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Drawing: Still Life with Coffee Cup & Vase

Drawing:  Still Life with Coffee Cup & Vase

Graphite on paper

I continue to work on my drawing skills.  I’m taking a classical drawing class with a local artist, Sarah F. Burns.  I’m enjoying the learning environment.

With this particular still life drawing, I used a coffee cup and clay vase I collected while living in Germany.   My focus is on learning how to draw the forms.

Please enjoy!


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Fort Howard, Rear View, oil on panel, Matt Klos

Fort Howard, Rear View, oil on panel, Matt Klos

Jim Hall has a great selection of previously exhibited work on the walls at Oxford Gallery this summer in a show titled “Reprise“. Some of my favorite paintings from previous shows are on view, as well as many I overlooked. The one above, a small work from Matt Klos, came from the series he did of scenes in Baltimore’s Fort Howard.

Butler Midyear

Sugar Bowl in Family RoomThe artist’s reception at the 79th Butler Midyear Exhibition at the Butler Institute of American Art is this Sunday afternoon. The collector who bought the painting and loaned it to the museum for the exhibition pointed out to me yesterday that they featured it on their page announcing this year’s show. I’m honored. I wish very much that I could attend on Sunday but I have a previous engagement.

Gone fishin

I'm with Andy and Opie

I’m down with Opie. Yeah, you know me.

It’s July and I’m fishing for ideas by producing a lot less of everything than usual. I’ll be back. (In August.) Those are nice Chuck Taylors on Ron Howard. The high tops back then weren’t as high as they are now.

Art Show Presentation, RVM


About the Video

This is a video of an art show presentation I gave on 1 July, 2015 to the residents of the Rogue Valley Manor (RVM).  Location was the Deschutes Gallery, Skyline Plaza Building.

In this video, I give the audience a brief outline of my background, including such classical influences as Picasso and Pogo.  Then, I talk about my watercolor studies and work. I focus my discussion on composing with color, light and shape.  The art show collection includes my “Toy Pony”, “MsKitty” and “Just Sayin’…” series of paintings.

Art Show Thank You’s

Thank you to Mr. Dick Warren (Art Committee, Deschutes Gallery, Rogue Valley Manor) for inviting me to show my work at the Rogue Valley Manor, Deschutes Gallery (Skyline Plaza).

Thank you to Mr. Bill Coleman and Mr. Warren for hanging the art show.

Thanks to my aunt Mary Thornton for her enthusiasm, inspiration and for introducing me to the Deschutes Gallery.

Thanks to my husband Robert for helping me prepare and photographing the presentation.

Where to View The Art Show

The art show is open to the public during business hours, July 1st through July 31st.  The Rogue Valley Manor – Skyline Plaza is located at 1200 Mira Mar Ave, Medford OR.


I’d like to show a few photos from “hanging day”.  Mr. Warren, Mr. Coleman, Robert, Aunt Mary, and I made quick work of hanging 27 paintings.  My job was attaching title cards to the correct paintings.

Art Show at Deschutes Gallery, Rogue Valley Manor


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Fresh paint, fresh air

fresh paint


I’m in California for a week with my family, but I thought I would pass this notice about a show back home along, something I’d like to see when I get back next week. Artists include:  Betsy Lee Taylor, Jean K Stephens, Cathy Chin, Lanna Pejovic , Denise Heischman , Bob Dorsey, Carol Acquilano, Kathryn Bevier, Gloria Betlem, Alan Singer, Gail Thomas, Amy Stummer, Robert Heischman, Jane O’Donnell, Rebecca DeMarco, Bill Stephens, Jim Mott, Phyllis Bryce Ely, Paula Crawford and more.
This is an exhibition of “plein air” paintings and drawings by regional and national artists invited to submit art all summer long in an ever changing exhibition.  Works will be framed or presented unframed and may even reflect unfinished sketch states as well as fully finished.
The exhibition is designed to encourage artists to get out and paint and present their work without the usual formality and cost of showing.
The gallery will accept new works from our invited artists each Thursday for the duration of the show and so it will “organically grow” throughout the season.
For more information please contact Denise Heischman or Mary Reakes at:
Copyright © 2015, All rights reserved.Our mailing address is:

Mill Art Center & Gallery

61 North Main St.

Honeoye Falls, NY 14472


Extreme Cupcake

From the Sad Stuff on the Street blog.

From the Sad Stuff on the Street blog.

Sad stuff on the Street.

Slow and steady

Everyday Altar

After my last show at Oxford, I decided to tackle the most ambitious painting I’ve ever done. It’s another in the series of tabletops I’ve been doing for a long time–I did the first one, back in the 90s. Why I keep returning to the format isn’t entirely clear to me, other than to say I don’t feel I’ve exhausted the rewards this template, with its unusual downward-looking perspective, a literally bird’s-eye view of a tabletop. What’s unusual, this time, is how long I expect to work on the painting. First, I’m going to spend more time on each part of this painting than I have before, developing the image as slowly as it requires, so that every element gets as much attention as all the rest. I’ve already put about six weeks into it and don’t expect to be done until the fall, partly because the summer always pulls me away from the easel for several weeks every year, but mostly because it’s a set of complex objects requiring gradual, painstaking development. While I’m doing it, I’m going to try to clarify to myself how and why I started doing this sort of image, why it allowed me to absorb certain influences and incorporate them into my own work, and what sort of meaning the images seem to have, even though I have been creating them simply as a way of addressing formal challenges, not conceptual ones. My blog output is likely going to lighten up since my energy goes first to this painting, and hopefully some small ones I’ll be able to do along the way as I finish this. That’s Poppy, the newest member of our clan, peeking out at you from inside my iPhone.


Heaven. I’m in heaven.
And my heart beats so
that I can hardly speak
and I seem to find the happiness I seek
when we’re out together
dancing cheek to cheek.
       —from “Cheek to Cheek” by Irving Berlin
heaven, sky, air
On a gray and grafitti’d street
in a town named for paradise,
three men in fluorescent jackets
take a bread and beer break.
With my Spanish limited to nouns,
I ask the way to Ascensor
Espiritu Santo—the funicular
named Holy Spirit.
The men smile, and one points
around the corner.
I thank them, walk five steps,
pay 100 pesos, and climb
into the square box
that will take me up the steep hill.
A man sits inside on the thin bench,
holding a plastic bag of fresh pan.
The funicular fills with the smell
of his bread. Another man enters,
then an old woman, also carrying
a bag of bread. Then one more woman
and a young man. We are six.
We smell like a panadaria.
We sit and stand in silence.
I want to ask how often these residents
ascend the oily-railed tracks, but I don’t have
the words beyond bread and heaven. 
The box lurches and we launch up,
the three of us on the bench shifting
into each other in a bodily kiss of greeting—
the three standing sway as if starting to dance.
Who extends the invitation?
And to what will we or they be invited?
We rise the mountainside without using
our own limbs. We have entered a body
beyond ourselves. We have been invited
to a communion of passage,
drinking height as we rise up the rails
to a different story. And though we don’t feel it,
we are being transformed in these loud
seconds of ascension, as gears sing
with practiced harmony, as the memory
of an oven sends the bread praying
to air, sky, heaven.
The Sunday before, I visited
a small church, knowing only the couple
who invited me but not their language.
All the small congregation kissed
my gringacheek in greeting as they entered.
I waited for the six guitars to begin their praise,
my face raw with buenos dias.
Just before the music began,
a woman with a box of grape juice in her hand
and worry on her face, asked me a question
I could not unravel the words to.
Yet I knew what she asked.
Si, I answered…to belief. To being able
to eat the bread and drink the blood.
Yes to remembering a body beyond myself.
The funicular stubs to a stop.
We passengers look anywhere but into
each other’s eyes. Maybe one minute passed,
yet all of history has broken open among us.
The plastic bread bags rustle, announcing
the end of this brief service.
The door rattles open. We arrive
to El Museo de Cielo Abierto.
Choose your translation: The museum of
Open air? Open sky? Open heaven?
Here, the walls, the streets, the stairs
are covered in murals dark and light,
dull and bright. A sleeping dog
and stack of pink trash bags watch
over the entrance to this steep place,
filled with every art—to this steep life,
the Museum of Open Heavens.
Yes, I choose heaven.

A Case of Curiosities


A Case of Curiosities

Mixed Media Retreat

In The Land of Enchantment



March 13th – March 19th 2016

Five days and six nights


book bundle, roxanne evans stout

Join Seth Apter and Roxanne Evans Stout

For a magical retreat in Taos, New Mexico

At the

Mabel Dodge Lodge Luhan House


The Mabel Dodge Luhan House


Imagine… each day awakening to a gourmet breakfast with creative souls and art lovers like yourself, and then immersing yourself into creating, playing, exploring and art making to your heart's content.



Our projects begin with a simple wooden case, a box measuring 12" by 15". This case will have many compartments, or niches, of all different sizes that will house unique art pieces including hand made books, paintings, collages, assemblages, scrolls, shrines and tapestries.


Seth Apter


We will stitch and weave, connect and construct, assemble and build, all the while creating our own Case of Curiosities!




 Won't you join Roxanne and Seth for this once in a lifetime experience of discovery, exploration and inspiration and most of all

nourishment for your artistic spirit.


Celebrating the artist book and art journaling! roxanne evans stout

Please email either one of us for details

and registration information:

Roxanne… [email protected]

Seth… [email protected]

There is a special deal if you register soon!