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Confetti Grapes by Susan Frank

Colorful grapevine interpreted from a vine at an Oregon Vineyard. It was a sunny day with lots of color, so I took some liberties with the color in this piece. 

SALE: Miniature art gold frames x2.

I bought far too many of these many years ago when I was thinking of opening a gallery based on small format  and miniature artworks. And to enter miniature art shows. These frames have never been used. So they are new. My current situation is where I need to downsize drastically.
The oval opening is for 2.5×3″ it says, but not sure of the accuracy of that. The frames exterior dimensions are 4

“In  alchemy, all things are evolving but considered to be exposed to a wave of energies becoming…”

“In  alchemy, all things are evolving but considered to be exposed to a wave of energies becoming involved in matter as well, and thus subject to hindrances and impurities from matter not ready or mature enough to evolve beyond a certain level (corruptible matter). As a result the energies of life are weakened when it is the energies of life which should predominate. The alchemist believed that by understanding Nature’s laws and applying them with Art, that it is possible to remove hindrances to the evolutionary wave so that the energies of life can predominate and lift the subject toward perfection”

Real Alchemy:  A Primer of Practical Alchemy, Robert Allen Bartlett

Vivisection, 10”x10”x1.5, oil & ink on wood…

Vivisection, 10”x10”x1.5, oil & ink on wood panel, SOLD

Organic form and it’s emergence from geometry. This painting has sold but there are a few available in this style in my online store!

October Rain by Susan Frank

Spotted this little cityscape while in Shannon, Ireland. It was a rainy afternoon, but the bright light and shimmering flags made for a magical street scene. 

Florida Acorns by Susan Frank

Fruits and Nuts are abundant in the early fall months, before the birds and small animals have had a chance to collect food for the winter. I make sure I visit lots of neighborhoods in the Autumn to collect images for drawing and painting during the … 

A Tribute To Our Four-Footed Friend. Wyatt.

Yesterday took an unexpected turn of events. Although Wyatt has had medical ‘issues’ since around Christmas, this really broad-sided us.What was just a supposedly ‘minor’ vet visit for skin condition, expanded into an Xray with very unwelcome news, with a combination of ‘issues’.So, somewhere, Wyatt is now flying free and in peace. Much loved. And very much missed.Thank you Wyatt, for all you

Fuchsia Lore – gallery of my fuchsia art and creations NEW – on my website.

I reconnected with some Fuchsia friends of mine, so set up a page on my website that covers my fuchsia art creations. Illustrations, art, fuchsia lore gifts, paintings, collages, and even rubber stamp designs I’ve done. 
 – hope you’ll check out my work. Special requests welcome. At one stage I had 300 named varieties of fuchsias and belonged

Slip Away

In Ashland, cultural center of Southern Oregon, a sunny spot is never hard to find. Blocks from the theaters, galleries and shops of downtown, you can step into nature via a well situated park. This painting contrasts the shadows and sun of a late summer’s day, rich in hue and saturated with my love for a uniquely beautiful place.

Price: $600
Media: Oil on canvas
Size: 16″x12″

© Copyright 2015 Silvia Trujillo Art

© Copyright 2015 Silvia Trujillo Art

Heavy on the Vine

An Indian summer’s ripe harvest calls for thick oils and a palette knife, just like a fine Rogue Valley cheese demands a spicy Tempranillo or a dry Pinot Gris. By molding the paint and layering it on the canvas, I captured the texture of the day, the layers of from sky to earth, and – I hope – the smell of dry grass and ripening grapes.

Price: $300
Media: Oil on canvas
Size: 8″x10″

© Copyright 2015 Silvia Trujillo Art

© Copyright 2015 Silvia Trujillo Art