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December Invitational Opens

RCC December Invitational

Opening Day – November 24th.

Hi!  Just a quick update!   The Rogue Community College’s December Invitational opens tomorrow, November 24th, at the FireHouse Gallery in Grants Pass, OR.  Gallery hours are 11:30 am to 4:30 am, Tuesday through Friday.  The gallery is located at the corner of Fourth and H Streets, in the Historic City Hall.

Reception – December 4th.

The “First Friday” Exhibition Reception will be on December 4th from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.

Dates for the exhibition are November 24th through December 10th.

About the Invitational

“All of the artists selected for the show have the common quality of a kind of fantasy/whimsy befitting the season” according to Mr. Karl Brake, Art Director.

My work was selected because of my  “combination of realism and magical color”, (per Mr. Brake).

Peggy’s People

I’m thrilled to be included in the December Invitational!  I have five watercolor paintings in the exhibition from my “People Collection”.  One of the paintings, “I Can’t Hear You”, is shown in the exhibition post card’s right hand corner (see above).

I’m including a banner with the five paintings in the Invitational below.  The paintings are not to scale.  But, you can get an idea what I’m showing!

I can hardly wait to see the exhibition.  If you’re in the area, please stop by!  Thanks!

Peggy's People Collection - RCC December Invitational


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Studio Snapshot – Printing My Own Greeting Cards

This past week I worked on replenishing my stock of greeting cards. I print, cut, fold and package my own greeting cards. I combine my calligraphy with either my paste papers or marbling or watercolors to create my cards.

Three of my greeting cards.

Three of my greeting cards.

I scan both my calligraphy and my painting and combine them in Photoshop. I then print them on my Epson 3000 printer which uses archival ink. I print my cards on 8 1/2″ by 11″ paper, score and fold the paper, then cut it to 5″ by 7″ with my trusty Olfa hand cutter.

I print my cards on letter sized card stock. Here are a few of the ones I printed this week.

I print my cards on letter sized card stock. Here are a few of the ones I printed this week.

It is somewhat labor intensive, but it allows me to make just the amount of cards I want. I only sell my cards in my own studio, so this works for me.

Framable calligraphy card - the heart never gets wrinkles

Framable calligraphy card – the heart never gets wrinkles

My cards are designed so that they look great when put in a 5″ by 7″ mat or frame. That’s why I call them Framables.

Enjoy, Candy

Roseburg Paint Out

I usually resist paint out competition weekends, because they are never really very productive; I wind up usually making paintings in places I don’t have an affinity for and there is not enough time and there is the added pressure of knowing your work will literally be judged.  Umpqua Valley Arts Association hosts a paint out in Roseburg that lasts a few days and is in a generally good time of year for weather, so I signed up.  We had two full days of painting and I was able to connect with some really excellent Oregon painters. So, it was worth going to.


Oil Painting by Sarah F Burns

This dying oak tree was the painting I liked the best out of all I made that weekend. 7.5″ x 10″


Gray Day Roseburg Hills web Sunny Day Roseburg Hills web

Two days in a row, different weather, slightly different composition.
Each measures 10″ x 16″.


Roseburg Valley Ranch

12″ x 20″  Maybe I liked this one best.  I don’t know.



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Dana’s November 2015 Newsletter

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Blood Quantum at 23 Sandy Gallery

On my recent trip to Portland, Oregon, I stopped by 23 Sandy Gallery to see their latest exhibit, Blood Quantum, a book art exhibit about ancestry, identity and our personal cultural narrative. It’s a wonderful exhibit and will be on view through December 19.

Catalog for Blood Quantum at 23 Sandy Gallery

Catalog for Blood Quantum at 23 Sandy Gallery

Blood Quantum is a concept that refers to the degree of ancestry for an individual of a specific racial or ethnic group such as Native Americans. This concept leads to thinking about ancestry, identity, heritage, family history and personal cultural narrative.

you are with me by Jihae Kwon

you are with me by Jihae Kwon

Artist books, as multi-surfaced and textural objects, are a perfect medium to explore such complex and powerful topics. Artists responded to our call with deeply felt, thoughtful works—at once celebration, remembrance and reflection.

Fabulas Para La Obediente Mujer by Marisol Ardon

Fabulas Para La Obediente Mujer by Marisol Ardon

Robert Gore, Visual Arts Librarian and curator of the artists’ book collection in the UCLA Arts Library helped with the jurying of this exhibit.

Riddle One by Anita Bigelow

Riddle One by Anita Bigelow

As Robert Gore said in his juror statement: “To name a few places, in the course of this show you will travel with the artists to Latin America, Russia, France, Poland, Hawaii, China, Chile, Tennessee, Appalachia, Canada, India, South Korea, Virginia, Norway, Mexico, and the Cherokee, Nuxalk, and Oneida Nations.”

Ancestral Pos by Hidde Van Duym

Ancestral Pods by Hidde Van Duym

I loved this exhibit. I hope you have a chance to see it. If not, you can see more on 23 Sandy Gallery’s website.

Enjoy, Candy

The If of Paris

I wrote this poem about two months ago. I had forgotten about it until I returned from Paris and was organizing poetry this morning. I didn’t change a thing, but I liked reading the last line aloud without the “if.” 

The If of Paris 

If you spoke my name
If I gave you roses
If you built me palaces
If the table is set for two
If the table is set for two million
If your markets sell delight
If I wore this dress to walk with you
If you sing in a choir
If I sang from your hills
If we danced to your river
If we need love more than water
If we remember our history
If this day ends
If it begins

If there is light


Right after Ashland’s 2014 Halloween Parade

Maple Seedpods

Maple Tree presence on a rainy day in November.

High Desert Falls

“High Desert Falls” was a demonstration painting for my weekly class on the subject of choosing a warm or cool palette for a painting using the Analogous Color Wheel. The subject was inspired by a hike in the Las Vegas hills to a waterfall (yes! there is nature in Las Vegas). I kept the subject loose and painterly to fit the subject of moving water. This painting is available through




First, I decided to create two small pastel sketches, 6×8 using cool color choices and secondly, warm color choices. The colors you see on the strips to the right of the sketches are the color choices for the under painting.


When choosing these colors I used the Analogous Color Wheel which is based on the Munsell Color Wheel. Munsell used five primary colors; Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple, differing from the traditional triadic color wheel; using the three primary colors of Red, Yellow and Blue.

For example for the warm color palette, I chose Orange as my dominate Hue, then followed the color wheel to choose the complement and discord colors. It is important to remember to use the neutrals and not necessarily the full chroma or intensity of the colors chosen.


This system will automatically create a harmonious color palette and simplify your choices as you paint. Give this system a try today, I think you will find it will expand your color choices beyond attempting to copy the colors of your photographic reference.


If you want to challenge yourself further, create the painting from a black and white version of your reference, as I did in these sketches to free you up from local color and get your creative juices flowing!


6×8 Pastel Sketches with pastel spread with alcohol under painting in both cool and warm color choices

I chose the warm color palette using predominantly Terry Ludwig Shades of Nature Set for the under painting. I further varied my final version of the painting by choosing the composition from the cool sketch and the palette choices from the warm sketch. Does your brain hurt yet?


My Favorite Place To Buy Paper: The University of Oregon Bookstore

The University of Oregon Bookstore has the best selection of decorative papers I have ever seen. And luckily, it’s about half way between my home and Portland, Oregon, which I visit multiple times a year.

Four binders with lots of paper samples in each.

Four binders with lots of paper samples in each.

I try to time my trips to or from Portland so that I pass through Eugene when the University of Oregon Bookstore is open. This past week. I made sure I left Portland early enough to have a couple of hours to browse through papers in the Bookstore, a trip of about 300 miles.

One of six binders full of paper samples I looked through at the University of Oregon Bookstore.

One of six binders full of paper samples I looked through at the University of Oregon Bookstore.

On this latest trip, I looked through the 6 huge binders which contain samples of decorated papers, each sample in a plastic sleeve. I managed to get out the door with a mere 21 sheets of paper this time. If you love paper and are in Eugene, you’ll love visiting the basement of the University of Oregon Bookstore.

One of the new papers I purchased. I think this will make a great Paper Lotus Flower.

One of the new papers I purchased. I think this will make a great Paper Lotus Flower.

I found some shimmery paper that I think would make great holiday garlands. Look for them to appear in an upcoming blog post.

Enjoy, Candy