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Work spaces, garden light



As November begins my heart is full of love and gratitude.  For my family, my home, my friends and my art. This year has been one of my most creative years ever and such a great year for teaching workshops.  I have learned so much, and grown as well. I think I am finding my flow.

I have many wonderful plans for next year, not only with new workshops and retreats, but with my family. My son is graduating from Oregon State University this winter and my daughter is getting married in the spring. New beginnings for them and I am so proud.  

The photographs I want to share with you are work and garden spaces from our Red Oak Book Arts workshop at Laura's house last week… nestled deep in the Hill Country of Texas.

Laura is also known as HastyPearl and you won't want to miss her blog, this post or her Etsy Shop, or if you are in Boerne, her antique space, where I have done quite a bit of shopping myself! I taught this workshop with the amazing Leslie Marsh, and we came together from opposite sides of the United States to teach. We have known eachother since I started blogging and were kindred spirits from the beginning.











I love these photographs, the golden light you see on each workspace comes from huge windows that are imprinted in my mind and overlook Laura's gardens,an oasis  of ponds,trees,flowers and butterflies, even in October. The love and creativity that Laura has poured into her home inside and out is apparent in every detail.








Although these works of art are works in progress, I wanted to show our processes. How beautiful unfinished work can be. How given the same materials everyone creates something completely unique. And how we thrived as artists, learning and growing together. We all were glowing from start to finish.




















A special thanks to Laura and Leslie, Kip, Elissa, Carol and Melody for making this magical workshop happen.











You can see more photographs of the garden mandalas that we made here.

And photos of our finished books and projects here.

And here are photos of some inside pages.

Thanks so much for visiting and I would love it if you have time to comment.

There are also new art pieces available in my

River Garden Studio Shop if you would like to see! 


Red Oak Book Arts

Do you dream of spending three days

working with nature's elements

outside in the Autumn

above a forest of Red Oaks

with other creative souls?

Of making your own hand bound book

of beautiful metal

and coaxing prints out of oak leaves,

collecting, gathering and creating

a treasure that will make your heart sing

each time you hold it in your hands.

This is my dream that will soon be coming true!

You can join me October 24th, 25th and 26th

for a magical workshop

taught by myself

and the wonderful Leslie Marsh

and hosted by the lovely Hasty Pearl

in the Hill Country above San Antonio, Texas.


Please email me if you are intersted…

Won't you join us?

Studio Table

The wonderful Seth, over at The Altered Page has a new challenge!

He has a call to participants to join him on Thursday September 18th, "as we celebrate the studio table: uncensored, unedited, and most likely unkempt."

So, thinking of this I started a new project and here is the mess I made.



I started out with some calligraphy sheets of paper, my twinkling H2o's and some inks. And a water dish and paper towels of course.



Then I bagan paintng over the papers with watery colors and glazes.  I had to be careful as the paper fell apart really easily. 


So you can see I was happily making a mess!




These stained and glazed papers made a perfect cover for my Nature Journal thats filled to the brim with projects and ideas. and I am going to teach this process at my workshop next week at Art-Is-You in Petaluma that you can read about here… which is all I can think about here in Southern Oregon besides the hot dry winds roaring out my windows and a red-flag fire warning has been issued all over the lands.



And I wait for the Autumn rains to come and soak our dried forests and gardens. Maybe I should do a raindance!


Art of Jillian Crider 2014-09-12 12:07:00

I was inspired to make these. It’s a new size for me. Collages in 1×2″ rectangles (31 individual images) – to suit necklace pendants and all manner of projects – use in art journals, scrapbooking, ATCs, ACEOs, collages, glass slide jewelry, domino creations, altered arts and more.

Provided as an instant digital download from my ‘DreamyPapers’ shop on Etsy:

Changing Light


The changing light brings hope of cooler days.  Its been such a hot dry summer, filled with thunder and lightening storms and the threat of fire has been on all of our minds during this usually green season. 

Still its been a good summer. Mornings of kayaking in the river and mountain lakes near our home. Preparing for workshops and traveling to Colorado. You can see photos of Decorated Pages, my workshop at MomoLolo Coffee House here, what a special group of artists, and Sarah and Colin, thank you for hosting! Spending time with new friends and old. Lovely times with my family.  

Mostly though, I have been working on my book and my studio has been where I dwell for most of each day.  

I met my very first deadline and the first three chapters are finished, this is a momentous achievement for me!! My editor, Tonia, was so kind to lay out the first chapter for me with my photos so I could visualize the book and I loved it.

And I've loved making all new art and taking brand new photographs just for this book… sadly none of it can be shared on my blog, (or anywhere except for with my editor!). I've also been amazed, seeing what my contributors have done, and think that you will love this book… one day far in the future… April 2016!  

The writing part as well has been an amazing task for me. I keep several notebooks and write my ideas as they come and somehow everything all comes together on my computer.



These photograpahs were taken of a book that Lorri Scott and her sister Jan Brown so beautifully made me after our garden gathering last month, (thank you both so much!). This book was made for me to keep my threads and needles, my nature collections, my stitching projects, notes, found objects, and everything when I travel.  I am in love with this creation and it is extrememly fun to photograph. They even used my stencil designs, Nature's Gatherings.




 The autumn will bring more workshops. Next week I'm teaching one for a group of women who have their own craft group and invited me to give them their own special workshop in Shady Cove along the Rogue River a few hours north of here.  

And then I have my  workshop at Art Is You that I have been waiting and planning for all year! I'm pretty sure that it's full, but you can read about it here: 

If you signed up I know you will love it!

And then I will have my the workshop that I am teaching with Leslie Marsh at the beautiful home of Hasty Pearl, (Laura Roberts) where we will be creating books outside above a red oak forest. Registration is open, and we would love to have you join us for Red Oak Book Arts.


Here are sample pages that I'm working on, all projects that I will be demonstrating and sharing. I love working in this little book and the way Leslie designed it is perfect for creating collages.





One last photograph, my online workshop The Thread That Weaves is still up and running. Maybe this would be the perfect creative outlet for you this fall?

The Thread That Weaves, Student Work

Have you noticed the changing light in your house or in your garden?

What changes will this autumn bring for you?

SOAR Welcomes Wendy Gell!

The Southern Oregon Artists Resource is excited to announce Wendy Gell as our newest member! You can find her listing, which includes a full set of web links, social media sites and contact information, on this page, among others.

Through the 70s and into the 80s, Wendy Gell’s designs appeared on the cover of Vogue and in thousands of editorials in magazines all over the world. Wendy created sequined Disney characters, jeweled Roger Rabbits and his friends, Wizard of Oz jewelry, and masks from The Phantom of the Opera. She designed special pieces for Bill Blass, Oscar de laRenta, and Louis Dell’Olio. Her company specialized in a “different” look that is very whimsical and unique. Wendy’s large “wristy” cuff bracelets became famous. Her worldwide client list includes celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Isabella Rossilini, and Cher. Wendy Gell jewelry can also be found in the private collections of Elizabeth Taylor, Elton John , Hillary Clinton, the late Andy Warhol and Princess Diana.

Now Wendy is back, designing not only jewelry but paintings and various gifts as well. She creatively adorns mirrors, dolls, goblets and more with the same jewel-encrusted pop art style that has made her jewelry such a fashion sensation. Below are the announcements from Wendy’s most recent newsletter, and the many jewelry pieces commissioned by fans as gifts for Judy Collins tell us that her days of a star-studded following are anything but over!

If you would like to subscribe to her newsletter, please visit the online version and click the Subscribe button in the top left corner. Wendy is in the process of redesigning her website. To see more of her available works, check out the Under Construction page she has up to hide the dust with her beautiful creations.

Bridal Cuff by Wendy Gell

Bridal Cuff by Wendy Gell

Bridal Cuff for a New York Bride

I got an exciting order this summer from a beautiful NYC bride who works in a powerful financial firm in NYC. She sent me her mother’s pin for a centerpiece, so it has high sentimental value. Here’s what she wrote after receiving it:

“Goood Morning, Wendy!
I just received the bracelet that you made and the reconstructed earrings!    WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!!!!   Simply stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!   I cannot wait to wear it!  It is going to look magnificent!   You did not exaggerate, it’s everything you said and more …. Really gorgeous!!!  I am so proud and happy to wear the piece; for sentimental reasons (my mom’s pin) and just because it’s so fantastic!
Thank you so much, Wendy!  I feel like I know you now through this process J
I will send you a picture on the wedding day and I will let everyone know who made my gorgeous bracelet!!!  You are an unbelievable jewelry designer!  I cannot wait to have another occasion to have something else made by you!”

Fan Gifts for Judy Collins  by Wendy Gell

Fan Gifts for Judy Collins by Wendy Gell

Wendy meets Judy Collins backstage at an Oregon concert

Wendy meets Judy Collins backstage at an Oregon concert

Pearl and crystal barrettes for Judy Collins by Wendy Gell

Pearl and crystal barrettes for Judy Collins

Fans Buy Wendy Gell gifts for Judy Collins!

Judy Collins first heard of me when she received a Wendy Decorated Mirror for a wedding present years ago. Judy asked people on Facebook if they ever heard of Wendy “Gehl.” Over 100 people responded to her query, and we became Facebook friends. Her fans have purchased gifts to send to her: pearl barrettes, a mirror, cherub goblets, a bracelet and more. We met backstage at a concert in Grants Pass.

American Visions, Gelastic Art by Wendy Gell

American Visions, Gelastic Art by Wendy Gell

Love Me Tender, by Wendy Gell

Love Me Tender, by Wendy Gell

Be Smart, Buy Art!

Art sales are up! People are loving my Gelastic 3D pop art. Fashion Blogger Shannon Dawn’s custom piece inspired by Elvis, called Love Me Tender (left), and writer BJ Gallagher’s American Visions (pictured above) were shipped in August. Shannon featured the art piece in her blog and showcased a lot of her Wendy Gell Collection. Check out her fabulous post!

Both orders were received through Facebook. If you are a Facebook user, send me a friend request!

Wendy Gell

Wendy Gell


Wendy taught a class of 12 collectors in April at the Seattle public library. She shared her self-made jewelry making technique to the enthusiastic ladies. “The students were amazing and very creative” said Wendy. Here are a couple of comments from participants:

“I’ve been Gell-ized!” Never thought I’d get those creative juices flowing. But I did! WE all did! Is it truly a Wendy Gell? Or an imposter…? You might never know! Great day of creativity. Wendy’s a genius and so easy to follow. Plus she brings parts and pieces that are guaranteed to make you a success.”

“Way too much fun! Under the juicy artistic direction of Wendy Gell, our wristies and necklaces came alive – better than we had ever imagined. We hated for play-day to end and are super interested in booking Wendy again next year. Her mind is always working and creating. She’ll swoop over, make a subtle suggestion or adjustment and voila – the piece is in direct competition to Wendy’s originals! Not really, but we thought so!”

Ornate Museum Cuff by Wendy Gell

Ornate Museum Cuff by Wendy Gell

Costume Jewelry Collectors International Convention Class

On October 24, Wendy presents a jewelry making class to members of the Costume Jewelry Collectors International Club at their convention outside of Chicago. She will teach them techniques to make their own wristies and jewelry, shipping out a ton of fabulous material before the show for participants to work with. The convention members will also be selling to the public on Saturday, October 25. Read more here. There is still room for a few more people in Wendy’s Friday morning class – Register now!

Oh Wendy Saint Go Marching In

Oh Wendy Saint Go Marching In

Lost and Found Show

Wendy’s 3D Gelastic art was featured at the GoodBean Coffee shop in Jacksonville, Oregon with 4 other local women artists in a July show called Lost and Found. Among the works I showed were the pieces pictured above: Oh Wendy Saints Go Marching In (top), Buddha by the Lake (bottom left), and Byzantine Prophet (bottom right).

Blue Buddha, Gelastic Art by Wendy Gell

Blue Buddha, Gelastic Art by Wendy Gell

Byzantine Prophet, Gelastic Art by Wendy Gell

Byzantine Prophet, Gelastic Art by Wendy Gell

Class at Ashland temple with Wendy GellKids working on giant Hamsa at Temple Emek Shalon in Ashland, Oregon

Bring on the Bling with Wendy Gell!

Birthday Party Activities for Kids

Your kids will make jewelry and gifts, objects like picture frames, bracelets, headbands, or magic wands; creations they can take home.  They will work with Wendy using her self-taught technique. Wendy brings a suitcase of materials collected from her 38 years as a jewelry designer: Swarovski Crystals, stones, toys, pop art icons, flowers and beads.

Wendy’s work was collected by Oprah Winfrey, Cher, Princess Diana and more. Wendy was once featured on Oprah’s show as her favorite jewelry designer, and she held a Walt Disney Jewelry license for 5 years. She has years of teaching experience, including appearing as a guest lecturer at NYU and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, as well as teaching classes locally at the Ashland Art Center and OLLI at SOU.

Wendy’s enthusiasm will bring out the creativity in your guests and perhaps inspire a new hobby.  Her basic charge is $100 for 2 1/2  hours, plus materials fee. Participants are encouraged to bring treasures from their own collections. For further party details, call Wendy at 541-535-1954 or email  See Wendy’s work at

Wendy says “Have Glue Gun, Will Travel!”


Wendy Gell and Hannah West

Wendy Gell and Hannah West

Wendy is so excited to be creating a new website with Hannah West! We’ve put up a temporary page with a sneak preview of several pieces I have available now. Check it out here. When the new website is up and running I will announce it in a newsletter, so if you want to know when it’s ready, please confirm your subscription so you won’t miss the announcement.


Some more grab-bags now available! Heart shapes.

My last range of grab bags sold out. Hearts are always popular, so I’ve listed some grab bags that are just hearts.
These papers are mostly 100+ years old, and the images I’ve used are vintage, too.
Inspiration for your paper craft and art projects. It takes me a long time to collect the papers,
images, and tools to make all these, so understand that sometimes your
creative project is delayed

Instant inspiration for your art or craft project – unique paper grab bags!

Although I’ve sold well over 20 of these, I finally got around to making up some more. They are selling fast. 4 out of the 5 I made have now sold, but I’ll be making and listing more in the next few days. So check my Etsy store.
See my “Dreamy Papers” store on Etsy HERE.
Most of the papers are over 100 years old. The images are old ones, too. All are OOAK, unique. These are wonderfully

Art du Jour Gallery July Events

The work of Carol Sharp, an artist since childhood, will be featured through the month of July at Art du Jour Gallery, 213 E. Main, Medford, across from Vogel Park.  Over the years she has pursued many different art forms including painting, collage, ceramics, scrimshaw and calligraphy.

For the past ten years, Sharp has been designing jewelry.  Her unique specialty is knitted and crocheted wire jewelry into which she weaves a mélange of ingredients such as freshwater pearls, Mother-of-pearl, shells, seed pods, pressed glass, and gemstones.  These are on display at the gallery.

As the featured artist during July, Sharp will be showing her collages with subjects ranging from themes of romance and nature to more contemporary work moving toward the abstract.  She will also show collages representing events such as Mardi  Gras and Chinese New Year.  Sharp uses several techniques including painting, pen and ink, stamping and decoupage.   Every piece has many layers and each time you view them, you see new depths to the work.

In the Salon, Automobile Art from the eye of Photo Artist, Rita Ashley will be on exhibit through July.  Ashley portrays automobiles as works of art through the use of unique angles, reflections and portrayals that suggest the mood the cars inspire as well as their images.  From classics and sports cars to hot rods and vintage beauties, view Ashley’s interpretations of your favorite ride.

As an added attraction, we are proud to have potter Joe Martin now showing his pieces of raku pottery.  Come in to see the unique handled pots and other beautifully decorated items.

Meet the artists on Third Friday, July 18, at Art du Jour Gallery, 213 E. Main St., Medford, across from Vogel Park.  Hours are 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and refreshments will be served.  For more information call (541) 770—3190 or go to    Everyone is welcome.


SOAR Welcomes Pam Haunschild!

Quail, by Pam Haunschild

Quail, by Pam Haunschild

The Southern Oregon Artists Resource is delighted to welcome Pam Haunschild, who specializes in abstract nature art, to the Visual Artist and Art Education directories! We have thoroughly enjoyed looking at her charming paintings, collages and monotype prints, inspired by natural subjects and sometimes incorporating them. If you don’t know Pam and her work already, we are happy to introduce you to her and hope you will visit her website so you can enjoy becoming a bit more familiar with her wonderful artistic style.

“After a career as a social science Professor, I moved to a wooded property near Ashland and now have time to pursue my lifelong interest in art.  I am inspired by the natural beauty of our region and include flora and/or fauna in all my paintings.  My work is abstract, but the natural elements, e.g., flowers, birds, fish, can be identified.  I try to convey emotion and an appreciation of nature through bright colors and strong design elements.  Much of my work is mixed-media, and I often use fibers, wood, and other natural materials.

“A self-professed ‘workshop junkie,’ I am also taking college art courses and teaching workshops at Ashland Art Center and for OLLI at SOU.  You can see my work at the Ashland Art Center‘s Main Gallery.”

Pam has a number of gallery exhibits and events planned for the remainder of 2014 where you can also see her work in person:

July                      Rogue Valley Manor          Medford
September          Belle Fiore Winery            Ashland
September          Ashland Open Studios Tour
October               ArtOberfest                        Cave Junction
November          Bloomsbury Books            Ashland

Please help us give Pam a warm welcome to the Southern Oregon Artists Resource–see her new listing for a complete set of web links and contact information, visit her Facebook page and show her some love with a “like”! Even better, register for one of her workshops or purchase a piece of her fabulous art!