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***A Taste of Ashland & AGA May Exhibits***

Poster for the 2014 Taste of Ashland Festival A Taste of Ashland is this Weekend!

Get your tickets before they sell out again this year!!

Art ~ Food ~ Wine Festival

April 26 & 27

12 noon – 4 PM

For more information and to purchase tickets visit:


To view a larger version of this year’s Taste of Ashland poster picture to the right, just click the image! —>

To print and share the 2014 Taste Poster, click here to download a printable pdf file



Ashland Gallery Association Spotlight Galleries

May 2014


Come out for the AGA First Friday Art Walk, May 2nd, from 5 to 8 pm! Stroll the galleries in downtown Ashland and the Historic Railroad District. Enjoy this free community event filled with spectacular artwork, live music, artist demonstrations, refreshments and conversation with other art enthusiasts!

Pick up a Gallery Tour Map at any member gallery, the Ashland Chamber of Commerce, or download off of our website:

Most exhibits run throughout the month of May!

Visit our website for more information about all of the exhibits:

Hanson Howard Gallery


Sculpture by Robin and John Gumaelius

Gumaelius and Anne Kristine

Collaborating artists and husband and wife, Robin and John Gumaelius incorporate ceramic, steel and wood to create animated human and birdlike sculptures. Their works are comical, bizarre and highly inventive. Robin says, “Radio stories, history books, biking adventures, gardening notes, neighbors spied, strangers watched in stores and parks and cars jangle together in our heads and come so freely to our fingers that when we see the pieces finished we are often delighted – as if we are not their creators; they just come to talk with us for a while and then leave again”. In their unique working relationship, Robin and John combine both skill and imagination together as an artistic team to build a singularly unusual world out of clay and mixed media.
The couple and their four young children live in a wooded environment
near the coast in Washington. While starting with a tree house, they have also built their own home, studio, barn and lush garden.
The May exhibit also includes Paintings by Anne Kristine who is a recent and welcome addition to our gallery stable.




Photographers Gallery


Photograph by David Sherman

David Sherman Photos of Greece

On September 18th, 2004, I was married in Lithia Park, Ashland. On the next morning, we jumped on a plane, and travelled to a place I hadn’t been to in 20 years. I found my beloved Greece the same. Blue waters with white washed homes, fresh breeze. I took about 5000 pictures in just two weeks; here are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

The Photographers’ Gallery features Fine Art Photography by Southern Oregon’s Finest.  Located at the Ashland Art Center, the Photographers’ Gallery is the only one of its kind between Portland and San Francisco. The gallery features work by eleven photographers ranging from nationally recognized to emerging artists. A wide variety of styles are represented including: black & white, landscape, street, travel and abstract photography.




Eric Christenson, “Wine Country Artist”


“Passion for Pinot” by Eric Christenson

Eric Christensen began painting professionally in 1992.  Since that time he has enjoyed amazing success and a growing reputation as a celebrated Wine Country Artist. Self-taught, he invented a watercolor technique that allows him to create images of vibrant color that go beyond the look and depth of a high quality photograph. Christensen is truly unique in his field and is considered to be the country’s premier watercolor artist capable of hyperrealism through the use of standard watercolor.
Christensen began to develop his interest in painting, along with botany, classical music, and gourmet cooking as a child in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over time he has acquired a commanding knowledge in each of these fields, which have blended to make him the preeminent artist of today. In addition to his interests, Christensen also derives inspiration from the wine country surrounding his home, which is invariably portrayed in his paintings. As Christensen asserts, “it’s about the lifestyle – and the art of Fine Living!”

Join us at the Gallery in Nimbus to enjoy the artwork of Eric Christensen. You must see in person to appreciate his talent and artistry.  His art will be available to enjoy throughout the summer of 2014.  Wine and cheese served on First Fridays. Smiles everyday.



Hilltop Gallery

Squaring Off


By Richard Newman

“Squaring Off,” a two-person exhibit by Richard and Rochelle Newman of Ashland opens on April 26 for the “Taste of Ashland” and runs till June 2nd, 2014.

“In this exhibit, the artists’ long-term partnership allows for sparring back and forth and the bouncing of ideas between overlapping, but distinct, sensibilities.  They have chosen to use the square and its incarnations as the departure point for their interplay and exhibition parameters.

The square is a diva, the generator of families of important rectangles that provide both variety and consistency. Despite her stability and uniformity, she is not a bore. Contrary to some opinions concerning her high symmetry, she provides infinite variety through a change in size, color, scale and distortion. She gives a constant length for measure, a constant square for area, and a constant cube for space. Her sub-divisions can be both playful and austere.

This exhibit provides a variety of media in both two and three dimensions for the viewer to play hide and seek by recognizing the compositional use of the square.”

Richard and Rochelle Newman
Artists and Curators



Ashland Art Center Printmaking Studio is Open for New Members!

The recent images below are available at 1/2 off regular prices. This is an introductory offer and applies to all print sizes while the image is in this portfolio. It’s a good time to make a purchase since they’re only available at 1/2 price for two weeks. Each print is created and signed when ordered. To receive this discount, enter half-off (without the underline) in the shopping cart coupon box. Your price will be half-off regular prices. Click here to see the regular price list. Let me know if you need assistance.

Plein Air Painting Workshop with Sarah F. Burns

Barkley's Broasted Chicken, painting by Sarah F. Burns

Barkley’s Broasted Chicken, plein air painting by Sarah F. Burns

Get down and dirty painting in the field and in the street. There are few things as exhilarating, challenging and rewarding as plein air painting. Create fresh, live documents of the life and light around us everyday. Sarah will choose excellent locations for the time of day and pleasure of study, focusing on urban settings and including sprawling views, locations with lovely flowers, and foliage. Color, light, proportion atmospheric perspective, linear perspective, composition, value, use of materials will all be extensively covered in this fun and meaty workshop.

  • June 19, 2:30 – 3:30 pm, at AAC, intro with slides and talk
  • June 19 – 22, 4:00 – 7:00 pm in the field 
  • June 22, 7:45 pm, critique at local winery or restaurant (no host) 
  • $130, AAC, Print and Clay Studio Members, $145 General
  • Level: Beginner to Advanced. Beginning students will find it helpful to take Sarah’s Classical Drawing and Painting drop-in class held every Wed from 3 – 5 pm
  • Registration is due by Thursday, June 12
  • Click here for the registration form
  • Questions? Email karaQlewisatgmaildotcom  (karaQlewisatgmaildotcom)  

All Classes and Events held at Ashland Art Center unless otherwise specified.
Ashland Art Center, 357 E Main Street, Ashland, Oregon 97520
ashartcentatgmaildotcom  (ashartcentatgmaildotcom)  

Misty Morning in Olympic National Park

Misty Morning at Olympic National Park, by Stefan Baumann

Misty Morning at Olympic National Park, by Stefan Baumann

Original Plein Air Oil Painting by Stefan Baumann

Price:  Not For Sale

Gallery Representation:  Held by artist in The Grand View Studio

The post Misty Morning in Olympic National Park appeared first on Stefan Baumann – The Grand View: Paintings by Stefan Baumann.

Asilomar at Sunset

Asilomar Beach at Sunset, plein air oil painting by Stefan Baumann

Asilomar Beach at Sunset, by Stefan Baumann

Original  Plein Air Oil Painting by Stefan Baumann

12×16  Oil on Canvas Stretched on wood bars

Framing:  4 inch Omega frame, lightly carved along the side of the frame

Attached name plate finished in antique gold leaf and signed by

Stefan Baumann.

Signed: LL Baumann 2014 GV

On Verso:  Asilomar at Sunset 2014

Price:  $1,900

If you wish to acquire this fine original oil painting for your collection, please contact the artist at 415-606-9074 or email him using the contact form on his website.

Shipping:  The price of this original artwork includes shipping.

Gallery Representation:  Central Art Gallery, Medford, OR

The post Asilomar at Sunset appeared first on Stefan Baumann – The Grand View: Paintings by Stefan Baumann.

Carmel Mission in Morning Light

Carmel Mission in Morning Light, plein air oil painting by Stefan Baumann

Carmel Mission in Morning Light, plein air oil painting by Stefan Baumann

Original Plein Air Oil Painting by Stefan Baumann

12×18 Oil on Canvas Stretched on wood bars

Framing:  4 inch dark wood frame, with attached name plate finished in antique gold leaf and signed Stefan Baumann.

Signed: LL Baumann 2014 GV

On Verso:  Masterpiece Pro

Price:  $2,100

If you wish to acquire this fine original oil painting for your collection, please contact the artist at 415-606-9074 or email him using the contact form on his website

Shipping:  The price of this original artwork includes shipping.

Gallery Representation:  Central Art Gallery, Medford, OR

The post Carmel Mission in Morning Light appeared first on Stefan Baumann – The Grand View: Paintings by Stefan Baumann.

Bolinas Bunnies

Stenciled on a wall in Bolinas, California.

Two Lilies

A still life used while mentoring Solstice, a student from John Muir School in Ashland.

I AM a Sensitive Artist

There is nothing as fun as making fun of artists. :)  But it’s like a brother – sister thing – it’s ONLY OK if you’re also an artist.  Or artsy enough to be deeply moved by art.

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Sandgren Paint circa 2003 - Geribaldi, OR; a Reminisce by Katy Cauker

I began going to the Sandgren Paint Out in 2000, never having painted a landscape, or on location.
Figures was my interest then.

This group, along with Erik Sandgren who was not present at the 2003 summer gathering,  form the core of my contemporary painting influences. I don’t believe anyone really makes their life happen without others. I have an art degree but these artists are more important for me.

Lineage is important. How can you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been?

We all have formative influences that we build our foundations from. These are my painting ones, do you know who yours are?

Left is one of my favorite pictures of Nelson; laughing during a painting break with Pat Straub.  He was always a good one to help us laugh despite the challenges painting provides. Life beat me about the heart when I was a young adult and I need always a reminder not to take life so seriously!

My reminder to laugh more on location this summer – sometimes it seems to get away from me in the struggle for the moment I search too hard – missing the purpose altogether too often.
The photo below, is Humberto Gonzales,and Nelson Sandgren chatting over the roar of the ocean. It was perhaps my first full two weeks on location.  I knew everyone just a little having come only a few days for the last 3 years.
My paintings were fairly disastrous but I learned a tremendous amount, 
something I often value more than the end result.  
I’m pretty sure this was the year Nelson gave a spontaneous indoor critique, due to rain, that became a most engaging all afternoon lecture ending with a round of singing on the piano.
Good memories.
Humberto is an artist who lives in Portland. I know him mostly for his stunning full sheet watercolors done on location.  He has been a much appreciated aid on my path, always generous with his insights, and comfortable with an audience standing over his shoulder watching.
I own a painting of his from Yaquina Head.  I watched him paint it.  There were perhaps a hundred tourist on the beach that day, he deftly captured their color and movement, pitting it gracefully against the stunning backdrop of the sea rock and pounding surf.
It never fails to bring pleasure, always providing new areas to look at
even after 10 years of looking.

Bets Cole and Yolanda Valdes-Rementeria, in her red shirt, visiting before they settle in to begin the days work.
Bets Cole’s work has a demanding architectural structure that underlies even the most seemingly abstract work.
Both woman are well established painters, traveling and showing their work in many areas. Their dedication to the craft of painting as well as their skill as artists provided role models I needed to keep me from being discouraged at my lack of accomplishment.  They set standards for perseverance
and resulting successes that matched the mens, and shared their words of encouragement.
It can be quite difficult to settle into work out of doors, new locations, in public with a thousand eyes, in the wind and the sun, amongst a group more accomplished than yourself, all the while confronted with an amazing dynamic landscape from which you are to sort out what piece inspires you.
“Paint what you see.” said Nelson!
Daunting to say the least!
 Roll models are essential, I am fortunate to have found so many when I did.
Below is Yolanda diligently at work.

Above is Mark Clark, another well known NW artist. with this wonderful beginning of a painting. Mark often joins the group at the coast. His wife Peg Coe, also an accomplished painter, and well know NW artist, comes less often.   I have learned much from watching both of them work, and studying their finished work.
Above is George Kosanovic, an artist from Washington state, and long time friend and painting buddy of Nelson’s.  It is my understanding they painted together every year for 60 years!
 I always think such long term friendships speaks
 highly of the individuals involved.
My favorite personal memory of George is his wise advice provided when I asked him to help me with a painting.  He whipped out the gesso and proceeded to demonstrate how even with watercolor you could just regain those whites! Makes me laugh just thinking about it.

Many would perhaps be mortified but for me it was freeing, and reminded me it is all just paint – if it isn’t working ( and it wasn’t),  hey, get rid of it!!!!!

Thank you George.
From the Left George, Yolanda, Mark Clark ( standing), Dee Vadnais (NW artist), Nelson Sandgren – far background, Pat Straub, Joe Seamons who regularly set his paint brush down and picked up his guitar.
 Lucy Warnick, that’s her blue coat shoulder in the center,  an artist from southern Oregon, who is well known for her beautiful palette and engaging landscape work in acrylic and watercolor as well as her monotypes. She was always generous in her help; her sharp eye and easy critique made points that counted without wounds; plus her wonderful story telling talent that can fill the day with laughter.
Here is the core group I feel privileged to have found.  All hard at work, quietly focused on their on challenges, except for young Joe Seamons working differently honing his performance and guitar skills while providing us with a pleasurable sound to work to.
Humberto is close by, just off the edge of the frame, as was I.
One of the important people missing from this photo is Walt Weber.  A retired architect, Walt brought the discipline of that profession to the chaotic nature of painting on location. He is another who easily shared what he had learned over the years, as well as his coffee and dry space when needed.
For those of you who don’t know.  
Joe Seamons has become quite the established musician with his bands; Renegade Stringband, Timberbound, both based in Portland; and a third more recent one, where he plays a banjo with Ben Hunter. 

Joe painting again – you can tell by the perplexed look! He always smiles when he plays music.

Mark Clark in the background.

Mark often lays in what he considers the basics for his paintings, then takes them home to his studio for the winters work.  He applies multiple layers over the months in the studio developing the most lush and tactile of surfaces with care and patience. The imagery is suffused within the layers, a grace and elegance particularly suited to coastal ambiance but also works well for other scenes.

There, a recollection of the past, a remembrance of my beginnings as a landscape painter on location.

Thank you all for the influences you’ve provided.
Also thanks to those of you who came to read, and made it all the way to the end!
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