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Workshop and Event Schedule for 2016

Storytelling with Collage

My book is available to order!!

Here: Amazon

And here: Cloth Paper Scissors Shop

And here: Northlight Shop


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Gathering Grace

on Altered Wings


With Lorri Scott

January 9th and 10th, 2016



A Case of Curiosities


With Seth Apter

March 13th – 19th

Mabel Dodge Luhan House

Taos,New Mexico

There are two spots open due to cancellations!


Crystal River Book Arts

With Leslie Marsh

And hosted by Hastypearl

June 24th, 25th and 26th…2016

Redstone, Colorado

More information is coming soon!


*August date to be announced in Phoenix, Arizona


Art and Soul Retreats

Tapestry Collaging3

Wednesday Sept 28th – Saturday Oct 1

Virginia Beach,Virginia

I will be doing three workshops here!!

– Tapestry Collaging Your Story

– The Alchemist's Book of Treasures

– Nature's Gathering…Exploring Stenciling


*Special Projects for Cloth Paper Scissors

I am very proud to say that I am one of the

Art Lessons Artists for 2016!

Stay tuned for more information. 


My Online Workshops


is Open!

Pathways and Wanderings

Pathways square

The Thread That Weaves


Nature Journaling



Winter Days, Moonlit Nights


These days are cold and white…

A perfect time for working in my studio

and window watching.






In the winter we have more birds than ever visit our feeders,

the jays and song birds, the quail and woodpeckers.

Small and large birds all together in the maple tree out front with the frozen river and snowy fields beyond.

And seeds hang on to their branches…

their time to fly is not here yet.




And on winter evenings the world turns blue,

a blueish white that glows

and casts a magical spell of wellbeing

on my little town over the river.




I have been working on a big project, the biggest project since my book, Storytelling with Collage…

which will be out in March and you can pre-order here.

My online workshop is called Pathways and Wanderings and we begin on January 3rd! I purchased a hi-definintion camera just for this and some very special projects for Cloth Paper Scissors in the spring. I even got a special light that mimics daylight so that I can videotape my workshop on dark stormy days!

Oh, I have learned so much! Isn't it a wonderful thing  to learn and then to create with all your new knowledge? I have learned about lighting and sound and color, and themes and transitions and adding titles. And even more important I have become comfortable with my video camera and move it around to different spots in the house with ease, depending on what I want to film. 

You can read about

Pathways and Wanderings here:

There is still time to join, we go live on January 3rd

and you can work with me or go at your own pace!

Here is a glimpse at some of the projects

that I will be teaching:








Liquid Assets


Alaska Sunset, painting by Eve Margo Withrow

Alaska Sunset, painting by Eve Margo Withrow

During the months of December and January, 10 of my paintings are on display at Liquid Assets Wine Bar in Ashland, OR. They look fabulous showcased on the walls of this upscale establishment. One of these pieces, “Alaska Sunset” was one of 5 of my paintings which won awards  in an International art show last month. You can see the details in my last announcement post on my website at

Of course, my paintings and new “Paper-Scapes” can be seen all the time at Art and Soul Gallery just up the street at 247 E. Main St. in Ashland. Tomorrow from 5-8pm is First Friday Art Walk.  I’ll be there. Why don’t you come out and see both shows as well as browse other galleries in Ashland.



Upstream People International Award


Eve Margo Withrow


Artist EVE MARGO WITHROW of MEDFORD, OREGON has received FIVE Special Recognition Awards  in 

the “2015 Exposition of Awarded Artwork WWW International” 

hosted byUpstream  People Gallery of Omaha, Nebraska, U. S. A.. This international exhibition received 

approximately 225 art entries  from around the world and 24 artists were selected by the juror 

Laurence Bradshaw, Professor Emeritus of Art at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, U. S. A.

Professor Bradshaw states the following about this specially recognized work:

“‘EVE MARGO WITHROW of Medford, OR uses mixed water media on paper and succeeds with “Alaska Sunset” which gives a sense of the extreme cold and bright sunset. And “Birth” gives a sense of excited expectation with the general overall radiance. Her “Dreams of Men” with the array of organic texture and radiating structure is quite compelling. “Personal Practice” with the wonderful characters and textural qualities is nicely presented in the desaturated color. Also in the same palette, “The Guardian” is amazing with her textural treatment.”‘

Alaska Sunset, painting by Eve Margo Withrow

Alaska Sunset, painting by Eve Margo Withrow

Birth, painting by Eve Margo Withrow

Birth, painting by Eve Margo Withrow

Dreams of Men, painting by Eve Margo Withrow

Dreams of Men, painting by Eve Margo Withrow


Personal Practice

3.Withrow-The Guardian

The Guardian

The exhibition will be featured online during November, 2015 at and continue indefinitely in the archives section of the website.


The Gravity Free Zone at Pangea

Wendy Gell’s art exhibit The Gravity Free Zone at Pangea in Ashland, Oregon started on November 3rd and continues through the end of the month. These oil paintings on canvas, board and wood were painted between 2013 and 2015.

Wendy Gell is an artist and celebrated jewelry designer, with The Wizard of OZ, Dick Tracy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Broadway Show, and the Phantom of the Opera, among her licenses. Wendy made runway jewelry for Oscar De La Renta and Bill Blass, and appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show as Oprah’s favorite jewelry designer!

The artist just returned from teaching her second annual jewelry making workshop at the Costume Jewelry Collector’s International Convention in Providence, RI.

Shown below are some of the works available for your consideration in The Gravity Free Zone at Pangea in Ashland, Oregon. Come see them in person, or better yet, join Wendy for lunch at Pangea and hear the stories behind each painting!


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CJCI Workshop

Wendy with two CJCI jewelry making workshop participants and the jewelry they made at the 2015 CJCI workshop in Providence, RI

Wendy with two CJCI jewelry making workshop participants and the jewelry they made!

The Costume Jewelry Collectors International invited Wendy to teach her second jewelry making workshop at their annual convention in Providence, Rhode Island this year! Show here are two of the participants in the 2015 CJCI workshop with the wonderful jewelry pieces they made with Wendy’s instruction.

Here are more images from the convention workshop, click to view larger versions:


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Rhinestone Rosie Appraisal in January!

A Wendy Gell wristy was brought to the Antiques Roadshow by an 93 year old woman to be appraised. Rhinestone Rosie, the jewelry expert from Seattle, valued the cuff at $1000! The segment was taped in Tucson, Arizona, and will be featured on the show. It should air in early to mid-January 2016 – it promises to be a fantastic segment, so don’t miss the show!

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The Enchanting Jewelry of Wendy Gell

The Enchanting Jewelry of Wendy Gell

by Melinda Lewis, Costume Jewelry Collectors International. Reposted from the CJCI website

Wendy Gell, whose jewelry designs were seen on the wrists of the “who’s who,” during the wild-style of the ’80s, has had an extraordinary career that most in the fashion industry can only imagine. Her pieces graced the covers of Vogue, famous movie stars, and her technique was copied by many who wished to emulate her creative style.
Jewelry Designer Wendy Gell

In 1976, as a taxi driver while trying to think of a birthday gift for a friend, Wendy came up with the concept of her now famous “Wristie.” It was at that moment that her future career as a respected jewelry designer was born. The need to come up with a glitzy gift would later turn into a multi-million dollar contemporary jewelry business.

Wendy Gell Wristie Courtesy of Melinda Lewis

Her jewelry has a very distinctive style. It is bold, whimsical, and glamorous. As a jewelry designer, Wendy leaves no surface unadorned; each piece is a complete encrustation of jewels and other materials. The covering of all surfaces is analogous to creating a painting with jewels that she successfully achieves through her medium. The materials she uses form not only textural depth, but a visual delight. As a contemporary designer, Wendy not only uses present-day materials such as rhinestones, pearls, and beads, she incorporates old findings into the work. It is not unlikely to find Indian carvings, netsukes and Eisenberg pins from the ’30s and ’40s as a center focal point in the designs.

Her designs are greatly sought after in the collector’s market and her past clients include Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Isabella Rossellini, Judy Collins, and Cher. Wendy Gell’s jewelry can also be found in the private collections of Elton John (she designed sunglasses for him), Hillary Clinton, the late Andy Warhol, Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana.

Wendy Gell Wristies and Pins

Wendy’s first true exposure came after Vogue magazine wrote of her artistry in 1982. The magazine featured a multi page spread of the up and coming designer’s creations which showcased Isabella Rossellini wearing two highly-adorned cuffs, which were favorably received by the public and fashion press. In 1986, Wendy appeared as a featured guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show as Oprah’s favorite jewelry designer. The appearance came just one week before Oprah’s show went national.

Early in her career, Wendy began designing for fashion notables such as Oscar de la Renta and Bill Blass. Following the runway success of her designs, she began to design for numerous fashion houses. Later in 1987, she designed shoe clips for the couture designer Charles Jourdan, as well as create a seven foot Christmas tree for the store’s famous window design.

By 1990, Wendy Gell had 45 employees, and her business was tripling each year. Her off of Fifth Avenue workroom, staffed by skilled jewelry makers and young people just out of art school, produced Wendy’s jewelry collection of one-of-a-kind Wristies, and more than 1,000 different earring designs.

Disney and The Gell Success Story

Wendy Gell Minnie Mouse For Disney

Approached in 1986 at a trade show by a Disney representative to become a licensee, Wendy soon signed a million dollar agreement with Disney. Her cartoon-based line debuted in 1987 at Saks Fifth Avenue in a Wendy Gell Disney Boutique and also sold at Nordstrom, Disney stores, and the Disney theme park.

The items she designed included the 1989 Wizard of Oz characters, created in celebration of the film’s 50th anniversary. Among the many designs she produced, the line included hand-painted and pavé-set Swarovski crystal pieces, and sterling silver tin man. Along with the jewelry, Wendy designed scarves with Disney characters in sophisticated floral motifs.

In addition to the first Disney contract for her famous Mickey Mouse and other characters, Disney Enterprises Inc. later contracted with Wendy to design the accessories for the movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Steven Spielberg himself ordered a 12-piece set of champagne glasses decorated with the characters for a special dinner party. The line sold out. Ironically, in 1999, Wendy herself was searching for the collectible Jessica Rabbit brooch for her personal collection. Today, the Jessica Rabbit pin is a rare collectible.

Wendy Gell Hand-screened Disney Scarf

Later, in 1995, when The Napier Co. obtained licensee privileges to manufacture jewelry product, Wendy was hired by the company as a consultant to design Disney themed jewelry, including Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and other Disney characters.

In the early 2000s, Wendy enjoyed the stimulating life of an artist, and made a name for herself through paintings that capture the spirit of the beloved canine. Her Chagall and Matisse-style paintings whimsically and magically project the inner soul of the animal that seems to speak a message of deep connection between the artist and subject. This work is a far cry from the fast pace glitz of the 1980s, yet so Wendy.

Today, Wendy teaches her jewelry techniques at OLLI at Southern Oregon University and the Ashland Art Center. Her students range from teenagers to women in their 70s and 80s. Always, there is a waiting list for her classes.

Wendy is also painting and making jeweled mosaics of late. She has two sections of her online shop, one featuring the Mezuzahs and Hamsas in her Judaica line and another showcasing her artwork and jeweled mosaics and mirrors. Wendy has also been writing a book about her life in New York working in fashion and rock music in the 1970s and 1980s with a working title A Portrait in Rhinestones.

Wendy continues to sell her jewelry and other creations on eBay, Etsy and her website She will also be conducting a jewelry class at CJCI Convention 2014. For more details about Wendy’s class “Have Glue Gun Will Travel!” click here.

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Pathways and Wanderings

Dear Artists and Friends…

the time is finally here for me to announce

that registration is open

for my new online workshop…


Pathways and Wanderings

January 3rd- February 6th

Now that my work is finished for my book, Storytelling with Collage,  I am very excited to offer you this workshop and fill you with inspiration and creativity that will affect your whole life as an artist and lover of art.

During this five weeks you will create your very own Book of Wanderings… bound together with a very easy technique I created for one of my workshops earlier this year in Mendocino, California and have loved ever since.

We will have five weeks of 


_DSC0030 - Version 2


Wandering through… a new day and a new year. 

Wandering through the seasons.. a Winter landscape, 

Wandering through… the renewal of Spring,

Wandering through… the warm glow of Summer and

Wandering through… the winds of change in the Autumn. 


During this five weeks, 

There will be four components or sections to each week's theme. The main projects will be in our Book of Wanderings, but there will also be a "Pathways" component, "Letters to Myself" and "Studio Moments." Each of these will sections will have videos as I gently guide and inspire you through our projects.

You can work with me or go at your own pace.

The videos and blog will be yours to access forever!

Our projects will begin with constructing our books using a very easy and fun technique. Next I will share and guide you through my processes from the backgrounds, to collaging, and lastly to embellishing and adding the final details.


Here are some of the things we will be doing:

– Working with pan pastels, inks and watercolor paints.

– Collaging with texture papers and fabrics. 

– Adding different elements to our collages including metal and wood, wire, threads and found and collected objects.

– making books, one larger Book of Wandering and five smaller ones

(all easy to make!)

– Stitching by hand, wiring, attaching, constructing and assembling, painting, collaging, designing and most of all creating.

– Arranging, photographing, (any camera or your cellphone will work), and writing. 


As many of you know, I love arranging everyday objects into still-lifes and vignettes. And to find beauty in the natural world and even the smallest details… I would like to share my processes with you during this workshop. Photographing your art space and easy and using creative art and writing prompts will also be included in this workshop.

Note: these photographs are samples of some of the things we will be doing, not the exact book we will be making!

This workshop will include: 

  • Five weeks of inspirational projects, ideas and prompts.
  • New posts with links to the week's videos will be posted every week for five weeks.
  • Over 20 high definition videos to inspire and guide you, filmed in my River Garden Studio and my home.
  • A private blog that will help you organize your projects from start to finish and where I will share more ideas and art that goes hand-in-hand with our themes.
  • A private Facebook group where you can share your projects and get to know other like-minded souls.
  • An Instagram page that you can link to: #pathwaysandwanderings
  • Extended access to the blog and videos to last indefinitely (forever!)
  • Beautiful photographs and quotes throughout the blog and videos.

Extra items: 

* High speed internet is recommended as well as a google account.

* A list of course materials will be provided later, after you join the workshop.

* The private Facebook group will be opened in December.

* Sorry, no refunds after the class begins.

* All levels of skills are welcome

 No matter where you are on your artistic journey, 

this workshop will


something just for you!


Registration is just


* When you pay through Paypal

you will be automatically signed up for Pathways and Wanderings! 

Please make sure the email address on your account

is the one that I can send you all information, 

material lists, private invitations and updates!

(Or you can send me an email at [email protected]

(registration may be limited)

Sedona Intuitive Painting Workshop

Sedona Intuitive Painting Workshop

Sedona Intuitive Painting Workshop