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John Lambie

New to the art world, I am drawn to the emotional response created by dramatic color. I enjoy painting abstracts and representational images, that still come out looking a bit abstract, and the creative process to me is as important as the results. I have paintings hanging in clients homes in Scotland, England, Ireland, California, Colorado, Texas and Oregon…and am… Read more →

To show Being


With this being, the artist, Being lights up for us most immediately and brightly. Why? Nietzsche does not explicitly say why; yet we can easily discover the reason. To be an artist is to be able to bring something forth. But to bring forth means to establish in Being something that does not yet exist. It is as though in bringing-forth we dwelled upon the coming to be of beings and could see there with utter clarity their essence.

Being an artist is a way of life.

__Heidegger’s lectures on Nietzsche (1936-40), Vol. 1

Sweets by Susan Frank

Tempting desserts always dazzle me when I enter one of the local bakeries here in Southern Oregon. These sweets are a work of art. Almost too beautiful to eat. 

Friend Or Foe by Susan Frank

The setting sun reflects off the fur of the cautious deer grazing in a field. They look up as I pass, deciding if I am “friend or foe”. 

Ashland Landscape by Susan Frank

The rolling hills outside of the small town of Ashland, Oregon. It is a peaceful place, filled with a special kind of beauty. 

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Wet Sand Study by Susan Frank

Summer in Oregon. It is easy to find children playing in the wet sand, enjoying the bliss of a sunny day. 

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July Grapes by Susan Frank

It is July in Oregon and grapes are almost ready for harvest. Anticipation mounts as we wait to see how this years crop of new wines will turn out. 

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Studio Snapshot – New Earth Spirit Vessel: Autumn Blaze

This past week I have been finishing up my latest Earth Spirit Vessel, Autumn Blaze. I actually started this last fall, but was so busy this past winter and spring, that I never got it finished. So after coming back … Continue reading

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Joey Juschka

“[My] intention is to raise the topic, and on one side, be funny, and on the other side be really serious underneath; to find a way into people’s minds in a way that isn’t confrontational, because then most people would go, “Oh yeah? You want to confront me? You’re aggressive! Why should I stay and […]

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To Find Your Art

Summer days, mornings filled with wonder. Sleepy afternoons, daydreams with wings and stars that smile. I awake each day to find my art, to hold on to it and then let it go. To find myself, and then relax into being who I am. This is what I am learning.

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