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BUNNYMANIA – Opens March 27th at 6PM – Dana Feagin – Inspired Pet Portraits & Animal Paintings in Oil

Two of my paintings (Sweet Cheeks and Blue Bunny) are part of the BUNNYMANIA fundraising art show curated by celebrated Los Angeles art critic, Peter Frank, and exhibit producer, Delia Cabral. The show opens tonight at 6PM at Chungking Studio, 975 Chung King Road, Los Angeles (China Town Area) and remains at that location over the weekend. On April 4th, the show opens again at Wilding Cran Gallery, 939 South Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles (Arts District), and remains at that location through April 18th.

This show raises awareness about our relationship to rabbits, both the animals, and what they’ve come to symbolize in our human experience. Inspiration for this show stems from the pure awesomeness of bunnies, but also from the curators’ shared penchant for rabbit-themed art, and their exchanges of all things ‘bun over many years. Proceeds from Bunnymania benefit the National Museum of Animals & Society. This 501(c)(3) non-profit museum is the first of its kind dedicated to enriching the lives of animals & people by exploring our shared experience. The musem focuses on animal studies (where people and animals intersect in culture), the history of animal protection, and humane education in their collection, exhibitions, public programming, and educational efforts.



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A freebie – sign up now … (thanks!!!!)

I’m running a bit behind, but this is already designed, just have some ‘tweeking’ to do. My next newsletter will be going out in the next week, and will always have a freebie for you. Please sign up for my mailing list.

This time it is a box the size of playing card decks – to store ACEO and ATC art cards or other treasures. It is handwritten vintage paper with one of my own ACEO sketches of

Clouds At Sunrise by Susan Frank

The clouds at sunrise over the Rocky Mountains are filled with pinks, purples, and peach shades of early morning color.  

Sunlit Roses by Susan Frank

Summer blooms, painted with light, botanical treasures waiting to be found. 

Merci by Susan Frank

A small place to find a beautiful gift that says “Thank You”. 

Lithia Park by Susan Frank

The forest at Lithia Park is a wonderful place to ramble along the trails and creeks. 

Metamorphosis, 6”x6”, oil and ink on woodFor…

Metamorphosis, 6”x6”, oil and ink on wood

For purchase inquiries visit or email [email protected]

Pale Yellow Flowers by Susan Frank

These flowers appeared in my back yard this month. Spring arrives early in Southern Oregon and it was wonderful to find them after a rainy winter.  

Confetti Grapes by Susan Frank

Colorful grapevine interpreted from a vine at an Oregon Vineyard. It was a sunny day with lots of color, so I took some liberties with the color in this piece. 

SALE: Miniature art gold frames x2.

I bought far too many of these many years ago when I was thinking of opening a gallery based on small format  and miniature artworks. And to enter miniature art shows. These frames have never been used. So they are new. My current situation is where I need to downsize drastically.
The oval opening is for 2.5×3″ it says, but not sure of the accuracy of that. The frames exterior dimensions are 4