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Poem is Coconut

A poem inspired by reading Octavio Paz beneath the palm trees in Mexico
Yelapa: En Edible Poem
poem is coconut
poem is sea salt
poem is margarita salt
poem is sunscreen
poem is dinner two hours from the now
            of sun and blue & bird
            & ocean licking beach
            in a tidal hunger
poem is hunger
poem has nothing to do with the tongue
poem has everything to do with the tongue
(poem tastes like luz y luna)
poem eats itself and is also called “poem”
poem climbs the palm three
            cuts its green fruit
            throws them to the ground
            lets gravity & distance break them open
            releasing milk & meat
            & both are sweet
poem is coconut

March 2017 at Art du Jour Gallery

March 2017 at Art du Jour Gallery

Queen Print by Doug Wallace at Art du Jour Gallery Salon March 2017     middle falls, by Connie Fribance

Doug Wallace’s Eclectic Art, Connie Fribance’s Oils, and “Discovering Southern Oregon” Contest Art on Display!

During March 2017 at Art du Jour Gallery, we continue our presentation of guest artist Doug Wallace’s eclectic realm of Byzantine queens and mythical maidens.  “Looking back down the tunnel of time,” Doug says, “scrolling through the historical archives of what has interested me artistically for most of my life, I always find a bit of the fantastic in all that I do…and nothing is ever completely realistic.”

His art eludes conventional description.  “The inspirational references for my paintings are many: Gothic, Pre-Raphaelite, Byzantine, religious icons, mythology, fairytales, book illustrators, and dreams.  Surrealism has also played a part in my creative thinking.”  He says, however, that if he were forced to categorize his paintings, he might call them “Eclectic Romanticism, or Theatrical Gothic.”

Roses by Doug Wallace

Roses by Doug Wallace

Doug prefers to work in oils, and it’s the human form that fuels his passion.  He studied art at the Atlanta School of Arts for a year, and after attending Georgia State University, he worked briefly as a psychotherapist.  The compelling call of art led him to Hollywood where he became an actor, screen writer and novelist.  He studied film making at UCLA and LA City College.  After nearly two decades of show biz, he moved to Ashland and began to paint professionally.  “I didn’t leave my writing completely behind,” he explains.  “I have written two published novels since arriving in Ashland [five years ago], A Force of Will, A Shakespearean Fantasy Adventure, and Phase Out, a futuristic thriller.  But painting remains one of the great loves of my life.”

Oil Painter Connie Fribance is Featured Artist this March at Art du Jour Gallery in Medford, Oregon

Oil Painter Connie Fribance is Featured Artist

Seven oil paintings by Art du Jour Gallery member Connie Fribance grace our feature wall this month.  Connie has always enjoyed creating art with pencil, charcoal and stained glass, and after her retirement, she enrolled in formal art classes in Medford.  She most enjoys oil painting, inspired by the colors and illuminations that she can create with her brush.

Connie draws her ideas from the natural beauty of the places she has visited.  “I see beauty in things that are common.  My goal is to put this on my canvas to share with others.  I want the viewers of my work to experience a visual emotion and a connection where they can see and realize the beauty in life that surrounds them.”

Connie did her painting “Middle Falls” along the McCloud River in Northern California while she was taking a plein air workshop with PBS artist Stefan Baumann.  “Louie’s Meadow,” another of her oils on the gallery’s feature wall, was also painted on site.  “I was looking for a stream or a pond to paint, but I couldn’t find that perfect spot.  When I turned the car around to head home, there was this meadow.  The late summer colors and long shadows were beautiful, so I set up my easel and painted this lovely scene.”  More paintings can be seen on Connie’s website at

We invite you to visit Art du Jour during March to delight in Connie’s beautiful artwork.

Vote for Your Favorite “Discover Southern Oregon” Artwork! 

A $50 prize and a “People’s Choice” ribbon await the winner of our “Discovering Southern Oregon” art contest and the winner is up to you!  Contest artwork will be on display during March and we encourage you to drop by the gallery and vote for your favorite!

New Artist-Members Welcome!

Art du Jour Gallery welcomes artists of any medium to apply for membership in our artists’ cooperative.  We have display space for you in our fine art gallery and invite you to visit Art du Jour at 213 E. Main Street in Medford and fill out an application.  Bring in three or four gallery-ready examples of your work for jurying.  Come join us!  (541) 770-3190.

Third Friday

Join us at Art du Jour Gallery, 213 E. Main Street in Medford, on Friday, March 17th, 5 – 8 p.m., to meet special guest artist Doug Wallace, featured Art du Jour artist Connie Fribance and other gallery artists as well.  Our reception will include the soothing guitar, keyboard and flute music of Minstrel Streams.  Appetizers, wine and cider will be served.  Regular gallery hours are 10 – 4, Tuesday – Saturday.  For more information, call (541) 770-3190.

Art Du Jour gallery logo

213 E. Main Street

Medford, OR 97540

(541) 770-3190 (Tues.-Sat., 10-4)

Contact:  Susie Lee

(541) 512-9332

“Love Rhymes with Everything” Book Event & Sanctuary One Benefit – Sunday, February 26th at South Stage Cellars

Join us at South Stage Cellars in Jacksonville this Sunday from 1:30 – 3:30 to celebrate the release of my book “Love Rhymes with Everything: Animal Ruminations Through Poetry and Paintings”, published by Ashland Creek Press. This 126 page, full color, 8 x 8 inch soft cover book features my animal paintings alongside poetry written for the animals by Kat von Cupcake. All proceeds from book sales at this event will benefit Sanctuary One. Can’t make it to the event, but want a signed copy of our book? You can order that here & all proceeds still benefit animal charities.


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Net Collapse

The weight of a winter snowstorm snapped the supports bracing this batting cage netting.

Winter Route

Hoarfrost transforms nearly everything in its path along this Jackson County Oregon road.

Art On The Go – What I Learned While Traveling For Two Months

I’m just back from traveling for two months. I enjoyed it, but things did not go as I anticipated. I’m not complaining. I met wonderful people, formed new friendships and enjoyed numerous activities. It’s been great!

Metal art found on an office wall. This is my inspiration for some paper art I am planning on making in the future.

I packed expecting one set of adventures, but fate had different plans. Everything went as planned until the second week in January. Then things got interesting. We stayed with new friends while waiting for multiple appointments for our van which developed a fuel leak. Since most of my art supplies were in the van, which was being worked on, I didn’t get all that much art done. My planned trip to a paper art exhibit Tucson, didn’t happen. Nor did I get to visit Sedona or Santa Fe or Taos.

Hiking in the Superstition Mountains in Arizona.

We did make it to the Superstition Mountains. Great hiking and wonderful views. Car trouble there, but wonderful strangers to help carry 5 of us out. Lots of wonderful experiences, but not what was planned.

A piece of calligraphy I did with a brush marker and black pen.

What did I learn from this experience? I packed too many art supplies of the wrong type. I was typing to do the same type of art that I would have done at home. Next time I’m going with a couple of journals with watercolor paper and drawing paper. I won’t plan on making boxes on my trip. I’ll keep it simple with watercolors and a few different types of pens and pencils.

Being serenaded by the bird on the top of the Saguaro Cactus.

As I do more traveling, I’m sure I’ll revise what I take on my travels. I’ll keep you posted as to what works for me as I travel.

Enjoy, Candy

Create a Strong Brand for Yourself and Your Artwork

Artists create! We create music, we write, we dance, and we create art for the purpose of self-discovery and self-expression.  Our need to express is an inherit part of our being and is truly the essence of being human. Our need to communicate with others is the highest form of art.  The process of sharing our creations, in exhibitions and art shows or selling them online or in galleries, all require a solid business approach to be successful.

When you are ready to sell your art, it is important to create a brand name for your company.  A brand name is used to establish your identify so that the public will know who you are and will recognize your artwork when they see your paintings.  Most artists use their name as their brand but I have adopted “The Grand View” as my primary company name and as the umbrella that I do my business under. I also use my name, “Stefan Baumann” as a second brand name along with “The Grand View.”  This means that I have two brands that I work with when growing my business.

The first step in developing your brand identity is to define your artistic interests that you want market under your brand. Collectors appreciate consistency.  If you are an artist who paints Abstract art one day and Plein Air the next, your collectors may not know what to expect from you. So ask yourself, “What is it that I want to create to sell?” A strong brand can positively influence collectors and create perceived value for your art.  It can create an emotional attachment with the collector to your work while providing a consistent focus on what you’re marketing and will project credibility in the marketplace. It also creates “client loyalty” and “repeat buying” along with generating positive word of mouth advertising. Consistency in creating your style, your quality of artwork, and your marketing approach is extremely important.  If your collectors associate positively with your brand, they learn to trust your ability to create quality work and experience fairness in your business practices.  They are more likely to talk about your work and display it for others to see, which may result in new collectors who purchase your work.  To change any aspect of your brand, your style or the quality of your work may create a situation where you could have to start your business over again.

The second question to address is do you want to create a small business or a big business? Are you going to be a person who sells a few paintings a year or are you going to be like Thomas Kinkade and paint large numbers of paintings? Most artists are happy to manage a small, personal business. Success in any business comes from presenting your business in well-defined terms by highlighting the attractive features of your artwork and your business practices to your customers and collectors.  Your long-term growth is generated by building relationships that help your collectors connect with your name, brand and your artwork. Your collectors are the foundation for your art business. If your collectors have confidence in your brand, and know who you are and that you consistently introduce new artwork with familiar themes and subject matter, collector loyalty and repeat purchases will follow.   Branding can influence clients’ purchasing decisions, especially if they want to become collectors and increase dollar value for your art business. Your brand needs to reflect your vision and what you love about creating art as an established artist, what you want to offer them, and what they will get from owning your art.  Branding also helps your customers identify you and recognize you out of the crowd, and it tells your collectors what they can expect when your name pops up in conversation or in the news.

Branding your art business takes time and consistency. Finding new ways to promote your brand must be worked on everyday, every week and every month. Doing this takes follow-through, perseverance, and patience.  It might take time, but remember, marketing your work and living your dream is better than working at a job you hate.  Think long term, stay focused and you will have loyal clients for life and a business that generates cash all year.

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Light Garden Glass Art Classes and Workshops

1086 Washburn                            February 2017
Medford, OR                                   Tues-Fri 10-5pm                     Sat  10-1p
(541) 779-0272                                 Closed:  Sun & Mon.


Smiles and joy is a side effect of creating art.

Plus you get cool stuff to keep

 or share with friends!

 Feeling down?  Make some art!


Even if you’ve never done any glass fusing before you can make an 8″ x 8″ fused panel to donate to Flowers of Hope.
$15 buys you a base piece of glass, access to all frits, stringers and scrap glass, hanging hardware and firing. Come in and try your hand at fusing and find out how easy and fun it can be. You’ll also be doing a wonderful thing for a woman going through a tough time.


 The same class only you get to keep it! Try fusing and see if you like it! Learn about using frits, stringers and noodles in this easy workshop!
FLOWERS OF HOPE / TRY FUSING! workshops are available during any regularly scheduled Wednesday or Saturday morning  10a-12p Workshop

Please call or email to reserve your space!

 Painting with Frit

Learn to use frit, hand pulled stringers, 96 glass and glass enamels to quickly add dimension and a painterly quality to your fused glass art.

We’ll explore different techniques through 3 small panels, focusing on clouds, trees, water and layering backgrounds. We’ll also address combining colors and picture composition.

Find out how easy it is to develop your sketches from photos and other inspiration. These panels can be a great reference guide for future projects.

All frit, stringers, glass, glass enamels and lunch are included.

Glass fusing: Basics or equivalent is required

March 4th


Make a fun project for your spring garden! Learn speedy ways to make lots of tiles from your scrap glass, several techniques for applying mosaics to different surfaces and complete a 10″ bird bath/feeder. Once you finish this class you’ll know how to mosaic almost anything. Several patterns to choose from.

The class fee includes all materials and tools. All you buy is a small amount of glass.

March 11th & 18th

Need a Kiln?  Rent one of ours!

Bring in your fused work and we will fire it for you!

Projects small enough to fit on a 7″ shelf:              $   5.00

One or more projects on a 13″ round shelf:                8.00

Fuse + Slump on 13″ shelf:                                         12.00

Projects on a 20″ shelf:                                                11.00

Fused + Slump on a 20″ shelf:                                    14.00

Long Bubble Squeeze  add                                            3.00


 Morning Workshops:

Come join our morning workshops on Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 10a – Noon.  Use our tools and workshop space.  $10 for 2 hours!  Call to reserve your space.  You can do a Flowers of Hope panel during any of our workshops…or a “Try Fusing” panel to get you started in fusing.  You can also schedule bigger projects.  Contact us for more information.

Linda Abblett Show at GoodBean in March

linda abblett show at goodbean coffee : Travels Collection : Ready to Roast, Travels Paintings by Linda Abblett : Watercolor painting of baskets filled with chestnuts ready to roast and a gunny sack filled with chestnuts by Linda Abblett. Original 22" x 15" $900; giclee 22" x 14.5" $130

“Ready to Roast,” Original Watercolor Painting
22″ x 15″

I will be showing my original watercolor paintings (and maybe a giclee or two) at GoodBean Coffee this year! My show begins March 1 and continues through March 31. I’m not yet sure which paintings I will bring, but there will be a selection of framed paintings from the pieces you see on my website. I hope you will find time to stop by and enjoy a cup of the GoodBean’s wonderful coffee and a treat from their bakery while you enjoy my work. If one of my paintings captures your heart, please contact Hannah West, the GoodBean’s art curator, at 541-899-2012 or email [email protected] to inquire and to make your purchase.

If you find that one of my paintings captures your heart, please contact Hannah West, the GoodBean’s art curator, at 541-899-2012 or email [email protected] to inquire and to make your purchase. You might be interested to know that one of the things I love about showing at the ‘Bean (as it’s affectionately called) is they do not take a percentage of the sale price! Many galleries charge 40% or even more. However, the owners of the GoodBean have never intended to profit from the art that’s shown in their café, and they leave it to the artist’s discretion as to whether and how much they might want to donate to Mrs. West for her efforts.

The GoodBean is located at 165 South Oregon St. Jacksonville, OR 97530. Currently, their hours are 6am-6pm.

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SOAR Welcomes Kj Cumberbatch!

Revolution II, acrylic painting of a wave by Kj Cumberbatch

Revolution II, by Kj Cumberbatch

The Southern Oregon Artists Resource is excited to introduce artist Kj Cumberbatch of Medford to the Visual Artists directory!

Kj Cumberbatch

Born in 1975, Kj Cumberbatch has been painting for over 25 years, selling many paintings and commissions in the process. However, Cumberbatch’s current exhibition of large acrylic paintings at GoodBean Coffee in Jacksonville is the first public display of his art. Subjects in his current works center around animals and the natural world. Each painting is very impressive both in style and size…the smallest is 36″ x 36″. While we love them all, our favorite is the (roughly) 79″ x 46″ [R]evolution II, painted in 2016-2017. These large-format works are perfect for hanging in large spaces, whether a home, business or nonprofit, or public space. If you’re in the market for such works, catch his show before it ends on February 28, 2017. Contact the GoodBean’s art curator Hannah West at 541-899-2012 or email [email protected] to inquire and make your purchase.

In addition to his love of visual art, Kj also studied audio engineering/ and composition at the The Art Institute of Seattle from 1995 to 1997.

While the works we see now are all acrylics, Kj paints in gouache and transparent watercolor as well. He also creates drawings in pencil, graphite, and ink as well as digital renderings. Interested in a large painting but don’t find what you want on the walls of the GoodBean? Contact Kj to discuss a commission. He will be happy to create the perfect piece to adorn the empty wall that needs color and movement to make your room complete. Be sure to allow enough time if you want your piece completed for a special event, however. These large paintings do take time, and he has a day job that limits his painting time somewhat.

Please visit Kj Cumberbatch’s new listing, then follow the link to his Facebook page to make contact and learn more about his work.