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New Show at Shepherd’s Dream!

Pegi Smith - New show at Shepherd's Dream February-March 2016 announcement : Works by Pegi Smith will be on display at Shepherd's Dream in Ashland From Feb 5–March 31, 2016. Opening reception Feb 5 from 5–8pm with live music by Pegi Smith and Greta Gardiner, in conjunction with Ashland's First Friday ArtWalk

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Lotus Dreams

I just posted a newly completed painting, “Lotus Dreams,” in the Dreamscapes gallery on my website. This painting measures 60″ wide by 15″ high. Please contact me for details if you are interested in this piece!

Lotus Dreams : 60 x 15 Acrylic painting on canvas profile of a woman sleeping and a lotus flower with multicolored abstract and black background with gold aborigine-style dot pattern by contemporary fine artist Pegi Smith, Ashland, Oregon.

Lotus Dreams 60” x 15” Acrylic on canvas

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Circular Conversations – Acrylic Painting

Introducing Circular Conversations

Hi!  I’d like to introduce one of my recent paintings titled “Circular Conversations”.  It was one of the last pieces I completed in 2015.

Circular Conversations

21.5 x 14 Acrylic over Watercolor on d’Arches 140lb Cold Press Paper

Fun with Acrylic Paint

This is unusual in that it is a paintings of figures done in acrylic.  I have done most of my figures in watercolor.  I enjoyed experimenting with acrylic on paper.  I might have to do more!

My Models

The subject was based on a drawing I did while waiting for an outdoor concert to begin.  The two women were engaged in a conversation.  I was at least 30 feet away and they didn’t notice me.

I thought I’d include the appropriate page from my sketch book.

Source drawings for Circular Conversations"

Ink & Graphite
Pentalic 3×5 sketchbook
People waiting for the start of the Ben Harper & Innocent Criminals Concert, Les Schwab Amphitheter, Bend OR. 6 Sep 2015

I imagine they were having a pleasant conversation, the type one has among friends.

About the Title

The title “Circular Conversations” refers to a type of conversation where you find yourself back where you started from.  Its funny how that goes sometimes.

I hope you enjoy the painting!  Thanks!


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Hello world!

Dreamscapes : She Dreams of Bears, 6’ x 2’ Acrylic painting on canvas of a woman sleeping with her head resting on a bear's head with multicolored abstract background surrounded by black with gold dot pattern by contemporary fine artist Pegi Smith, Ashland, Oregon.

72″ x 24″

Acrylic on canvas

~ Welcome to my new blog! I’m celebrating this New Year with a beautiful new website! Thank You Hannah West for your brilliance ~
I invite you to take a visit, and to subscribe to my posts. I will be sharing newly completed works, announcements of shows, and more here as time goes on.

I would also like to introduce you to my first completed painting of 2016, “She Dreams of Bears.” She is a large painting on canvas, 6′ wide by 2′ high. Will she be dreaming at your place? Contact me to learn more…

Wishing you all joy and peace in the new year.


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A Warm Welcome to Artist Karen O’Brien!

Blue Angel, mixed media painting by Karen O'Brien

Blue Angel, mixed media painting by Karen O’Brien

The Southern Oregon Artists Resource extends a warm welcome to artist Karen O’Brien of Grants Pass, who can now be found in the Visual Artists directory and the Art Education section of We met Karen last December, when she entered two of her fabulous “Urban Folk” angels in the second annual Angels show at the GoodBean Café in Jacksonville. It was hard to give them back to her after the show! Please help us welcome this talented artist by visiting her listing to find a link to her website, social media sites, and bookmark her Etsy shop in progress.

Karen’s artist statement is an intriguing and beautiful one:

I am an art maker, pathfinder and storyteller.
I use whatever materials inspire me to begin my journey.
My style is a blend of Folk and Fantasy art.
It is a fusion of what I see everyday, dream and imagine.
My paintings evolve over many layers, using paint, marks and intuition to find the
quiet, soulful figures I call my Urban Folk.

Karen has graciously consented to have her blog syndicated to Art Matters!, and we trust you will enjoy getting to know her through her posts. Art Matters! subscribers will be happy to know that they will be among the first to be notified of her art events, classes and workshops via her syndicated posts!

“I am on a journey, exploring the path of intuitive art, listening to the voice within to learn, create and share what I find.”  ~ Karen O’Brien


Attraction, painting by Karen O'Brien

Attraction, painting by Karen O’Brien

Workshops by Karen O’Brien

Karen O’Brien teaches workshops for small groups in her studio and various locations throughout the year. To view Karen’s current teaching schedule visit her blog: Urban Folktales

Studio Classes and Workshops:

Acrylic Painting Explorations

Experimentation with acrylic techniques and styles in one day workshops, with ongoing instruction available for all levels.

Art Journaling Techniques

A journey into the world of Art Journaling. Explore and create personal pages with a variety of techniques and materials. These journals can stand alone as an amazing piece of art and serve as an inspiration for other art projects. Classes can be scheduled as individual workshops or an ongoing series for all levels.

Collage: Uncover the Mystery

Experimentation class in Collage. Discover the joy of working spontaneously and quickly to jumpstart your creativity in a half day workshop format for artists of all levels of experience. Collage principals learned can be easily incorporated into any painting style.

Karen also offers an expanded 5 week course in collage techniques.

Karen is away at an art show for the next two weeks, but she has a workshop coming up on June 6 you will want to know about “The Fantastic World of Collage: Mixed Media Techniques.”

Download (PDF, 203KB)

SOAR Welcome Animal and Wildlife Artist LInda Cruz!

The Southern Oregon Artists Resource is delighted to welcome wildlife and animal artist Linda Cruz of White City to the artist directories at! Cruz is a fine artist working primarily in acrylic, oil and graphite. She has also created sculptures, pen and ink drawings, pastels and some watercolors. She has been drawing since before kindergarten and first considered herself an artist when in grade school after receiving many encouraging comments on her work. She is one of those rare students who, after drawing borders around the surface of her desk in elementary school, would return the next day to find that the janitor had left them instead of cleaning them off.

In addition to some art classes in college, Linda pursued her education in art through workshops with Simon Combes, John Banovich, Terry Isaac, Daniel Smith, Paco Young, and Matthew Hillier. She fell in love with horses as a young girl and has spent hours drawing them nearly every day since early childhood, so one could also consider horses to have been her teachers, as well as the original inspiration for her to become an artist.

Linda finds inspiration in the beauty she sees around her every day—in the ordinary things that surround us all, the textures of mundane surfaces, the angle and pattern of light, and unusual shapes that catch her eye. Animals of every description from amoebas to elephants, and everything in between, are also primary inspirations and primary subjects of her work, which ranges from portraits of domestic animals to plein air paintings of wildlife and even insects in their natural surroundings.

Linda has painted in Wyoming and Montana, eastern Oregon, and mountain areas throughout the West, capturing many wild animals in their natural surroundings in western National Parks. She has yet to paint an ocean scene, but with a deep love of the ocean, that’s on her bucket list.

Her love for animals has instilled in Cruz a heartfelt concern for threatened and endangered species, and she plans to paint more of these in the future. Also on her bucket list is to carve and paint a full sized carousel horse.

Linda is a member of the Southern Oregon Society of Artists and Wind River Valley Artists Guild in Wyoming, and was past President of the Josephine County Artists Association. She just spiffed up her online presence to get ready for listing at SOAR – Find contact information and links to online galleries and social media in Linda’s new listing at!

Creative Visions: Empower your Mind to the Beauty of Abstract

Esteemed SOAR member Alx Fox will be teaching a workshop

Creative Visions: Empower your Mind to the Beauty of Abstract

Keep Going, abstract painting in acrylic by Alx Fox

“Keep Going,” by Alx Fox

Saturday and Sunday March 28 and 29; 10:00 am-3:00 pm

Skill Level: All Skill Levels
Unleash your creativity through color, texture and design using acrylics in this abstract painting workshop with Alx Fox. Alx will coach you as you create unique images, using techniques of mark-making and blending that will give your work more depth and impact.
One Day: $70 members, $85 non-members. Both Days: $110 members, $125 non-members.
Click HERE for additional materials list.


Register for this workshop at


PLEASE REGISTER EARLY! In order for us to hold a class or workshop, we must meet the predetermined minimum enrollment requirement one week prior to the first class or workshop meeting. If we do not meet the minimum enrollment, the class or workshop will be cancelled due to low enrollment.

Partial Scholarships are available! Please call (541) 772-8118 for more information.

We add new classes every session so make sure to become a member and receive our class catalogue to stay-up-to-date. View our cancellation refund policy.

Nancy Firetag Clark at GoodBean Jacksonville!

Happiness Is, abstract painting in acrylic and Caran d'Ache by Nancy Firetag Clark, on display at the GoodBean Coffee Company in Jacksonville, Oregon for the month of February 2015

“Happiness Is,” 40″ x 30″ abstract painting in acrylic and Caran d’Ache by Nancy Firetag Clark

The GoodBean is proud to present the works of Nancy Firetag Clark for the month of February! Nancy Clark has been an artist for more than 20 years. A new Applegate Valley resident, previously residing in Southern California, Clark has been selling her paintings privately. She has studied with a number of well-known artists, including Vermont artist Wolf Kahn. Her paintings are in private collections in New York, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.

Her paintings are abstract mixed media on canvas: acrylic mixed with French Caran d’Ache and Sennelier pastels.

Secret Place, abstract painting in acrylic and Caran d'Ache by Nancy Firetag Clark

“Secret Place,” 40″ x 30″abstract painting in acrylic and Caran d’Ache by Nancy Firetag Clark

Recently, her artwork was selected by Peter Frank for the Southern California Regional Exhibition, San Diego Art Institute (SDAI). Peter Frank has curated shows for the Guggenheim and is currently an art critic for the Huffington Post.

Nancy Clark is looking forward to meeting other local artists and new clients who are looking for abstract paintings like those in her Happiness Series. She believes people should be surrounded by art that makes them feel happier and inspired. As she was quoted in Forbes, “Thousands of thoughts are going through our minds every hour. If our surroundings can uplift some of these thoughts, we benefit. It is my intention to deliver these optimistic feelings through my abstract paintings. I approach the blank canvas without preconceived ideas or dogma—I am painting in the moment.”

Art Curator for GoodBean Jacksonville Hannah West sat down for lunch with Clark in January and learned much about the artist and her background. A bright and personable woman with a fascinating history, Nancy began her career as a physicist with NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). Yes, she was a rocket scientist! After completing her career in what was very much a man’s world, she began consulting with companies on ways to reduce employee attrition rates and improve productivity by advising them on how to keep their employees happy, and with female executives on working effectively with their male counterparts. She also coaches young women entering the workforce on how to maximize their job-seeking efforts. In her spare time, Clark is the Happiness Expert for Forbes WomensMedia. And, of course, a wonderful artist whose lively and colorful paintings we are pleased to share during a month that needs bright colors to break up the winter grey!

If you are interested in Nancy’s paintings and would like to inquire about purchasing one of her original pieces on display, please contact Hannah West at 541-9899-2012 or write her at [email protected] She will be happy to answer your questions and facilitates all art transactions.

“Torsten On Bass” Watermedia Painting Series


Welcome to Day Four of the 3-paintings-per-day-for-five-day (3-4-5) FB challenge!  Today I'm featuring my "Torsten on Bass" series, and for a blog bonus, I'm adding a fourth piece.  (Thank you Myrna Wacknov for inviting me to participate in the challenge).  



The paintings in the series "Torsten on Bass" were inspired by photographs my husband took of some of our musician friends from Germany.  We lived in Germany during the 1990's.  We met and became friend with a local rock and roll band.  They called themselves the "Lunatics United".  I would say they were not "lunatics" but they were a fun, hard rock band.  They had a vocalist, two guitarists, a bassist and drummer.  Torsten played bass.  

Lesson Learned

These paintings were done in 2008.  I learned a lesson during the process of developing the designs that has served me well.  I started by drawing from the photograph.  I became frustrated because the drawing from the photograph did not express what I felt about the band or music.

After a few drawings, I put the photographs away.  I created new drawings from memory, imagination and as a response to how music makes me feel.  Oddly enough, the first "Torsten on Bass" has as much to do with the blues as it does with rock and roll.  I liked the resulting figure and the muted colors.

After successful design number one, I naturally had to do some more.  In designs II (Rock and Roll), III & IV, I thought about going to rock and roll concerts, the heat of the lights, the sound of the music and how it made me feel.  Plus, I took more liberties with the figure.

What did I learn?  By drawing from life or photographs first, I get the feel of the subject.  Then, I let myself loose with memories, imagination and emotion.  I create something that says what I feel about the subject.  Plus, I have a great time.


I have rarely shown these works, although "Torsten on Bass" was exhibited in a juried show in Springfield, OR.  In looking back at the images, I am pleased with the work.  I wonder why I stopped!  

Two of the pieces are in private collections:  "Torsten on Bass – Rock and Roll" and "Torsten on Bass III".  "Torsten on Bass IV" has never been shown, oddly enough.  I did more drawings, but all of them are in sketchbooks put away in storage.

Its wonderful to be able to pull these paintings out and share them with you.  I hope you enjoy them!  Thanks!


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Second Annual Angels Show at GoodBean Jacksonville Opens Monday!

Angel, original painting by Karen O'Brien

Angel, by Karen O’Brien

The GoodBean is proud to announce its second annual Angels show, opening Monday, December 1, at our Jacksonville cafe. Last year’s Angels show made the shop’s owners so happy that we decided to make it an annual event!

This year’s show has all new angels in a variety of media, including oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings, mixed media, and photography. This year’s angels were created by new artists along with several returning artists from last year’s inaugural show. We called out to artists for angels that were not necessarily traditional Christmas or religious archetypes, but the artist’s interpretation of an angel. This has resulted in a wonderfully diverse collection of beautiful and uniquely inspired angelic art that everyone can enjoy.

Come to our Angel reception on Friday, December 12 from 4–7pm to see this beautiful collection of angels and meet the artists who created them! And remember to shop local and shop ART to help support our region’s immense treasure house of artistic talent, many of whom have been struggling since the onset of the economic crisis in 2008.

World Peace Angel, dye on silk by Judy Elliott of Dragonfly Designs West, Grants Pass, Oregon

World Peace Angel,  by Judy Elliott

Participating artists in this year’s exhibition include one or more pieces by these esteemed artists, all members of the southern Oregon art community. There may be more by the time the show is hung up and ready for viewing as well:

  • Wendy Gell
  • Katharine Gracey
  • Lewis Anderson
  • Debby Fischer
  • Judy Elliott
  • Karen O’Brien
  • Sue Bennett
  • Judy Marshall
  • Anna Elkins
  • Eve Margo Withrow
  • Marie Neder

GoodBean Coffee Co. Christmas logoGoodBean Coffee presents a new exhibit of art by local and regional artists each month for the enjoyment of our customers and exposure for outsider, emerging and established artists from Jacksonville, Oregon and surrounding areas. Please be sure to take a moment to appreciate the art on exhibit while enjoying a custom beverage or hot cup of fair-trade, locally roasted organic coffee served by our wonderful barristas. Investing in the work of our local artists supports our local economy, helps young artists get established and rewards the generosity with which these artists donate their work to many charitable causes. Visitors from out of town have the opportunity to take home a unique souvenir created by local talent. Please consider purchasing a piece of fine art or photography while you’re here.

If you are interested in purchasing a work of art you see at the GoodBean or are an artist interested in showing your work with us, please contact Hannah West at 541.899.2012 or [email protected] for more information.