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Susan Frank at the GoodBean in September

GoodBean Coffee Company is proud to present artworks by Susan Frank, artist & illustrator, for our featured exhibit in September 2014. For this show, Susan will offer a diverse collection of pastel paintings & drawings, casein paintings, and photo collage drawings. Her originals and prints on display range from large 22″x30″ originals priced at $400, prints starting at $250, and smaller originals from $175 to 5″x7″ miniatures for $75.
Susan is a member of the Southern Oregon Society of Artists and teaches Fashion Illustration for the Beginner at Central Art Supply in Medford, Oregon. Her formal training began at the University of Houston, and the Glassell School of Art in Texas, and she also studied at the Art Students League of Denver with Master Pastelist, Doug Dawson, and Plein Air Painter Jay Moore.
Her works are represented by:
Susan now resides in Southern Oregon with her dog and two cats, creating paintings for galleries and illustrations for Advocate Art in the United Kingdom.  Recently her work was licensed through agent in UK for use by New York Graphic Society in New York, and a greeting card image published in Australia. Contact info for UK Agent if you wish to license my art is listed on my website.
I practice every day to improve my skills.  Words I try to live by …’try to see the humor, as well as the beauty, in all things.’
~Susan Frank


Car Talk, watercolor by Susan Frank

Car Talk, pastel by Susan Frank

Fall Day, Fashion illustration by Susan Frank

Fall Day, Fashion illustration by Susan Frank

Multnomah Falls, Fashion illustration by Susan Frank

Multnomah Falls, Fashion illustration by Susan Frank

Spring Garden, by Susan Frank

Spring Garden, pastel by Susan Frank

Pat Blair ARTIST OF THE MONTH at Art Du Jour Gallery for August

Up On the Green Springs, pastel by Pat Blair

Up On the Green Springs, pastel by Pat Blair

Art Du Jour Gallery is featuring Pat Blair as ARTIST OF THE MONTH for the month of August

Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 until 4:00 pm.
Pat will be present to talk about her work with visitors attending the gallery’s Third Friday Reception on August 15th from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.

About Pat Blair

” I have become forever drawn to pastels and it is exciting to me to be painting in open air.  I love the lure of the landscape and have traveled near and far to view open spaces with expansive sky and dramatic landscapes.

Painting in plein air is like taking a snapshot.  The painter identifies the focal point of the painting and quickly sketches in the scene including the light and shadows before the light changes.  Much like a photographer catches a shot, so does the plein air painter.  The painter can, however,  change the colors and move around a pesky bush or two in order to make the painting more friendly to the viewer.

Southern Oregon abounds in friendly places for a plein air painter.  I can barely drive down a road without feeling the urge to stop and paint!  I do take loads of photographs to bring back to my studio for reference and also to remind me to return to a certain spot.   I am attracted to water and the reflections that may bring color to the picture.  I also love the drama of shadows and light.  Painting is like dancing.  Sometimes the light takes the lead role but at other times the dark shadows demand the viewers attention and leads the painting.”

Contact me about my Fall Class Schedule, which begins on September 16, 2014 at blair432atcharterdotnet  (blair432atcharterdotnet)  .

Pat Blair
24 North Keeneway Drive
Medford, OR  97504
Telephone: 541-779-2432

SOAR Welcomes Linda Curtis to!

Rogue Riffles, Plein Air Landscape Oil Painting by Linda Curtis, Shady Cove, Oregon Whitewater rafting and traveling with husband and dogs fuels her inspiration. You can find her on a river bank, in a field, or by the edge of a marsh.  "Being out in nature allows me to study the nuances needed to convey my interpretation of the scene." ~ Linda Curtis

Oil Painting by Linda Curtis landscape artist, plein air artist, lanature artist

The Southern Oregon Artists Resource is delighted to welcome Linda Curtis to the Visual Artists directory! You can find her listing–with social links, a link to her website, and contact information–in the Impressionist Artist directory, the Plein Air Painters directory, the Landscapes and Nature artists directory, Oil Painters directory and Pastel Painters directory, and in the alphabetical listing page here. Another important member of the southern Oregon art community, we are proud to see Linda’s listing in our online representation of southern Oregon’s community of artists and thank Linda for joining forces with us. Please help us give her a warm reception by sharing her listing or this announcement with the art lovers in your network!

Taking watercolor lessons from her customer at an auto dealer service department launched Linda into her art career. As a woman who likes lots of texture, she began applying watercolor with a palette knife soon to discover the richness of oils and the buttery qualities of pastels. Linda takes workshops from well-known artists whose work she admires. Living in the Rogue Valley, she is also fortunate to have Richard McKinley as a friend and mentor.

From a city girl in Providence, RI, to an outdoor adventurer in Shady Cove, OR, the diverse landscape provides ample opportunity and inspiration. Whitewater rafting and traveling with her husband and dogs in their RV fuels her inspiration. She translates her discoveries on canvas or paper through the use of design, color and brushwork. Don’t tell anyone, but every once in awhile, she does sneak in an abstract or two! You can often find her painting on the banks of a river, the edge of a marsh or in the middle of a field.

“Being out in nature allows me to study the nuances of the quality of the light and the color shifts needed to convey my interpretation of the scene.”


Artist’s Workshop 30th Annual Show & Sale



Humbug Creek Road, Watercolor by Dolores Ribal

Humbug Creek Road
Watercolor Painting by Dolores Ribal


You are invited to the Artist’s Workshop’s 30th Annual Art Show and Sale August 1-24 at Art Presence Art Center, located on the corner of 5th and “D” streets in Jacksonville, Oregon. The gallery will be open from 10 am–6 pm Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from August 1– 24. A “Meet the Artists Reception” will be held on Saturday, August 2nd from 3:00-6:00 PM.

Autumn in the Applegate, oil by Carolyn Roberts

Autumn in the Applegate
Oil by Carolyn Roberts

The show features southern Oregon artists working in a variety of techniques, mediums, and styles. Artists include: Wendy Adler, Raye Aubin, Bruce Barnes, Betty Barss, Steve Bennett, Sue Bennett, Peter Coons, Susan DeRosa, Rick Evans, Georganna Happel, Mae Heideman, Marilyn Hurst, Eleanor Lippman, Katherine Lundgren, Charlotte Peterson, Dolores Ribal, Carolyn Roberts, Janice Rosenberg, and Founder, Elaine Witteveen.

Red Lily Barn, pastel by Peter Coons

Red Lily Barn
Pastel by Peter Coons

Primarily painting “Plein-Air’ (Out-of-doors) and meeting at various locations through out the Rogue Valley, Artist’s Workshop is a group for artists in southern Oregon that meets informally on Mondays to paint, share knowledge and encourage artists in a friendly environment.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Artist’s Workshop, please call Rick Evans at (541) 324-7624.


Mother’s Day was a paint out day for me in Downtown Medford.  I spent all morning doing this pastel

while meeting and greeting people on Main Street in front of Art Du Jour Gallery.  I really was not able to complete this on location and had to work on it in my studio the following week.  My chosen subject was of the vendor canopies that we set up in Vogel Park on the corner of Main and Central which is the very center of Medford’s downtown district.

Honors for Janis Ellison!

Image of painting "Spring Meadow"  Pastel by Janis Ellison, 11 x 14

“Spring Meadow” Pastel by Janis Ellison, 11 x 14

Pastel Journal Honorable Mention Badge for Janis Ellison

This painting won an Honorable Mention in the Landscape category of Pastel Journal 100 competition. It will be published in the April 2014 edition of the magazine. Only 100 paintings selected from over 1500 entries. This image is still available, please contact me to purchase.

Editor’s note: you can find Janis Ellison’s contact information, social networks and website links in her listing at

A Free Tool for the Artist

While teaching a Plein Air workshop one summer I invented this tool for participants to put on their easel to remind them to simplify the landscape and focus more on Composition and Design elements in their paintings. To free yourself from trying to render “objects” like trees, bushes, water, and clouds and to think in terms of balance, asymmetrical design, and movement in your painting, try posting this handy tool on your easel. Happy Painting!


S= Shapes: Simplify, see and sketch basic shapes 

Q= Question: What inspired me to paint the scene? What is my focal point? 

U= Understand: Understand your composition, decide what to include, what to leave out. 

I = Interpret:  Interpret the whole, do not get stuck in detail 

N= Negative space: Is it interesting? Are there pleasing shapes in the negative space? Is there Variety?

T=Tones: Identify lights and dark values in the painting. Where is the lightest Light? Darkest Dark?

All rights reserved, copyright Janis Ellison 2013

Plein Air "MeetUp"

Duck Pond Morning Reflections

October already and the Fall weather in Southern Oregon is spectacular!

About eight plein air painters met up after a “MeetUp” call from Norm Rossingnol who is the leader of our Plein Air Society of Southern Oregon group (PASSO).  We agreed to meet at the Upper Duck Pond in Ashland’s Lithia Park once again.  The park is aglow with amazing color at this time of year and there is always an attractive subject for the painter’s eye to capture.  We began chasing the light at around 10:00 am.  The day progressed, the sun shifted, light changed but most of us stayed until about 2:00 when we were satisfied ( or in my case totally frustrated).  I did one thumbnail pastel painting but was not satisfied so it won’t become any more than a study for a future painting.  Lately I have concentrated on doing pastel landscapes and letting my watercolor painting take a bake seat. 
After this experience I’m thinking I need to do both disciplines (key word here!) .

“Fine Art and Fine Wine” Artists Workshop Show at Paschal Winery

Fine Art and Fine Wine Artists Workshop Show at Paschal Winery in Ashland, oregon october - november 2013 title=

Pat Blair Exhibiting in Eagle Point

"Hanley's Vines And Roses"  plein air pastel painting by Pat Blair

“Hanley’s Vines And Roses” plein air pastel painting by Pat Blair

Watercolor and Pastel artist Pat Blair is exhibiting a collection of her paintings in the Eagle Point Branch Library beginning September 27th and through  November 29th.
Pat primarily paints landscapes and has traveled extensively throughout Southern Oregon to find subjects to paint en plein air.
Pat teaches basic & intermediate watercolor classes and also drawing and sketching classes in her home studio in Medford. She is an exhibiting member artist of Art Du Jour Gallery in Medford and a member of Rogue Valley Art Association, Southern Oregon Society of Artists, Plein Air Painters of Oregon, and Plein Air Painters of Southern Oregon.