how to help. The paintings will remain on exhibit during the month of  March in the upstairs Artists’ Gallery; 10%  of the sales from these paintings will be donated to Equamore Foundation to assist with horse rescue and care.

With more than 170,000 unwanted horses in the United States, and with economic stress putting more at risk every day, raising awareness is vital. Many unwanted horses are auctioned for slaughter or die of starvation, neglect, or abuse; only a fraction find sanctuary at places like Equamore Foundation. National Horse Protection Day is aimed at bringing attention to the issues horses face, such as teaching people how to recognize a neglected animal and where to call for help.

The Ashland Art Center is a nonprofit visual arts organization that serves Southern Oregon citizens with art education, art exhibitions, and art services. The Center houses 20 open artist studios and its gallery represents more than 50 local artists. Its mission is to serve as a vital resource for art experience and education, while offering economic and social support to the visual arts community.

After a twenty-year corporate career, Dana Feagin began her career in oil painting, with a focus on animal art. She paints shelter and rescue animals, as well as commissioned pet portraits, and donates 10 percent of sales to local animal charities and rescue groups. She is a regular volunteer at FOTAS and Sanctuary One and is a member of HeARTs Speak, the Canine Art Guild, and the Ashland Gallery Association.

The Equamore Foundation is a nonprofit organization in Ashland whose mission is to provide a safety net for unwanted, abused, abandoned, neglected, and aged horses who are without alternatives for their care, while fostering compassion and responsibility for horses through education, outreach, and intervention.

Ashland Art Center A2B Program Announces First Friday Shuttle

Ashland Art Center logoThe Ashland Art Center A2B program has a shuttle for First Friday. You can catch the shuttle at the Art Center at 5:00 p.m. For better parking catch the shuttle at one of the locations listed below:

5:00 p.m. Ashland Art Center, 357 East Main St
5:05 p.m. South Starbucks
5:08 p.m. Ashland Home Center, 1401 Siskiyou Blvd, PARKING AVAILABLE!
5:18 Skylark Assisted Living, 900 Skylark Place, PARKING AVAILABLE!
5:25 Wellspring Centre for Body Balance, 108 E. Hersey St., Ste 2A PARKING AVAILABLE!
5:30 Royce Realty, 145 E Main and Downtown Starbucks
5:35 Back to Ashland Art Center

The shuttle will cycle around to each location every 35 minutes and will continue until 8 p.m.

Each of the above locations features a display of wonderful art from Ashland Art Center artists. Artists participating are: Leah Mebane, Carol Cochran, Sandi Whetzel, Jupiter Moon, Jana Parkes, Penny Keenan and Dana Feagin.

Come out and join us on First Friday for the fun and the beautiful art! Now parking isn’t a problem anymore. Please pass this information on and if you are from Medford, I’d like to get a shuttle service set up for 3rd Friday Art Walks. We need a few more businesses to participate so if you have empty walls give me a call! Gorgeous original artwork is only a phone call away!

Wanda Pepin
A2B Program Director and Artist Services Manager
Ashland Art Center
541 261 9794

Article about Animal Portrait Artist Dana Feagin from Horse and Man

When stopping in to our LinkedIn account to change the password (you all did see the important post about the password security breach there, right?) we happened to see that SOAR member artist Dana Feagin had gotten a fabulous writeup on the blog Horse and Man. They are a young blog looking for new readers and invite readers to pass their posts around, so we’re reposting here. Animal lovers, please take a moment to check out Horse and Man at


Animal Artists who give back… MEET DANA FEAGIN – again!

A while back, I wrote about Dana Feagin who used to be corporate and then one day she picked up a paintbrush… and never looked back!

I happened upon Dana Feagin because her artwork was all over a fabulous animal sanctuary called SANCTUARY ONE that we visited.  When I inquired as to the why and the who of the characterized animal wall art, they told me that Dana Feagin was the artist and that she not only offered her time creating work that the Sanctuary can sell – but she also volunteered!

They went on to say that Dana’s help is a triple whammy of aid.  First, she paints Sanctuary animals that can be sold which adds money to the coffers – the Sanctuary is also able to use the art in their advertising (bonus!) AND Dana walks dogs and cleans cages on the weekends!


So, since I love it when artists give back for the animals, I decided to show you her new works and her COMMISSION works today.

GUILT FREE COMMISSIONS! (no affiliation)

Some of you feel badly commissioning work of your own animals when so many are suffering… Well, one way to satisfy both of your needs (wanting a painting of your pet and also wanting to help homeless animals) is to find an artist you admire who also gives back.

For example, if you commission a piece from Dana of your own dog, she still donates at least 10% of all sales/commissions.  So, win-win!  Guilt-free spending!



I emailed Dana and asked her if she always saw animals as personalities…

Here is her reply:

It’s interesting that you ask about seeing animals as personalities as I have never quite thought of it that way, but yes! I am always looking for ways to show each animal’s unique personality, and I love finding silly photos where they are doing something really funny – things that make me (and hopefully other people) smile. And, when doing commissions, it’s so important to capture that special thing about each animal – the part that makes them different than any other animal – so I challenge myself to do that. I want each painting to really feel like that particular animal when someone looks at it. The most recent painting I am working on is “Cream”, a Sanctuary One cow – she is sticking her tongue out a bit in the photo – although I am making it stick out even more – and I am adding a bright background and polka dots – since she is all white, I wanted her to look really amazing and fun – and she needed something more than just a plain background since she is all white. Cream is a retired blood donor cow for a veterinary school…. I also am inspired by these rescue animal’s stories. Many of them have been through so much, and it just amazes me how they rebound with proper care and love – they are so forgiving! What I know about each animal is included on the backs of all of my paintings and greeting cards.  A bit more about me in case you need it – I have 4 dogs, all from the shelter. (I was up to 5 last year, but my oldest passed away last summer). We now have a Pit Bull, Brussels Griffon, Shih Tzu and Border Collie (he was our foster dog and he adopted us – doing everything he could to deter potential adopters). It amazes me how many wonderful dogs and cats end up at the shelter – even purebred dogs and cats! I spent every weekday morning walking my dogs (not all together as they are NOT well behaved as a big pack) and then try to devote my afternoons art. My husband and I volunteer at the shelter as dog walkers on Saturdays. We try to get as many dogs out as we can before the shelter opens, so they are calmer when the public arrives to see them. I also volunteer with Sanctuary One, helping with fundraising events. They are now using my paintings in their advertising (also attached – they are actually 4 separate ads, but linked together in one image). I am also a member of the Canine Art Guild, Ashland Gallery Association, and am on the Exhibiting Committee at the Ashland Art Center, where I also show my work and have a studio space (where you found my work!). I am now painting some there as well as at my home studio. Ten percent of my sales are donated to Sanctuary One, or to Friends of the Animal Shelter depending on the piece.








I bought several cards from Dana… I just love to send animal cards.  People cannot be unhappy when they get an animal card…  Here is the link to her Etsy Store.





HORSE AND MAN is a blog in growth… if you like this, please pass it around!

SOAR Welcomes Pet Portrait Artist Dana Feagin

Wide-Eyed Red, pet portrait in oil by Dana Feagin, Inspired Pet Portraits

Wide-Eyed Red, pet portrait in oil by Dana Feagin, Inspired Pet Portraits


…Along with many thanks for inviting us to speak about SOAR at the bimonthly artists meeting at the Ashland Art Center! Several artists joined forces with us as a result of that presentation and we’re very grateful to have new allies! You can find Dana’s complete collection of web links and contact information in Dana’s new listing in the Pet Portraits category of the Visual Artists directory. Please help us welcome her by sharing her listing with friends! Please note that Dana has asked us to syndicate her blog, so now you can read here posts as part of the community stream of content here at Art Matters!. Look for her column in the Artist Posts menu at the top of the page.

“I am an oil painter devoted to animal art, painting animals that I find interesting and amusing and commissioned pet portraits. My realistic style often uses solid colors or patterned backgrounds for a pop art feel, but I also love painting the faces of animals cropped very closely with no background at all. Many of my works feature animals from local rescue groups; 10% of my sales are donated to Sanctuary One in Jacksonville and Friends of the Animal Shelter in Phoenix, Oregon.”

We’re so proud of the many artists who donate and otherwise contribute to charities and causes here in Southern Oregon, and Dana’s work with Sanctuary One and FOTAS is greatly admired by many.


Here’s more about Dana from her website:


I live in Ashland, Oregon and paint out of my backyard studio, a recently renovated 100+ year old shed just a few short steps from my back door! My husband and I relocated from San Diego in 2006, ending our 20+ year corporate careers, to be closer to family and to spend more time doing the things that are important to us – and for me, it’s art!


I had taken many art classes at UCSD, and once we moved to Ashland, I discovered oil painting at Talent Studios. My first oil painting was of Oliver, one of our special needs dogs that had just passed away – I loved the process and the final painting.
When the class moved on to figure painting and portraiture, I really struggled to remain motivated. That’s when it struck me – all of the art I really loved creating had animals in it – even as a child, all my drawings and paintings were of animals. So, I embraced my desire to focus on animal art, painting a large rooster in class while everyone else painted the live model.
Soon after my “aha” moment, I painted all of our dogs and gave family and friends pet portraits as gifts. I enjoyed everything about the creative process and seeing the reaction when someone looked at their pet’s portrait for the first time.
Now, I paint animals that I find amusing and custom pet portraits, while donating 10% of my sales to local animal rescue groups. In my free time, I volunteer at our local animal shelter as a dog walker, and Sanctuary One, a farm animal rescue in Jacksonville, OR. I am also on the exhibiting committee and jury new artwork in at the Ashland Art Center.