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A Warm Welcome to Artist Karen O’Brien!

Blue Angel, mixed media painting by Karen O'Brien

Blue Angel, mixed media painting by Karen O’Brien

The Southern Oregon Artists Resource extends a warm welcome to artist Karen O’Brien of Grants Pass, who can now be found in the Visual Artists directory and the Art Education section of We met Karen last December, when she entered two of her fabulous “Urban Folk” angels in the second annual Angels show at the GoodBean Café in Jacksonville. It was hard to give them back to her after the show! Please help us welcome this talented artist by visiting her listing to find a link to her website, social media sites, and bookmark her Etsy shop in progress.

Karen’s artist statement is an intriguing and beautiful one:

I am an art maker, pathfinder and storyteller.
I use whatever materials inspire me to begin my journey.
My style is a blend of Folk and Fantasy art.
It is a fusion of what I see everyday, dream and imagine.
My paintings evolve over many layers, using paint, marks and intuition to find the
quiet, soulful figures I call my Urban Folk.

Karen has graciously consented to have her blog syndicated to Art Matters!, and we trust you will enjoy getting to know her through her posts. Art Matters! subscribers will be happy to know that they will be among the first to be notified of her art events, classes and workshops via her syndicated posts!

“I am on a journey, exploring the path of intuitive art, listening to the voice within to learn, create and share what I find.”  ~ Karen O’Brien


Attraction, painting by Karen O'Brien

Attraction, painting by Karen O’Brien

Workshops by Karen O’Brien

Karen O’Brien teaches workshops for small groups in her studio and various locations throughout the year. To view Karen’s current teaching schedule visit her blog: Urban Folktales

Studio Classes and Workshops:

Acrylic Painting Explorations

Experimentation with acrylic techniques and styles in one day workshops, with ongoing instruction available for all levels.

Art Journaling Techniques

A journey into the world of Art Journaling. Explore and create personal pages with a variety of techniques and materials. These journals can stand alone as an amazing piece of art and serve as an inspiration for other art projects. Classes can be scheduled as individual workshops or an ongoing series for all levels.

Collage: Uncover the Mystery

Experimentation class in Collage. Discover the joy of working spontaneously and quickly to jumpstart your creativity in a half day workshop format for artists of all levels of experience. Collage principals learned can be easily incorporated into any painting style.

Karen also offers an expanded 5 week course in collage techniques.

Karen is away at an art show for the next two weeks, but she has a workshop coming up on June 6 you will want to know about “The Fantastic World of Collage: Mixed Media Techniques.”

Download (PDF, 203KB)

Nature’s Gatherings

Today I am very excited to share my newest stencil designs with you! As I carefully sketched and laid out each page I  hoped that they can be wonderful additions to your journal pages and collages. You will see how I used these stencils in the photographs below, and where some of my ideas came from.




My new nature inspired stencils are from my own sketches of things that I love, birds, insects and flowers.

My inspiration for this little bird and my stencil "In The Garden" came from a sweet little stone bird I have outside in my brick patio, and the beautiful flowers of English Phlox.




I demonstrated this drawing and much more in my Nature Journaling online workshop that you can read more about here!




I also love using symbols in my work. My Earth Song Symbols began when I cut them out as stamps, which you can read about here.

Then I drew smaller versions and designed the stencils you see below. I used these images in a book as a tryptich, using shades of black and white and gray.

I enjoy stenciling on different papers and fabrics and I especially like to apply them with pan pastels.




This is how they began…


_DSC0070 2

This stencil "Under The Sun" portrays my favorite bird, the Great White Egret that thrives along our river and marsh lands. These graceful birds never fails to bring a smile to my face.




What do you see out of your windows today… is it almost spring time like it is here? 


_DSC0026 3


Here is my Earth Symbol book all folded up… I've discovered symbols are everywhere, carved on the sides of old churches in France or doorways in England, symbols representing the letters in alphabets from other cultures and especially symbols on walls of caves from times long ago.


_DSC0030 2


And here is another project where I used some of my stencil designs. 




For more about my new stencils… Nature Gatherings or Earth Song Symbols hop on over and visit StencilGirl!

And to order these, to be shipped today go to the Stencil Girl Website here!



Let me tell you a story of stones and shells and seed pods…


 This is a chest we have in our living room. It is against a wall that you see when you walk into the home from the front door, and because the floor plan of this part of the house is open, you can see it from everywhere. 


I have to thank Seth for his challenge on his blog, "Living With Art" for these photographs to happen." Seth made me look at this arrangement with new eyes.  To find my own connections and make me wonder why different things have found a place here.

This arrangement is featured on his new post, as well as many other corners and walls and displays from amazing artists that will inspire you and make you want you to visit again and again.

After I took my first photograph that you will see on his blog I had to take more, to give you a closer look.


Before, I used to put my collections in my studio on shelves to inspire me when I worked.  

But my studio had become more and more crowded and soon I wanted to spread out to the rest of the house.  

This is where my love for science and art are entwined.




Here there are things from the ocean and the desert…

 from my own findings or gifts from friends or family. 

Things from far far away and objects from my own gardens.

Some made from my own hands.


Each object begs for examination, each carved or molded surface, each smooth stone and piece of rough wood. They all call to be noticed. Some things here are very simple and some have intricate patterns.






 My arrangement here speaks of my love for old and new, 

for handmade and nature made objects.


When I walk by,

I have to touch and examine… 

a seashell, 

a waterworn stone, 

a seedpod. 



my world 

are all in front of me

to know, 

to love.


Let me tell you a story 

of stones and shells 

and seed pods…


Elaine Witteveen Artist Talk - Life Drawing - Show Your Art on an RVTD Bus!!

January 10– February 13, 2015

For over six decades Elaine A. Witeveen has been active in the arts. Her rich history is filled with stories of bringing artists together in the Northwest, and many travels at home and abroad. Come hear local artist Elaine A. Witteveen talk about her work and life as an artist next Wednesday, February 4th at 1pm in our Main Gallery.

Learn More About The Exhibit >>>

eileen Witteveen

Life Drawing: Academic Approach begins this Tuesday!

Only two spots left!
In this ten week class well-known local artist Sarah F. Burns will guide you in developing the skills to capture the expression of the human figure using a live model.Sarah’s extensive training includes study in contemporary art at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, academic realist drawing and painting at Ashland Academy of Art in Ashland, and intensive workshops with Ben Fenske, Michael Grimaldi, Andrew Ameral in contemporary classical painting, drawing and anatomy.

An incredible class with an amazing artist that you will not want to miss!

SIGN UP TODAY! Register here>>

to see our full list of adult classes, and to see our classes for youth.

A Chance to Exhibit Your Art on a RVTD Bus

A panel of judges will pick up to 10 winners whose art will be applied to one of RVTD’s new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered buses in the summer of 2015, and remain on the buses for seven years. Submit your work on paper no larger than 11″x17″ and turn it in to RVCOG or RVTD during normal business hours. The theme is what you love about the Rogue Valley and outdoor activities. All submissions must be turned in by the end of March, 2015. Please contact Mike Bowman at [email protected] or 541-608-2420 or Greg Staback at [email protected] for more information. See for information about their programs.

a new day

January came with sunshine this year.  

After two months of rain I loved this return of the sunshine like a friend I had thought I had lost.  

I've been working on my book for North Light, and am now almost on Chapter Seven.

This is a all consuming job, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.




What I have noticed is that when you love a subject, the words and the art pours out. I have also learned how to use my husbands Nikon, especially when I take photographs of my art. But my trusty Cannon is still best for still lifes and outside photographs!

But last weekend I was finally getting over an awful chest cold and I needed a break! Much of the work I do, and like many of you,is alone… being an artist is a solitary life. That is one reason why teaching and taking workshops is so important, to be with like souls and share your passion.

So I called a friend and we went to a workshop I was intrigued by, Shibori Dyeing taught by the beautiful and energy-filled Sharon Kifoyle.

Lorri Scott hosted this workshop in her studio high in the Santa Cruz mountains. Lorri's studio is one of my very favorite places to be.

I love being a student.




Here are some of the things I made using silks and cottons,dyes, discharging and even Indigo dyeing.




And our lovely teacher resting after the second day, with some of her own samples hanging behind her.




This is some of Jan's work,




And Lorri's…



The processes were colorful and exciting to watch.

Bubbling and sizzling,

fizzy and frothy concoctions were brewed.










I'm really excited about my projects.  From the beginning I was thinking of dyeing fabric for my books and my collages, (and to share at my worshops of course!). These will probably be cut up and stitched over…







The process is actually quite complicated, soaking, dyeing, watering down,rinsing, heating, clamping, discharging and re-dyeing.  All repeated until you get the desired effect!

I love working on the vintage velvet and raw silk the best, but cotton, muslin and other silks are wonderful too.







Now I am ready for this new year, and my wish for you is that spring will come soon,in your garden and in your heart!

Vist here to find out about my workshops… and here if you would like to friend me on Facebook!



A Book of Windows at Arcangelo Studio


A Book of Windows
Collaging Your World

A Workshop by 

Roxanne Evans Stout

And Hosted by Stacey Mattraw

and in collaboration


Portland's own "Collage"


Arcangelo Studio

522 N. Thompson St. Portland, Oregon 97202



Saturday and Sunday, March 7th and 8th

10:00 – 4:00  

Cost: $300.00


*There will be a gathering at Arcangelo Studios

at 5:00pm on Friday, March 6th 

with delicious Drinks and Snacks

just for you!

Be the Light cover roxanneevansstout - Version 3

After this we will

take a field trip to 


where you can shop your heart out with a 10% discount!

(please email Maria at Collage

if you need your supplies put together 

advance for easy pickup)

[email protected]

IMG_1314 - Version 3
Are you drawn to windows?
Do you have a memory of a scene 
that you have looked out on, 
perhaps in the past or even in a dream? 
Do you often wonder 
what it would be like to be on 
the other side of a window 
that you have seen in your travels?
 What do you see when you look inside 
of your own windows?
Or when you look into the window of your soul?
IMG_1314 - Version 4
During this workshop you will create a hand crafted bookthat is filled with unique "windows" and collages that represent your world. 

Projects will involve collaging, painting, layering, texturing, stitching, wiring, attaching processes that will add a unique tactile and mysterious quality to your book. 

Because all the windows open from side to side, different areas of your collages will be revealed at different times. These openings will be perfect niches for a 3 dimensional object or small treasure.

  November collage

 You will go home with a beautiful book, 

filled with new ideas 

and techniques to use in future art projects.


Payments can be sent


Roxanne via PayPal 

at [email protected] 

And for more information or questions

please call or email 

Roxanne at 541-883-7686…[email protected] 

or Stacey at 541-381-2433…[email protected]

The scenes inside and outside of your windows will be collaged or painted and layered with texture.  
Because all the windows open from side to side, different areas of you collages will be revealed at different times.  These openings will be perfect places for a 3 dimensional object or focal point.
After our two days together you will go home
with a beautiful book, and new ideas and techniques to use in future art projects.

During this workshop we will use these questions as our prompts…

Are you drawn to windows?

Do you have a memory of a scene that you have looked out on, perhaps in the past or even in a dream?

Do you often wonder what it is like inside a window that you have seen in your travels?

Studio 1

What do you see when you look inside

of your own windows? 

Or when you look into the window of your soul?


Studio Opening Party



Here are some more details for you!

Stacey Mattraw has hosted art retreats for nationally and internationally renowned artists over the years both in Cortona, Italy and the island of Bali. She has recently acquired this inspiring studio space in North Portland to make art, hold workshops and host visiting artists.

 Come and join Roxanne and Stacey for the pre-workshop gathering on Thursday, March 6th, 5:00-6:30, where we will have drinks and snacks. This is a great opportunity to meet each other and see where you will be creating some fabulous art over the next couple of days… Please let us know if you can not attend the gathering, otherwise, we will look forward to seeing you there.

 The studio is housed in a fantastic 100 year old warehouse space, that has been recently refurbished into artist and makers studios, close to the Fremont and Broadway bridges off N. Interstate. Directions will be sent upon enrollment. There will be a 1 hour lunch break each day. There is a New Seasons Grocery store 5 minutes away where you can get both hot and cold prepared food and just about any food/drink item imaginable. You are welcome to stay at the studio and work during lunch break as well.

Final logo


 I will also be having this workshop again at 
The Pacific NorthWest Art School
Whidbey Island in July  
Please read about it here!


Tapestry Collaging the Seasons


PicMonkey Collage


Tapestry Collaging… The Seasons 

Just one of the beautiful workshops

I have planned for this year!

I first thought of this title when I did a project for Tracy Verdugo's beautiful book, Paint Mojo. In her book I wrote about seeing a rug in a store that I loved in New York City a few years ago. This rug was stitched together with seemingly unrelated pattterns and colors, yet together it was a rich tapestry and the memory of it inspired the piece I did for Tracy's book and still inspires me today.

The lovely MaryBeth Shaw did an Online Event called Art Techniques for Finding Your Voice with Tracy Verdugo where she talked about and created her own Tapestry Collage inspired by my piece!


Photo 1


I begun thinking of tapestries as I created all my collages, book pages and paintings.



That is just what this workshop is about. Tapestry Collaging the Seasons…



 Registration Is Open!

This workshop will take place at The Art Department in Salem, Oregon. 




Tapestry Collaging… The Seasons is listed on my 2015

Workshop Schedule here.



In Tapestry Collaging the Seasons, we will connect four squares of beautiful Khadi Paper with our own bent, rusty wire rings and eyelits.


_DSC0030 - Version 2

Each square will represent a different season or feeling… all unique to you, each connected to the other but each different.




We will create beautiful backgrounds, paint small landscapes, cut out images, make little books, pockets and stich together small found objects.



Join me and you will re-discover

the magic of creating art

from your heart

with like minded souls,

all the while

using my wonderful stash of art supplies and found


You will go home

with a beautiful book or wall hanging

and be even more inspired in your own art projects.

And you will wish the workshop would last forever!




Please join me at The Art Departement on May 30th!

And read about my last workshop

in the Texas Hill Country here on the most lovely

Hasty Pearl's blog! 


Workshop Schedule, 2015





Dear lovely artists

and friends,

Here are the wonderful workshops

that I have scheduled for the upcoming year,

each one very special,

and each one unique to the venue and the season.

First…let me share

my two online workshops with you…




The Thread That Weaves

- An Online Workshop

A go at your own speed, work at your own pace

on line workshop…  

Read about it and register here.





Art pages by Joanna Pierotti.

Please see more photos of

student's work here

and here!

Registration Is Open!






Nature Journaling

- An Online Workshop

 Read all about it and register here.

Registration Is Open!





Art work by Jeanne Mclaughlin.

 See more students work here!



2015 Workshop Schedule


Email me with any questions or pre-register at: 

[email protected]

Let me help you find your magic!



PicMonkey Collage

Mixed Media Nature Journaling

February 21 and February 22

Rouge Gallery & Art Center in Medford, Oregon

Registration Is Open!

*follow the link to register and read more about this workshop! 




Book of Windows

Hosted by Stacey Mattraw

March 7th and 8th

Arcangelo Productions Studio in Portland, Oregon

Registration Is Open

Follow the link to read more about this workshop

and email me to register at

[email protected]





Mixed Media Nature Journaling
At Sage Place in lovely Bandon, Oregon
May 9th and 10th
Saturday 9:00 – 12:00
(with a field trip afterwards to the beach)
Sunday  10:00-4:00
Registration Is Open!
 *Follow the link to read more about this workshop and to register.



Tapestry Collaging… The Seasons

May 30th, 2015

The Art Department in Salem, Oregon

Registration is Open!!

*follow the link to register and read about this workshop!



Leslie and I


 Rose Villa Book Arts


A rare opportunity for book and mixed media artists!

With the amazing Book Artist Leslie Marsh

June 23rd through June 27th

Rose Villa Retreats in Laingsburg, Michigan

Registration is Open!

*Register and read all about this workshop by following the link! 



PicMonkey Collage


Book of Windows

July 10th through July 13th

Pacific NorthWest Art School

A magical workshop in a magical setting!

On beautiful Whidbey Island, Washington

Registration Is Open!!

*follow the link to register and read more about this workshop!



 PicMonkey Collage



Mixed Media Nature Journaling

August 29th through Augut 30th

Mendocino Art Center 

on the gorgeous California Coast

(more information to come soon!)





Collaging Your Story

September 26 and September 27th

The Healing House in Ganges Lake, Illinois

(follow the link to pre-register, and more information will come soon!) 



Redstone Book Arts

 Colorado in October

with Leslie Marsh and Hastypearl

Along the Crystal River

 (more information and dates to be announced soon!)





 A Case of Curiosities,

A Mixed Media Book Arts Workshop

with the amazing Seth Apter

March, 2016 

at the very spectacular

Mabel Luhan Dodge House

 Taos, New Mexico

Pre-Register Now!

 (email me or Seth to pre-register… 

and for more information!)

[email protected]

[email protected]


Second Annual Angels Show at GoodBean Jacksonville Opens Monday!

Angel, original painting by Karen O'Brien

Angel, by Karen O’Brien

The GoodBean is proud to announce its second annual Angels show, opening Monday, December 1, at our Jacksonville cafe. Last year’s Angels show made the shop’s owners so happy that we decided to make it an annual event!

This year’s show has all new angels in a variety of media, including oil, acrylic and watercolor paintings, mixed media, and photography. This year’s angels were created by new artists along with several returning artists from last year’s inaugural show. We called out to artists for angels that were not necessarily traditional Christmas or religious archetypes, but the artist’s interpretation of an angel. This has resulted in a wonderfully diverse collection of beautiful and uniquely inspired angelic art that everyone can enjoy.

Come to our Angel reception on Friday, December 12 from 4–7pm to see this beautiful collection of angels and meet the artists who created them! And remember to shop local and shop ART to help support our region’s immense treasure house of artistic talent, many of whom have been struggling since the onset of the economic crisis in 2008.

World Peace Angel, dye on silk by Judy Elliott of Dragonfly Designs West, Grants Pass, Oregon

World Peace Angel,  by Judy Elliott

Participating artists in this year’s exhibition include one or more pieces by these esteemed artists, all members of the southern Oregon art community. There may be more by the time the show is hung up and ready for viewing as well:

  • Wendy Gell
  • Katharine Gracey
  • Lewis Anderson
  • Debby Fischer
  • Judy Elliott
  • Karen O’Brien
  • Sue Bennett
  • Judy Marshall
  • Anna Elkins
  • Eve Margo Withrow
  • Marie Neder

GoodBean Coffee Co. Christmas logoGoodBean Coffee presents a new exhibit of art by local and regional artists each month for the enjoyment of our customers and exposure for outsider, emerging and established artists from Jacksonville, Oregon and surrounding areas. Please be sure to take a moment to appreciate the art on exhibit while enjoying a custom beverage or hot cup of fair-trade, locally roasted organic coffee served by our wonderful barristas. Investing in the work of our local artists supports our local economy, helps young artists get established and rewards the generosity with which these artists donate their work to many charitable causes. Visitors from out of town have the opportunity to take home a unique souvenir created by local talent. Please consider purchasing a piece of fine art or photography while you’re here.

If you are interested in purchasing a work of art you see at the GoodBean or are an artist interested in showing your work with us, please contact Hannah West at 541.899.2012 or [email protected] for more information.

Printmaking Unleashed Inspired by Traci Bautista



When I received Traci Baustista's new book, Printmaking Unleashed I was excited and amazed to see so many printmaking ideas! Beautiful projects seemed to spill out of every single page. First I looked at all the photographs, and then I began reading, first skipping around and then from back to front. Tracy's joy and playfulness in her creating process became a joy to me as well!


Tracy also sent me a packet of very fun and unusual tools for me to experiment with and I have to say, my very favorite was the adhesive craft foam! I have wanted to cut more of my own stamps for some time, and have been looking for this wonderful product!!


I looked up symbols on Pinterest, and other ideas on my Hand Carved Stamp Ideas page here. Then I began to draw and cut up my stamp ideas on the foam.


I cut out my new stamp designs, pulled off the protective backside and pressed the sticky side on to cardboard.



I was happily surprised at how securely my designs stuck to the card board pieces!


Next came the very fun part of making images with my stamps and trying different inks!  I printed on tissue papers and rice papers, silk and gauze and linen, even notebook and graph paper. Then I tore or cut out each individual image and started playing with collages!

After I found a collage design I liked, I used Traci's adhesive and adhered my images on to pieces of watercolor paper that I had already covered with a light weight piece of rice paper, fabric and white gesso.


Finally when my projects were all finished I added a bit of stitching. 


Thank you Traci, for sharing your amazing and inspiring book with me and the world!!